Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers

The purpose of the New Message from God is to change the thinking and awareness of the entire world so that humanity can prepare and unite in the face of the great change that is coming. — Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers has led a mysterious life. It is the kind of life that happens perhaps once in a millennium. Ever so often there is one that is sent into the world to deliver a new message for humanity. We’re not talking about enlightened masters who are here to remind us of who we truly are, or even prophets tasked with sounding the warning bells. Messengers have a much more significant role to play. They are sent to alter the course of human history.

Can this be? Can someone like Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus or the Muhammad really walk among us? It happened before and it is happening now. In humanity’s great time of need, God has spoken again. Marshall Vian Summers is the Messenger for this crucial point in history.

Sit still for a moment and look at the world today. What do you feel? Humanity stands at a precipice. We are facing environmental, agricultural and economic collapse. The resources of the world have been abused to such an extent that we are beginning to change the very environment we depend upon. This change is not in our favor.

Humanity is also facing sustained contact with a Greater Community of intelligent life. We are not alone out here. Contact with life outside of our borders is perhaps the most important event in all of human history. What will this mean for a struggling humanity?

A New Message from God is in the world to help us face these obstacles. Humanity’s freedom and prosperity are at stake. There’s never been a more purposeful time to be alive.

I gain strength from the Assembly beyond the Earth and I gain strength from the assembly here on Earth with you all. — Marshall Vian Summers

Beginning in 1982, a series of profound Revelations were received by Marshall in the deserts of the American Southwest. Over 9,000 pages of teachings have been received since then, including the Steps to Knowledge spiritual practice book. Every single word has been recorded. The Voice of Revelation – the same voice that spoke to Jesus, Muhammad and the other Messengers – can finally be heard by everyone.

The New Message from God calls upon everyone – even you – to reclaim their relationship with Spirit and become contributors to a world in need. Enlightenment is about giving what you came here to give. It is about purpose and destiny. Marshall Vian Summers is not the Messiah here to deliver us from ourselves. No one can take the journey for you. The Steps to Knowledge are a true means of spiritual advancement. By reclaiming your relationship with Spirit you become an open vessel for inspired contribution in the world. Humanity needs this.

Is this real? Can this really be happening? Consider Marshall Vian Summers and the New Message from God very carefully. Open your heart and mind to the possibility. Look at this deeply. God has sent Messengers into the world before. It can happen again. The Messenger walks the Earth.


Read a Q&A with Marshall Vian Summers.

Witnessing the Revelation

When I was 10 years old I climbed to the top floor of our house because I heard a voice.

I went up slowly, pausing to listen. I crawled on hands and knees across the short landing that led to my parents room and pressed my ear against the door.

It was unlike any voice I’d ever heard. My father’s name was mentioned. Something about “Preparation,” and then “You, Marshall…” I pulled back from the door and sat there for a while. The voice continued speaking… Read more about witnessing the Revelation from Marshall’s son Reed Summers.

Recent interview with Reed Summers:

The Voice of Revelation

For the first time in human history, the very voice of Revelation heard by Jesus, Muhammad and the other Messengers can be experienced by all of the human family. This is the voice of the Angelic Assembly. They speak as one. Listen to the Voice of Revelation through this special teaching.

Read Patricia Summer’s account of being in the room as the Voice of Revelation teaching was received by Marshall.


Recommended Books – all free to read online

16 thoughts on “Marshall Vian Summers”

  1. Can this be true? I do believe that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were divine prophets but I wonder if this can happen again. I will check out the new message from god and see what my heart tells me. What other way is there to know?

    1. Well, the reason you believe those people are divine prophets is that people said so and it was repeated, and then you heard it….So, even those famous ones are known only because the witnesses did what you are going to do – looked within and decided for themselves.

  2. Thanks for having the courage to put this together. I resonate so much with the message and am a student. Thanks. I will repost this and facebook it to many of my fellow travelers.

  3. If humanity was in danger of collapse, would a new teaching or religion be given to be able to help us make it through and survive? I believe it is possible. Why not? It has happened before and it can happen again. Religions and teachings are always corrupted by humankind, but the source of them are pure and true. Is Marshall really the messenger? I have to examine his teachings more to find out for myself. The only way one can know is to look within. This is where the answer is. But it is possible.

  4. I found his book, Steps to Knowledge and others” through my friend after reading and practicing, I believe Marshall Vian Summers who is morden messenger for human. My heart recognized him than my mind.

  5. I got introduced to the New Message, through my father. At that point I had never heard of Marshall and the New Message from God.

    But what spoke to me most at the time, was not Marshall, but the Message itself. What striked me the most, is the way that the New Message is clear to understand, and the vast revelations regarding nearly all aspect of one’s life. There is nothing in any of the revelations that create animosity towards others. The message is meant to unite people.

    I then wanted to know more about the Messenger and I met Marshall in person and he is a very humble man.

    I am very grateful that God Has Spoken Again and has sent a Messenger in the world for this time.
    Would you be able to recognise if God spoke again?

  6. I am so grateful to hear how others are responding here. “We can only know by going within.” The core of the New Message is that the individual can know because we each carry the ‘Mind of God’ within–that gift we have all been endowed with. Much of my life I have looked to others to show me how to live my life. Now I am aware that the answer lies within me. It has always been between God and I and Knowledge within me is there to guide me. I no longer lay responsibility for my life on anyone else. I am responsible and deeply grateful to Marshall, as the new Messenger of God, for devoting so much of his life in receiving this message for humanity and for me.

  7. I just wanted to say thank you to the person who published this site. I came here just under 2 years ago with a very self centered motive. Since discovering Marshall and The New Message my life has been transformed. It has given me the truest desires of my heart and fulfilled the deepest need of my soul.

    My deepest and most humble gratitude.

  8. It is a great blessing and oppertunity to live at this time of Revelation. A Messenger is walking amongst us.

    Indeed a New Message from God has been given to humanity, to a declining world facing great waves of change and intervention from beyond our world.

    Will this be enough? Will enough people respond to face these challenges objectively and with wisdom?
    I certainly pray that this will be so.

  9. I heard that message like 5/6 years ago or so in mind. That we are our own salvation. That I know the meaning of life & I cannot give it away, even if I wanted to…people have to give it to themselves. I was about 28 or so, years old. He is not the only “real deal”. He is just one that you heard of. I also spoke with God before as well as was shown what life is withOUT God/heaven..Its not pretty, most of you would lose your sh** if you had experienced what I did. hahaha🙏🏽💗

  10. I’m still so greatfull that I found the Messenger and the Message via this website three years ago… I’m now taking the Steps to Knowledge and getting on with this greater journey, feeling more and more purposeful. Thank you.

  11. I have finally found what I was looking for after nearly 45 years of searching. Marshall Vian Summers and The New Messsage showed me the Truth, my Purpose for being on this planet. Finally coming Home.

  12. Anyone that can remain free of conflict within and still automatically unites with everything, everyone, the universe, and beyond….it’s inevitable then to say I AM. This “I AM” has been said by many, Krishna, Jesus, Shirdi Sai baba, etc… This I AM is the expression of being totally united. It means their is no separation. Anyone can achieve this level if there is the right intention and strong determination. Like the Budha when he said, “come what may, I will not move until I get my answer. I will either die or or be reborn”.
    The I AM does not mean the only God and start to convert people and have holy wars and conquering to kill off anyone that doesn’t agree with you.
    We have limited Brains and even more limited view of our consciousness so how can we conclude that our understanding is perfect.

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