List of Enlightened People

“God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here. God is not asking you to leave the world and to become mesmerized with God. God is saying, “You have important things to do. You came here to do them. I know it and you know it, so do what you know.” You cannot return to your Ancient Home now. You have work in the world.” — How God Participates In The World

God is everything and everywhere, but the active Spiritual presence is like a fire that must continuously be kept aglow. Countless inspired beings have contributed to this effort. Many of their names have been lost to eternity. This is but a short list of enlightened people and beings who have given gifts to the world by surrendering to the truth within.

Important Notice : Before giving your time, money and/or energy to a spiritual guru or teacher, be absolutely sure to review them using a guru rating service. You are a unique expression of God and are important. Protect yourself from spiritual fraudsters.

NameYearCountrySpiritual Tradition
Adi Shankara788-820IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Adyashanti1962-PresentUnited StatesZen
Baal Shem Tov1704-1772PolandJudaism
Bahá'u'lláh1817-1892IranBahá'í Faith
Bayazid Bastami804-874IranSufi
Bernadette Roberts1931-PresentUnited StatesChristianity
Bodhidharma5th Century CEIndiaZen
Buddha483-400 BCENepalBuddhism; Messenger
Chuang Tzu369-286 BCEChinaTaoism
Dadu Dayal1544-1603IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Eckhart Tolle1948-PresentGermanyEclectic
Franklin Merrell-Wolff1887-1985United StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Gangaji1942-PresentUnited StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Gendun Gyatso Palzangpo1492-1552TibetBuddhism
George Gurdjieff1866-1949RussiaFourth Way
Gopi Krishna1903-1984IndiaYoga
Hakim Sanai1131-1141AfghanistanSufi
Heraclitus535-475 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Ibn Arabi1165-1240SyriaSufi
Jean Klein1912-1998FranceAdvaita Vedanta
Jesus Christ4 BC - 33 CEIsraelChristianity; Messenger
Jiddu Krishnamurti1895-1986IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Joshu Jushin778-897ChinaZen
Lao Tzu5th Century BCChinaTaoism
Mahakashyapa5th Century BCIndiaBuddhism
Mahavira540-468 BCIndiaJainism
Mansur Al-Hallaj858-922IranSufi
Marpa Lotsawa1012-1097IndiaBuddhism
Marshall Vian Summers1949-PresentUnited StatesNew Message from God
Meher Baba1894-1969IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Meister Eckhart1260-1327GermanyChristianity
Mooji1969-PresentJamaicaAdvaita Vedanta
Moses1393-1273 BCEEgyptJudaism
Mother Meera1960-PresentIndiaBhakti
Muhammad570-632Saudi ArabiaIslam; Messenger
Nansen Fugan749-835ChinaZen
Nicholas of Cusa1404-1461GermanChristianity
Nisargadatta1897-1981IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Omar Khayyam1048-1131IranSufi
Paramahansa Yogananda1893-1952IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Philo Judaeus20-50 BCEEgyptJudaism
Pythagoras570-495 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Rabindranath Tagore1861-1941IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Ramana Maharshi1879-1950IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Ramesh Balsekar1917-2009IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
RinzaiUnknown - 866 ChinaZen
Robert Adams1928-1997United StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Sant Rasila Ram ji1921-2011IndiaRadha Swami
Shankara788-820IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Socrates470-399 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Sri Ramakrishna1836-1886IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
St. Catherine of Siena1347-1380ItalyChristianity
St. John of the Cross1542-1591SpainChristianity
Subhuti5th Century BCEIndiaBuddhism
Swami Ramdas1884-1963IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Swami Rama Tirtha1873-1906IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Thomas a Kempis1380-1471GermanyChristianity
Tsong Khapa1357-1419TibetBuddhism
Yeshe Tsogyal757-817TibetBuddhism
Zeno of Citium334-262 BCEGreecePhilosopher

348 thoughts on “List of Enlightened People”

      1. Absolutely NO FOR E. Tolle,
        Absolutely far from light or enlightenment ;
        Just re-writing the wisdom of others does not qualify him to enlightenment

        1. I think you’re incorrect but I did share your opinion when i first read about him but after some research found him to be authentic.

        2. Hi. I am enlightened. I am not buddhist. I read one book about Shaolin Chan many years ago.

          Then about six weeks ago, I was smoking a cig in the garage when my brain exploded with what appeared to be a symbolism of some kind. Abstract thought processes replacing language constructions. I began to see a lot of symmeteries everywhere I looked. Especially inverse relationships.

          I can understand absolute truths such as shovels. With the intense hyperlogic of my enlightenment I can clearly see that a shovel is always a shovel no matter where you place it in the timeline of human history. An ancient human might have never seen one before, a human one thousand years from now might have never had to use one before, but they both can clearly see it can dig a whole.

          Form implies function.

          I was texting a friend about my enlightenment, and he suddenly got very angry. The word ‘enlightenment’ in his context meant ‘you are inferior to me’. Ego subliminated to a point where I wasnt thinking to adjust text language constructions.

          All morality is self-evident. Conscience obselete.

          The actual scientific method is a yin-yang. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

          The most constructive weapon of mass destruction ever devised was the sheathed sword. War is an inversion. He who draws first, loses.

          I have not yet been able to actually speak with any other enlightened, but I believe enlightened share a powerful context due to an understanding of absolute truths.

          Am I enlightened? Well? Well, you better figure out if I’m enlightened or not, otherwise how will you *know* that crap I just said wasn’t just a bunch of bullshit?

          If you keep thinking you know what enlightenment is you will just keep looking until a ‘teacher’ appears to tell you exactly what you want to hear.

          Learn to seperate a messenger from message.

          Practice by debunking conspiracy/alien take over theories.
          Incredulity is not an argument, find wheremthe premises fail.

          Don’t ‘certify’ whats in another sentients mind. Recognize enlighenment or don’t.

          But heres a few things that may indicate enlightenment:

          Grappling with language, attempting to explain an actual concept, and how other things connect to it, and how this is self-evident.

          They speak the language so well they instantly understand all connotations and implications of your words.

          Logical language. Does not describe enlightenment as an emotion experience.

          I wasn’t even a buddhist, I was just trying to smoke a cigarette.

          1. No man, or being that has not physically died or passed over can claim such… Being enlightened is a process that only death can be the gateway to it.

            Eg. Lets say your sleeping and your In a dream, its very much like lucid dreaming when your aware that your in a dream (ei. a specific state of mind) , And you look at everything around you it may seem familiar to you because your just replaying all the events that happened or… The different people you met in the past 24hours or even about last week when you had your favourite dream and you do anything to go back into that very moment thats being alive, thats every living moment you experince through you being alive you feeling, touching, loving, hating… every moment all sumed up chronologically from the day you were born till the day you pass over each and every moment framed and put together Into this little box or dare I say It, this so called Circle of life and the only way to know if your alive is to know that you will die and only then can you grasp the cycle, of birth, rebirth and death… And Life after death… It goes on and on.

            Thats being enlightened not just claiming to be but just the simple fact of knowing that you are quietly… and plus if you think you enlightened I pitty those that like to believe that they are over the fact that they aren’t…Are you as enlightened like you say you are? Ei.If we were looking at the literal sense of “Enlighted” If someone was enlightened… are they the individual word “enlightened?” that being the only thing In the World…everything ones beliefs everything that is… they whole concept of life is brought all down to a single yet specific arrangement of letters of being “enlightened”, its too definitive, to Broad and down right selfish.

            Unless your dead you can never reach true enlightment and only then will It still be incomprehendable. We can be enlightened yes, i do not dispute that fact but thats just the livings way of saying that to assure themselves that there is more to Life, death and death after Life than we thought…

          2. If theres a you as an organism separate from everything there then its intellectual awareness but enlightenment is non descriptive awareness at the forefront of perception.

          3. over the course of history of humanity …. there have been people who have had a glimpse …. who have seen something …… which a normal humanbeing does not see….
            that is all there is to enlightenment….. an insight … to truth …. a little bit of view of the truth

          4. Hey , I hear you and I too had my enlightenment completely unexpectedly.

            Those who claim one wouldn’t admit to being enlightened clearly aren’t.

            I totally believe you , I got interested in the emerald tablets and then one day what looked like the solar system appeared in a Maya Codex , that was 6 weeks ago , and now it has progressed to seeing more than I could write here , people think I’m crazy , no one wants to hear it , I can’t even get to speak to experts. Seems they are all so wrapped up in their false translations, a nobody like me coming out telling them they got it all wrong , it isn’t going to happen.

            I believe the key is seeking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but !
            Believe in the ancients , the ones before the world got corrupted , and the history got re written , oh .. and reading the Emerald tablet a few times ..

            That’s what I did, and I see what can only be described as enlightenment , Many system educated people are lacking much that’s needed to qualify as a true soul.

            Pull ones head out of that smelly dark place and you might see what an amazing world we are destroying.

            Dagon , 😉 see you on the other side friend

          5. Hi Dagon,
            Your story resonates with me because over the last 3 months I have gone through a series of “awakenings” or “enlightenment”.

            I believe what may have triggered your brain is a realization that all things “of this world” in living form are connected.

            I believe that you saw the exhaled smoke from your cigarette and how it flowed through the air. What you are describing is what I personally know to be true.

            Please start researching self-similarity starting with fractals (Mandlebrot) and Fibonacci. I believe you will gain further clarity on what triggered your enlightenment.

            Mine was purely derived from logical steps, and once I understood these principals I suddenly had full clarity.

            Since this has happened my family has all left me claiming that I am, in essence, crazy. They have been pushing me into mental health, to which I have vehemently fought.

            Bottom line, they do not believe that I could be suddenly enlightened. It’s gotta be a hoax, right?

            Those that have been studying yoga, Buddhism, or any theology are exactly as how you described. They become defensive 100% of the time, thus far in my experience.

            The saddest part is that any conflict with my family takes me out of the “nirvana” feeling (yes, I have had the starry eyes on a few occassions and it is can be described for me as nothing more than “heaven” on earth).

            At this point I have accepted that those who are closest to you will likely be your detractors. From my limited experience thus far, I have witnessed that total strangers are far more receptive.


            Because total strangers have very few, if any, preconceived notions about you. Everyone lives on Earth, and on Earth we have many ridiculous ‘constructs’ such as walls, time, borders, and race.

            I just wanted to reach out and say that I DO believe you, and I understand how lonely and sad this realization can be.

            Peace and Love

          6. Your Higher Self/ Spirit keeps a record of all the lessons you’ve learned over your lifetimes. When you have learned enough lessons, your Spirit will let you know that you are spiritually enlightened and therefore free from the cycle of birth and death. This process can be accelerated if you choose to work with your Higher Self and learn the lessons at a more rapid rate.

          7. Your use of contracted words does not strike an enlightened tone. The value of the subject diminishes.
            (ex: I’m going to the store.= sounds a weakened will.
            I am going to the store.= sounds a strong will.)
            Enlightenment is a reward for death, the living can only perceive the veil of ignorance. It is not the WHO, but the WHAT, that clears the image for the eyes of man. Try dying 6 times and you will find the truth.

          8. You are not Enlightened.

            You opened for a moment to Absolute Truth and made a recognition about the higher nature of life. It’s wonderful, but it is the first step (of many) towards true liberation which is total dissolution of all mental thinking (which is also the end of confusion and ego / separation) .

            “Enlightenment”, or primary liberation is the first step of many.


            Tell me how this is possible?

            The Absolute Truth is Absolute

            Did you realize your Eli

        3. How does one know who is enlightened and who is not unless the person making the declaration is enlightened?
          So, as one unenlightened person to another, it is my opinion that Tolle is enlightened. I conclude this not from what he teaches (although I have never read anything he has said that suggests un-enlightenment) but from the spontaneous transformation that he experienced and what resulted from it.

          1. I call myself “an accidental, almost Buddha”. Because that’s what I am. It’s the truest statement I can make about my current level of awareness.

            The thing about being enlightened is that when you are – you KNOW. There is no doubt or disillusionment. You absolutely, positively KNOW. And, the fact is, the enlightened KNOW the enlightened. There’s no mistake. It’s a dynamic connection & immediate understanding of how the other experiences the world around them that is truly unparalled. And very rare. There are various levels of enlightenment & we all have our unique experience with it. Some are more visual, some more logical, etc. I, myself, have almost never meditated in a traditional sense. I spend much time deep in thought which is a meditational like state, but i don’t sit in silence, focus on breath/body and away from thought, etc. And to be honest, I wouldnt have the awareness I now have if I did. To be enlightened means to be aware. You get to know yourself, your own psyche & mind, so well, so deeply, that you intrinsically develop this same deep understanding of others, too. And from this comes that overflowing fountain of compassion the enlightened have. Because once u shed all that baggage that we humans accumulate over the years, and u experience that all -expanding personal freedom after being stuck in a lifelong rut of suffering…. you just want to humbly help others that are still stuck. Your eyes are wide open to the suffering in the world and all around you. U see the sickness. U see how it hurts people & derails theirs & others lives. U clearly see how to remove the stumbling blocks in a persons way thay is otherwise blind to their own barriers. It’s a very compassionate, caring, equal minded & humble affection you develop.

            As an “almost Buddha”, there’s one thing Id really like to say: a truly enlightened person is not arrogant & won’t brag or act/feel superior because of their level of their aawareness. They see the whole world eye to eye. Above no one, below no one. This is because the enlightened person has worked thru their insecurities & fears. They are not planning their words said to you dependent on how others might respond. That would be dishonest & untrue to self, others. So when we say we are enlightened, we in no way mean it as a matter of superiority. It is merely a statement of truth. Nothing more, nothing less. We mean it in the same context as telling someone we like to cook, love animals, enjoy working on cars, etc. It doesn’t feel like a badge to us. Its simply a fact, not much different than telling someone I wear size 9 in women’s shoes. The reason for this is that a core piece of becoming enlightened is that you learn to EMBRACE BEING JUST SIMPLY HUMAN. I love being human nowadays! Im a-okay with having flaws, making mistakes, smiling or giggling about it, learning from them and moving on. I love the experience. I accept the natural process of it all. Without shame. Because finally im not bound by ferlings that I’m not good enough or don’t measure up. I just get to be me. Not perfect, but humanly me.

            Being enlightened is a state of mind. A child-like state of mind. It is returning to that moment in life when u were first conceived, the truest form of yourself that ever existed, a state of wonderment, curiosity, loving bliss & without a care in the world. No baggage. No history of abandonment, neglect, abuse. No fears or worried expectations. Sheer openeness & a loving, all-embracing playful heart. Enlightenment is that very child, within each of us, that we simply need to return to, to honor, love, and embrace. It’s not a destination to reach or arrive to. It’s actually going back to that very point of pure curiosity & joydul wonderment! Before the hardships of life influenced us in other directions and caused more and more adversity by making our choices/decisions from a point of fear, insecurities, others faulty expectations, etc. Just picture the many statues of Buddha, sitting with a portly, round & uncovered big belly & laughing with heartfelt, open, pure unadulterated JOY!!! That is enlightenment.

        4. I naturally looked inwards in such a fashion that I had an instant recognition of my true nature. I Am, yet to find Another

        5. This whole list thing about who is enlightened and who isn’t reeks of ego…as a truly enlightened person is not at all interested in where they rank on such a thing. Eckhart Tolle is one of those who is totally disinterested in where he ‘sits’ on any type of ranking…

          1. It appears to reek of ego, but it’s actually from a point of ego-less.
            It’s pure, openhearted expression of one’s own truth, without the worried alteration of one’s own words based on how it might be percieved by the varying personalities or insecurities of others. After all, without the confines of an intact destructive ego, there is nothing to brag about in the first place. It’s just a statement.

            We have ALL been enlightened before in our lives. All of us! We are born enlightened! We simply lost touch with that purest part of ourselves before we knew what it was and how to nurture, respect and cherish it. People who are enlightened just found it again. And every single one of us can again.

            It’s a state of mind and pursuit of & attainment of knowledge. Not at all the same as that stack of good public deeds known as sainthood. Not everyone is adorned with a title of Saint. But we’ve all been enlightened before and can be again! Return to innocence. That song says it all.

            I think the ever-elusive barrier that truly hinders people from MUCH more easily reconnecting with their enlightened selves IS the strict focus on meditation as the necessary & primary route. It’s just **NOT** true & is very misleading, even sabotaging, for people working hard to attain what must seem like a mysterious, almost unattainable goal!! As a humble statement of fact… I am almost the level of a Buddha. I’ve been released from the cycle of self sabotage & perpetual suffering & understand the true nature and laws of 90% of the universe. And I can promise ypu, to absolute CERTAINTY, that i did not do it by chasing my thoughts away while sitting under a tree. I did it by much time spent in deep , open-minded thought. Slowly piecing it all together. Little bit at a time. As Buddha said: question everything! And when u find answers to those questions, question other things more and more!! Then just keep going. You’ll succeed for sure.

            First question yourself. Things you do & don’t know why or don’t really like or identify with, things u believe about people and life but didn’t choose those beliefs yourself, your desires, your fears & insecurities. Anything that doesn’t quite feel right to you, that you’re unsure of or that other people perhaps decided for you. Like pursuing a parent’s goal instead of one you decided on for yourself. Or maybe not speaking your mind out of a fear that others will get upset, abandon, criticize, etc. U have to ask yourself: who are you? And who decided who you should be? Are u who u want to be? Who do u want to be? What kind of person or qualities would make you truly like yourself, respect yourself. Etc. Create for yourself the person ypull be happy to be! Seek to understand exactly wbo you are & why. Face ur fears. Ask the questions u really don’t want to answer. To know, etc. Because once u know yourself really well, the ins and outs, the good and not so good, and everything in between – ypull AUTOMATICALLY understand and know others with the same depth the more u go along. It will all align for you naturally all on its own. You don’t have to work to be more moral or try to figure out how to find the path to non-suffering. Just keep learning more about yoursrlf, ur motives, etc. People & the world around you. What farts are made of, etc. Lol! Anything!! Seek to understand through deep thought. And meditate all you want if that’s a tool thay works for you and you relate with. Just dont sit quietly under a tree and magically expect enlightenment to go POP! There it is! Got it! Cuz that won’t happen. And I assure you… it didn’t happen that way for Buddha either.

            (Youll know u have the right answers, just for you, when you feel them almost lock into place inside yourself. Like a piece fitting snugly in a ppuzzle. Then just keep it up. When the puzzle that is YOU starts to take clear form – enlightenment is your definite reward! Can’t miss it! Hugs and loves tp all you, world! Every single one! Xoxox)

        6. In re Yoanna of July 17, 2019…Yoanna, it would be interesting to dissect your filters of mind and personality to gain some insight into why you have such a trigger-type of negative response to Eckhart Tolle’s contribution to human collective consciousness.
          I am not willing to debate regarding who is “enlightened” or not; the existential principles behind the formation of languaging systems based in mere word-symbols as metaphorical markers for reality render such debate essentially moot, pointless. The perceptual foundation behind such a question, “Is he or she enlightened?” is entirely ego-based.
          Rather, I consider it more meaningful to consider any person’s expressions in terms of their inherently expansive, liberating qualities.
          Putting the slippery question of “enlightenedness” aside, perhaps we can agree that there are myriad types or degrees of awakening. In the case of Eckhart Tolle, clearly he has experienced some sort of awakening. At the time of his first book, “The Power of Now,” he was rather a leading-edge novelty. But nowadays, people seem to be having awakening experiences, popcorn-like, in exponentially increasing numbers.
          I consider it both unwise and unhelpful to demean the offerings of Tolle, because I perceive the energy of his awareness and the effects of his communications to be purely and positively liberating…and precisely relevant to the needs of the current page being played out in this human story on earth.
          That is, this world is being destroyed by ego-identified ignorance, by fascist capitalist nationalist militarist/terrorist conservative ideologically programmed matrix morons/minions.
          Tolle is masterful, exquisite in his capacity to refer to the nature of pure primary awareness as contrasted against the perpetually clueless puerile, bumbling, self-destructive motivations and behaviors of ego-identified idiots.
          If you lack the insight and intelligence to recognize the intelligence and gifts of pure awareness offered by Eckhart Tolle, so be it. But please don’t be so arrogant and foolish as to demean his special gifts of awakened/liberating/en-light-ening perspective.

          1. The collective conscious is DANGEROUS & not what you’ve all been nefariously led to believe it is by Carl Jung or any other person claiming true knowledge of it. It is a system of inescapable mind control. A weapon being targeted at the whole globe under the guise of something magical and spiritual so that everyone will want it and believe wholeheartedly is safe. It is not. The collective concious is a human rights scam & soul collection/ harvesting service because the people that know the truth are pushing it only because they know the order you’ll arrive in, at the bottom, with them forever at the top. They want the world to trust it & become WOKE because they know once you’re in, you can’t get out. It iis NOT the universal ONE that true enlightenment and Buddhahood are referring to. You will not be free, you will be imprisoned. Plz be aware, dear precious world, that there is a spiritually disguised global attack on humankind right now. Buddhism is being taken over by the extreme right so you must diligently research what true enlightenment is and is not! The current Buddha is an IMPOSTOR. Buddha’s are endowed with the true nature of the universe, and being almost to the level of a buddha myself – the current fake Buddha does NOT. He is lying. He is no where near a true Buddha. He’s not even enlightened. And plz know.. that’s not normally something I would feel comfortable saying about another as it wouldn’t be my place to judge or criticize. But this is a global safety threat. I have to do what i can to make the truth known and warn people of the very very real & life threatening dangers being lured like bait on a hook right in front of their faces.

            There is a big difference between enlightenment vs just consciousness or being woke. Consciousness/woke, in this current era of malignant spiritual destruction & disaster, is when you suddenly realize, and far too late, that you’re now in a trance like dissociative state and self-contained spiritual prison. Just within ur own mind. Schizophrenia like symptoms are easily programmable in a persons mind and can be done to the victim secretly through long exposure to subconscious cues, numbers, phrases, words, images and patterns. Even audio tones & patterns so quiet u don’t even notice. It takes time & repetition but most people are dangerously unaware of the very real & terrifying advances now being practiced that have been long proven to turn ones mind secretly to almost mush. Plz understand this means literal servitude to and of the elite who are busy guaranteeing their place forever and only at the top of said collective conscious. They promise a spiritual experience, but all ur going to get is made conscious of THEIR PLAN TO CONTROL THE MASSES. Not the same, long time studied & revered spiritual awakening and AMAZING benefit/rewards of true enlightenment by soul aearching/meditational practices, etc . True enlightenment is the unending & encompassing feeling of envigorating inner peace, personal bliss, freedom from the perpetuating cycle of life suffering and sabotage. You’ll feel like a lightning beam of sheer happiness, joy, confidence and love just shoots from every part of you! And it feels AWESOME! Just a little short of orgasmic, actually. Your confidence will soar, you’ll be clear of constant doubt, feel so empowered & clear headed from within! Youll stand tall with ur head high & be able to pick the liar or toxic person out of a crowd while blindfolded and half asleep. Fear becomes mostly a thing of the past. Ypull know exactly who you are and feel truthy worthy of love, respect, equality. You will fall in love with life, even during dull moments as curiosity & relaxed, good times becomes ur new pal! You’ll just feel good in so many feel good ways! Bad relationships will falll away as ur no longer attracted to those that will selfishly hurt you & not evrn care. You’ll effortlessly become a better friend , son, daughter, husband etc than you ever imagined. Without even trying.
            And it will all happen so naturally and spontaneously & be consistently there at your side nearly always. Youll feel comfortable around people, feel free to express yourself, othing to hide. Strong inner sense of safety and security. Within yourself and your surroundings. Youll believe ib yourself like never before. Grounded, centered. You’ll have purpose and feel good about it. You’ll feel whole, complete & have more balanced, consistent moods. U won’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow because youll just be happy in the moment. Care free. Competent, able, sure! I could go on and on and on!

            But if you “wake” up to their conscious plans & intentions – your prison will be external. & also in your own mind. You will hear mean, nasty voices. Sadistic,, cruel. And u know that “all seeing eye” image on dollar bills? Thats the eye that will be watching u and everyone connected to the collective conscious. It works by manipulating visual & imagination skills through the opening of the so-called third eye. And the minds eye. So it can see everything u see, and hear everything u do and say. In true enlightenment, youll be the one with clear insight ability and able to see so much and so deep into the people, animals, trees, eveverything aound u. Words cannot describe! However awesome u thnik it might ve, multiply it by 50, at least. It’s beyond anything iId evercomprehended. Freedom from the bondage of self. True freedom.

            The fraudulent consciousness intend to use their technology & deceit to watch you. No more rights. No more privacy. Ur now property. And so are ur children, family, friends, neighbors.

            And one last thing…. it is certainly true that we are all connected. Thru a positive force, a spiritual satisfying energy, of sorts. But becoming ONE means to become one within and of yourself. To be whole. Complete.
            Not part of someone else’s collection. To have all those little parts of our fragmented, former selves now working together and smoothly in harmony . As ONE. The One concept can certainly also apply to a group of spirituallly enlightened individuals, but must also apply to the individual itself. Personal autonomy. Personal freedom.

            Spiritual enlightenment takes work and dedication. It can be tough. And there are always going to be those in the world that don’t care about Goodwill among men or kindness to others. They are the copycats, forever pretending to be good-natured, but always more than happy to keep blazing down their path of narcissistic and maniacal destruction. So please beware my friends and stay safe! Hugs!!

        7. I just started reading The Power of Now yesterday and I can say that one thing which struck me as odd was that he was not able to explain in any detail what led to his enlightenment other than being at his lowest point, and suicidal.

          But I must caution you to be careful with stating he is not enlightened, because only he can know this. I too was at the lowest point in my life, even experiencing brief heart failure during a 4 day alcohol detox. It doesn’t get any lower than near-death, and based on my experience those who are at their lowest of lows are actually in the lead when it comes to an awakening or even enlightenment.

          1. Nah, I respectfully must disagree. The enlightened know the enlightened. Maybe not in every single case, but damn near. It’s just far too complex and obscure to fake. Exception could be those on the cusp of realizing it.

        8. Thank you for informing us of the limits in your awareness and seeing.
          Making negative statements as you have, sans any explanation for your conclusion, merely reinforces your identity in trollishness.
          Would you care to be specific and intelligent in re your reactive aversion to Eckhart Tolle? The available evidence suggests that he is perfect in his current placement in time/space.

    1. In the words of Suzuki Roshi an awakened Zen master
      “There are no enlightened people, but there is enlightenment. ”
      At the moment when the truth of being is seen, the little self disappears, leaving no one to be enlightened.
      The beginning of this page says “God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here”, which is a totally dualistic statement. At enlightenment, it is seen (not by any “one”) that there is no separate God or individuals. It’s all consciousness at play with Itself…

      1. “God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here.” — This is a totally dualistic statement only if you miss its meaning. The point to life is to reclaim our relationship with Spirit and become vessels for expressing that Godly force in this world, at this time. Enlightened people are mere conduits. They are bridges between Heaven and Earth. They are not God. They are expressions of the Divine in a place that has forgotten the divine.

        1. In re Sally’s comment of June 20, 2015:
          As expressed previously, above, the statement “God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here,” is certainly a dualism-based conceptual construct of purely elementary/juvenile religion-tainted dogma/perception.
          Yet in this infinite curriculum of expanding consciousness through evolving forms, dualism holds a necessary placement; that is, merely because any of us may have graduated from elementary grade levels, this is not sufficient reason to abolish the elementary grades for teaching levels K-6 for those who yet need to learn these basic lessons.
          “The student must learn/know certain limited rules, whereas the master knows of existence beyond the rules.” The rules are reflective of the division and fear-based associations of the limited egoic identification.
          But endlessly dealing in the realms of dualistic memes inevitably produces endlessly limited, convoluted, perverse, tricky, sticky, and unpeaceful results.
          As long as one remains trapped in the paradigm of worship to an external God metaphor (in line with centuries of patriarchal institutionalized religious dogma), one will be removed from true peace and Self-awareness of expansion/merging in Wholey infinicity-unicity Reality awareness, i.e., “the Peace which surpasses (mental/dualistic) understanding.
          Everything and everyone IS of this Wholey Real One. Nothing/no one exists outside of, nor apart from, this Wholey Real One. This is the true and primary identity of all, beneath the layers of acquired sense of superficial societal and ideological identification.
          The implied dualistic separation/polarization concurrent to the *externalization* of devotion—i.e., devotion toward an object or ideal outside oneself—is satan’s masterpiece.

        2. Just expressions of your divine? You mean the fake so-called creator, soul stealer & murderous splitter of celestial Stars? Always using scores of secrecy and intense. ancient trickery & lies for his own purely vain & distgusting selfish gain and at the complete decimation of all the rest of mankind? All in his, and clearly yours , attempt to return the next life still an elite, Richie rich, Wonderboy? Why doesn’t he threw himself into the random old pool like all the other billions of us? And if I’m just some sort of expression of your so-called Divine, why is he working so hard right now in an attempt to split my identity, steal my precious inner child like a deranged maniacal lunatic? As a matter of fact, why don’t you tell a little truth and enlighten everyone else here on.YOUR divines massive, sneaky, and psychological warfare “behind the scenes scaredy cat offensive” & attack on the entire United States of America,& his then plan to take over the globe? That you so closely and carefully hold in absolute secrecy? I bet you there’s a lot of Americans here right now. Would you like to meet them and show them what a trailer really looks like? Or are you too afraid that if anyone found out they would hunt you down and kill you for your currently underway plot of committing genocide on billions of completely innocent people?

          Anyone wanting to know who & what I’m talking about: the VEDIC ARYANS. They’re the ones secretly behind this massive attempt to take over the United States and then the whole world. To commit Global genocide. And they’re still succeeding right now as we speak. The psychotic mind control masters of murder & mayhem. The murder of billions of innocent people including children animals and intentional splitting of celestial Stars.
          There is absolutely nothing Divine about that!

          VEDIC ARYANS. In connection with Aryan Brotherhood. Intentionally responsible for their part propagating World War 1,World War II. & now they’re shooting for number 3! A tribe of ancient specializing in stealing identities, murdering on mass scales, using peoples fears like their own personal toy and then expecting us to feel sorry for them. VEDIC ARYANS. Want to know what happened to all those identities of the millions and millions of Jews from World War II? Who assumed those Jewish identities? VEDIC ARYANS.

      2. Yes, and yet…..people who are supposedly enlightened, at least who publicly admit it, often do charitable works, full time…..such as teaching. The idea that such a statement is totally dualistic presupposes a totally dualistic point of view. In a holistic view, there is room for variety. The term “enlightenment” is used differently at different times, even by the same person, so one has to make a study of it in order to understand both how the speaker means it (and if they are aware of their own tendency to blur different meanings of the word), and how one’s own understanding of the speaker might be tainted by a lack of clarity about the term’s various uses. There are terms for different kinds of samadhi, and the Tibetans see enlightenment as a verb, in some ways – as progress along a continuum from liberation from the sense of separate selfhood to full enlightenment, which is when the vasanas and samskaras have all dissolved and only cosmic truth is expressed through the vessel of the individual. There is one image, which I associate with Ramana Maharshi, but I’m not sure if it came from him, of a ceiling fan being turned off, yet the blades continue to spin until their momentum dies. One can be enlightened in that the misperception that powered the development of the egoistic separateness is gone, but the personality still remains and only changes over time, perhaps much time. So, until that final stage, a liberated being progresses along the path of evolution into a finer and finer “entity”. Also, consider an idea related to a Hindu description of levels of existence, with, I think, the “causal” being one of the last before total annihilation…..not to mention the entire school of “qualified non duality”, which, to my mind, is the most elegant, and helps to explain why mysticism is the only way to navigate such subtlety as we find when we consider life from a liberated point of view, which is not black and white. It’s not this; it’s not that (“Neti neti”), and it’s not black and white.

        1. To put it better: “Neti neti” indicates that one cannot intellectually grasp it. To try to do so, or doing so, is to be incorrect. Labels are out. 🙂 So, although it might certainly be true that a fully enlightened being would not do a certain socially objectionable thing, it also might not necessarily be true. More to the point, though: as seekers, wearing our seeker hats, not as members of a jury, we need not bother ourselves with discerning the level of enlightenment of others. If we feel drawn to a teacher, then we have something to learn from that experience. Whether or not that person can spoon-feed us enlightenment is not the issue (although such a short cut would be welcome!). Discernment in the spiritual path is one of the most important skills to develop; but it grows from within, and results in correct intuitive perception and even clear thinking, if luck is with us, but not blind adherence to moral expectations or anything else dictated to us from outside. When someone would ask Shakyamuni Buddha a question about anything other than something that would lead to enlightenment, his answer would be “That line of enquiry does not lead to edification.”. Minding one’s p’s and q’s regarding our task, as seekers, is a discipline that’s not often addressed. But being able to discern to some degree that there is a distinction and watch how we navigate around it within ourselves is key to staying on task and avoiding becoming spiritual dilettantes.

          1. BEA…”That line of inquiry does not lead to edification.” 🙂 ❤ (aka, “That is a stupid question! Next question please, and stay on topic!”) 😉

        2. Parmahansa Nithyananda is enlightened. He has many discourses on you-tube that are very easy to understand and apply in daily life. While enlightened people often can teach us, Nithyananda can gift supernatural powers to his disciples. Please do go to you tube and search for “Lifebliss foundation”

          Best wishes to all,

        3. Tell the people the truth. Your clan are the creator of the entire Duality psychosis & also Coronavirus, as well. Of course you have an edge & aren’t affected by it. Didn’t program the psychotic split into yourself now did ya? But your going to brag like that some sort of accomplishment?

          Everyone here deserves to know the truth about YOUR fraudulent version of having them wake up to ONLY YOUR conscious moment? You want the whole world to join your Collective conscious why don’t you tell them all about your sadistic little plan? Tell them what they’d be waking up to ? And that the only reason you showed up and commented here was in response to my post of earnestly warning innocent people that they’re in danger and to be careful because of you?

      3. Seems like a person goes to meet the light and dissolves into the light, and that light is the enlightenment that is at the core of us as well as at the core of everything that makes everything “one”, so one no longer senses separation from anything but lives as “oneness ” with all.

    2. I do not think that Mother Teresa was enlightened. She helped the poor and did many things but she did not have that any qualities of an enlightened being. In fact she was promoting poverty and using poverty to convert people to Christianity not to mention the millions of dollars of donations which were hidden in banks and never used for the poor. The mother did not show or speak about the inner being of man nor did she help anyone towards knowing themselves. She may have been a Christian but did not manifest Christ Consciousness in speech or actions.

    3. Did you raise any question when you did not find most of them, in the list, NOT winning Nobel prize for peace. She did a job which is measurable. But these guyz are speaking about something that is not measurable in science. Its about ENLIGHTENMENT (I think someone who claims to be enlightened is not really enlightened; as he still claims) and I have no idea what that is. I heard about UNOBTAINIUM and makes good sense to me BUT no idea how to get that and or even if it exists
      I am seeing lot of GOD and his messenger in list, preaching good things but how many human being have stopped doing wrong things. They ask for forgiveness after doing wrong. I believe when u die u will die secretly or with everyone, it depends what u did for others
      I like to think about “Don’t wait and expect something from GOD as you never know HE might be waiting and expecting from you”

      1. So heaven isn’t actually gone, it wasn’t long ago overtaken by evil doers ? ? Good is still alive? Love is still alive?? Im not really the only one? U know iI can’t fly. U made sure of that apparently. Can’t astral project with no ability to visualize anthing in my mind. Brain damage caused it i read. U forced all stars, didn’t u? Permanently grounded. Clipped their wings so u could just snatch up and steal each and every precious child. Jusy fori its energy. Once split, the noble gas would rise. But the celestial star…. Never again. Ur a mutderer. Of child souls and their precious loving beautiful little hearts.

        Abd u know exactly what unobtainium is and the terrible things u do to innocent, harmless stars to get it. By force. The rare gas from torturing & splitting or fracturing their core. The core of celestial stars. And then using the stars split duality and therefore split projection as your personal starship or avatar. When the star doesnt even know they’ve been fragmented. Demonic abuse. You created the duality in humans worldwide. And billions have died for ur aentertainment. These peoples lives are not a game for u to play with. And torturing choldren?? After ripping them away from their mothers arms, just suddenly like that?

        U tried to convince me I have an evil doppelganger. Evil twin. Half good, half evil = the duality. And u stole my memories. You created personality disorders. U actually molded and created the narcissists rage/abuse mind set & then programmed each one a victim that couldn’t leave. You planned this entire Global atrocity to work itself into oblivion, like a well-oiled self-propelled machine. Was only a matter of time till the narcissism and victim programming & pairing grew in number & became the dominating force. Omg. Omg.

      1. Yes he crucifies her. Good riddance. Some “altruists” are in fact unconsciously creating more harm than good. She was one.

    4. Shri Ranjit Maharaj is not on the list. He has published several books.
      Ranjit and Shri Nisargadatta Maharajs had the same teacher, Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj, who had 4 students and all of them became enlightened.

    5. I have heard mother Teresa wasn’t enlightened.
      Neem Karoli Baba is also missing from the list.

      1. exactly !!!!

        also note that this list is not exhaustive….. there are and there have been numerous … more than that we know of … people who are/were enlightened … who kept quiet….
        ….. who knew that it was useless to describe the colour Red to the blind

    6. Mother Teresa was clearly not enlightened. Osho, an enlightened one (who is on this list), once said Mother Teresa needs to jump into a lake. Mother Teresa had a lot of things backward, even though she appeared like the altruist. Her teachings were far below the teachings of a true enlightened master.

      1. I am very surprised so many people on here view Osho as enlightened. Interesting. I mean I have never met him so I can’t say for sure but he doesn’t exhibit some of the behavior the powerful Satguru of recent or recent past. For example, I can’t imagine any decent human being talking the way he does about Mother Teresa or Ghandi. Sure, they weren’t enlightened, but they were quite powerful in their own right and did a lot of good. All Osho did was collect a fleet of 93 Rolls Royces lol

        1. if someone who claims he can see …. and that is all there is to enlightenment….. a perspective ….describes what to him appears as truth… how can those that know they are blind … claime he cannot see

    7. Sadguru is far from enlightenment and is a hoax and he killed his wife and got away with it and boy does he love material things and keeps his devotees like slaves around his temple to work 12 hour days.

    8. she wasn’t enlightened. compare her qualities and characteristics with those of enlightened beings.

    9. the person who serve not necessary he is enlightened..and most of times enlightened person not seems serving to humanity from outside but he is.. mother Teresa was not but she has seen little glimpse of unknowable should not be argue

    10. She was a missionary not an enlightened one. I am glad that how come Swami Vivekananda isn’t on the list, one of the most enlighten being. Please read on him if u have interest and time

    11. Mother Theresa was a wicked old woman who worshiped suffering. She was a hypocrite too. When she was ill she went to a fancy Western hospital instead of being treated at her own ghastly facilities

    12. Because she wasn’t enlightened. It’s not just being kind you know it’s a physical brain transformation. It’s not moods either. It’s totally physical. Literally the wiring of your brain.

    13. very much lacking enlightenment. There are multiple people on this list who are clearly not enlightened so I wouldn’t take it personally. Mooji is on the list, but his master: Papaji is not on the list. Muhammad is on the list as enlightened, yet, he was a war monger and sought out Jews to murder them. NO enlightened person would ever encourage let alone LEAD a murder hunt for an entire race of people. It just doesn’t work that way.

    14. There are many Enlightened Peoples in Sri Lanka but non of them in the list, I’m dought how they gatherd this information.

    15. She was not enlighten. Although she did few good work but she was an evangelist who converted many Indians into Christianity by scaring them on their death bed and helped them on condition of conversion.

    16. Devoting self to good works is sainthood but is not enlightenment. In her writing it is obvious that she still existed in duality – there is her god and her as separate%

      Enlightenment is existence in absolute reality which is non-duality. There is only awareness, no subject and object. No relationship which is duality – two not one.

      Non-duality is one not two.

    17. thats not how it works. Just because you do good things it doesnt necessarily mean you achieved enlightened. It is state of existence on the transcendental plane where you feel no happiness or sadness. In Simple words, you have unlocked mystery of life on earth

    18. she was a devotee to service and the ultimate server to mankind, Even though she was tuned into the universal energy , she touched the worlds soul thru her service. She is proof of what a simple Human Being can do thru service and unconditional love.

    19. Please search “Mother Teresa and her missing millions”. Steiner had covered exhaustive factual details on her get slush funds and support from the Mexican warlords.

    20. this seems to be a very personalized list. My list would be quite different and would include Mother Teresa. Maybe the author defines Illumined Being, Enlightened Being, Goddesses and Gods, Masters, etc. in a different way than most of us.

    21. Enlightenment is a relative term and many times those who see beyond what the average person sees has been called enlightened…To me I would say enlightened is a state where you see beyond any and ALL False evidence Appearing Real…in other words , going beyond the ego’s view based on a perception rooted in time…Ultimately, Time exists in a non- linear field in order for Eternity to exist in degrees of Awareness…

    22. she was not enlighten.
      she was just doing her business in india to convert others to christianity.
      Even east has most beggers but already they belongs to christianity ,they don’t do nathing to provide food or sheltor.

    23. or Sam Han Lee – Tathagata – he’s the only who never sold teachings / books / courses or anything, every single other on that list is urging you to buy something, Those that have Truth give it away for free. he died in 2008 but several websites have cropped up including and many videos on youtube of his teachings and he’s the only one who has the third eye on his forehead

    1. John DeRuiter may have had an enlightenment experience at some point, but he’s definitely not an enlightened person today. What kind of enlightened being sleeps with the two sisters of his wife? I’m not saying everything he says is wrong. I just wouldn’t put much stock in this man.

      1. do the laws of morality apply, once you have seen the absolute truth. i am not defending him, i do not know who you are talking about.
        i am just generalising

        1. To Nagus (4Jul14) and ntstatic (23Mar15) above: first, Nagus, your comment is careless, not a reflection of factual truth…unless perhaps you define “truth” as whatever you have overheard or saw posted by another. Nevertheless many persons, at least as rationally deficient as yourself, will read what you have posted, and thereafter likewise speak as if they “know” some delicious bit of “true” gossip about John DeRuiter. I am thereby reminded of the quotation attributed to Voltaire: “Man—the glory and the scum of the universe.” And, to paraphrase Einstein, “Human wisdom is finite, but there are no limits to human stupidity.” John DeRuiter is not “my teacher,” but I have attended a number of groups in his presence, and have received mind-blowing gifts of conscious perspective from his responses to persons’ questions. And I can’t count the number of times that I heard JD’s verbal reply to a question, only later to hear persons give a version of his answer that simply were not accurate reconstructions of precisely what he said. Likewise regarding reconstructions of alleged facts regarding his personal relationships.
          And hereby responding to ntstatic’s exceptionally insightful question, which I will re-phrase, because the term ‘morality’ is always a very subjective term: Do the laws of the common materially-identified, societally-programmed unconscious human herd have any continuing relevance of application to one who has experienced awakening to the omni-conscious timeless formless vastness, i.e., infinicity-unicity-Reality…? In other words, the selfish, jealous, hateful, fear-driven unawakened unconscious herd will always judge/vilify and misinterpret that which is outside the field of their own sorely limited understanding. I have personally witnessed ongoing examples of this in regard to the subject of John DeRuiter, mostly from women who carry a strong investment in their socially conditioned views regarding “the sanctity and meaning if marriage.” Cattle cannot help but perceive and behave as cattle…until they are graced with their own direct experience of awakening/ understanding…that there are infinitely more levels of refinement in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your societally conditioned structures of belief.

      2. Well, yuck, yes. But, enlightenment can’t be kept in a box. It’s tempting to try to decide who is and isn’t enlightened by examining their behavior….But, by whose standard are we to judge? If one reads enough and attends a variety of satsangs, ponders and searches enough, one encounters enough shards of truth, here and there, to begin to see how magnificently varied and subtle life is. Until one’s being is completely illuminated, which might be different from being simply free of the basic delusion of the sense of separate selfhood, one’s behavior is going to be dictated by one’s personality (the same one one had beforehand, created by genetics and experience – nature/nuture), not just cosmic inspiration. Understanding this, I think, would be a great help to seekers, who often spin their wheels in “shoulds” and “should nots” in an attempt to “fake it till they make it” their way into enlightenment….As if behaving as one “should” would set one free of all limits…See? The ego, as the conduit between cosmic consciousness and individual experiences, must stay. It is the identification with the ego which dissolves. That said, if one is put off by something enough, just steer around it. There is no need to endure something one finds horrible or threatening; Life will provide answers to the seeker.

      3. does the choice of partners in sex … determine the state of enlightenment
        not that i know this John you speak of .. im just curious

      1. Mooji never claimed to be anything. How can he be a fake without having any claims. I guess he doesn’t fit into a neat enlightenment box for you to label

      1. Radhika (July 4, 2014): I notice that there are numerous persons who are willing to say that Osho was “the ultimate enlightened master.” To any who have experienced the Grace of the Pure, the Still, the Empty, the Profound—which is the identityless qualityless timeless/EverHereNow ineffable omni-essence—such words as “enlightened master” must be taken with more than a grain of salt; and actually must be considered appraisals by the unawakened.
        Though certainly Osho had experienced the Pure, the Real…there is far, far too much empirical evidence that thereafter something of the impure taint of the ego-teacher-guru run amok was in operation there for a while. Only clear-eyed truth awareness sets us free…from our illusory sense of separation from the Wholey Real Ever-presence.
        I see the ragtag army of former Osho sannyasins as similar to the survivors and refugees of any arena of combat, in that there are scores who may bear no external physical injuries, but many who bear varying degree of much subtler forms of psychic scarring and related emotional wounding. Of course, all of us on earth are subject to such of this life’s subtle scars and woundings, and many are those who are wounded in battles far less ideal, far less courageous and truly heroic as those who were of the Osho soul group experiments in truth and liberation.
        Wounded… as were many of the early waves of soul-warriors who took part in the living experiments in liberation of the 1960’s…wounded in exhorbitantly high percentages because they were in the advance guard of fighters for truth, freedom, equality, sanity, civility, honesty, peace…and so they took the brunt of an overwhelming ignorant backlash—a horrific demonic onslaught from the fear-driven and familiarity-worshiping conservative materialist/militarist capitalist fascist hordes…supported by established news media propaganda/lies, and backed by militarized police with their guns, bombs, bullets, tear gas, and prisons.
        Osho’s words, discourses, teachings…taken of themselves—i.e., taken apart from the context of the entire outer surface human circus extravaganza—are excellent for beginning the process of deleting/supplanting much of the programmed patriarchal societal b.s. we’ve had heaped upon us since the beginnings of our fascist capitalist childhood/upbringing. But I thank God I was not of a susceptible age or awareness when the Rajneeshpuram experiment was going down in Antelope, OR…
        …because there was such a preponderance of ego-tainted ideas, games, and delusions taking place there…though I am perfectly 100% willing to say that every person who partook of the Osho brew is psychologically more sane and free and better off and further along in their evolution of consciousness than are the poor, unawakened, unaware, materially-identified, sectarian patriarchal religion-identified, patriotic nationalist warmonger identified rednecks/yuppies/morons/minions of idiotic capitalist America.
        All things of time-space earth being relative, the Rajneeshee/Osho sannyasins had to deal with a huge ongoing element of unnecessary and unnecessarily painful psychic/emotional tripe from the outside…from a preponderantly xenophobic population of “judeo-christian” blindered bulldogs, i.e., Americans.
        After this latest 60-year period of militarized repugnican fascist capitalist oppression. Since those early glory days of the 1960’s, we are a wiser, more careful, less gullible, more mature, more balanced, more evolved, more intuitively guided human family on earth.
        I do believe that many more of us are now ready to experience the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, rising from within each our own integrated experience of awakening and integrity to the timeless pure omni-awareness, infinicity, unicity…

        1. Radhika (July 4, 2014): I notice that there are numerous persons who are willing to say that Osho was “the ultimate enlightened master.” To any who have experienced the Grace of the ever innate Pure, the Still, the Empty, the Profound—aka the identityless qualityless timeless/EverHereNow ineffable omni-essence—such words as “enlightened master” must be taken with more than a grain of salt; and actually such words must be considered appraisals by the unawakened.
          Though certainly Osho had experienced the Pure, the Real…there is far, far too much empirical evidence that thereafter something of the impure taint of the ego-teacher-guru run amok had manifested in that particular segment of the divine leelah.
          Only clear-eyed truth awareness sets us free…from our illusory sense of separation from the Wholey Real Ever-presence.
          I see the ragtag army of former Osho sannyasins as similar to the survivors and refugees of any arena of combat, in that there are scores who may bear no external physical injuries, but many who bear varying degree of much subtler forms of psychic scarring and related emotional wounding. Of course, all of us on earth are subject to such of this life’s subtle scars and woundings, and many are those who are wounded in battles far less idealistic, far less courageous and truly heroic as those who those who participated
          in the Osho soul group ‘s experiments for truth and liberation.
          Wounded… as were many of the early waves of soul-warriors who took part in the living experiments in liberation of the 1960’s…wounded in exhorbitantly high percentages because they were in the advance guard of fighters for truth, freedom, equality, sanity, civility, honesty, peace…so they took the brunt of an overwhelming ignorant backlash—a horrific demonic onslaught from the fear-driven and familiarity-worshiping conservative materialist/militarist capitalist fascist hordes…supported by established news media propaganda/lies, and backed by militarized police with their guns, bombs, bullets, tear gas, and prisons.
          Osho’s words, discourses, teachings, taken of themselves—i.e., taken apart from the context of the outer surface human circus extravaganza of that particular placement in time and space—are excellent for beginning the process of deleting and supplanting much of the programmed patriarchal societal b.s. we’ve had heaped upon us since the beginnings of our fascist capitalist nationalist childhood/upbringing in the insanely militarized modern world. Yet, too, I silently thank God I was not yet of a susceptible age or awareness when the 1960’s or the Rajneeshpuram experiment was going down in Antelope, OR…
          …because there was such a preponderance of “spiritual juvenility,” naivete, youthful ignorance as well as exuberance and innocence…scores of ego-tainted ideas, games, and delusions taking place, and being worked through.
          Nevertheless, I am wholly willing to say that every person who partook of the Osho brew is psychologically more sane and free and better off and further along in their evolution of consciousness than are the poor, unawakened, unaware, materially-identified, sectarian patriarchal religion-identified, patriotic nationalist warmonger identified rednecks/yuppies/morons and ignorant brain-trashed minions of idiotic capitalist America.
          All things of time-space earth being relative, the Rajneeshee/Osho sannyasins had to deal with a huge ongoing element of unnecessary and unnecessarily painful psychic/emotional tripe from the outside world…from a preponderantly xenophobic population of “judeo-christian” blindered bulldogs, i.e., Americans.
          After this latest 60-year period of militarized repugnican fascist capitalist oppression—since those early glory days of the 1960’s—I daresay we are a wiser, more careful, less gullible, more mature, more balanced, more evolved, more intuitively guided human family on earth.
          As such, it is my sense that many more of us are now ready to experience the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, rising from within each our own integrated experience of awakening and integrity to the ever innate timeless pure omni-awareness, gloriously ineffable awakened infinicity-unicity-Reality…
          The 2020’s will make the 1960’s look like the 1750’s…
          Such is the direction in which I prefer to focus my own co-creative energies of attention…

        2. To admin of this site: You may notice that today, January 10, 2020, I have just posted an edited/improved version of my earlier post from December 27, 2019.
          I’d prefer to delete my earlier post of December 27, but I can’t see how to do this from my current platform. I invite you to delete the earlier post. Thank you.

      1. It is doubtful too, what he said highly intellectual person can say , he was great in logic and worldy knowlege. A enlightened person need not to study as much as osho did, no doubt he went much deep in meditation but he found himself in meditation and shaw there what enlighted person see is doubtful

      2. Regarding this statement by Arjun (Sept 9, 2014): “Osho is undisputably enlightened one. Whatever he has said can only be said by enlightened ones.” There is a book with the title “Books I Have Loved” with authorship attributed to Osho, or perhaps Bhagwan Rajneesh. Of course, as with literally hundreds of other different book titles attributing authorship to Rajneesh/Osho, these books were not penned/printed/published by Osho, but rather these were all derived from the excerpts and compilations gathered from oral discourses of Osho recorded, compiled, edited, and published by certain followers of Osho.
        In that book, “Books I Have Loved,” Osho states that in his life he had “read over 100,000 books,” and it is in the very nature and content of this book, ” Books I Have Loved” that Osho shares hundreds of the titles of his favorite books, and also often includes commentary on the relative degree of enlightenment of many of the authors of these books.
        Though Arjun states above that “Osho is undisputably enlightened…Whatever he has said can only be said by enlightened ones,” since only truth awareness (not false ideas/beliefs) produces awakening or liberation, the person who is all of intelligent, rational, and honest sees plainly that anybody’s ability to quote “enlightened masters” from readings of books bearing these masters’ names on the cover is not sufficient foundation for claiming that the person repeating such printed quotations is “indisputably enlightened.”
        There exists a book with a title that is something like “Falling Off the Mountain” that covers more honestly the often fleeting/temporary nature of experiences, or glimpses, of enlightenment. This reflects my own initial experience of a “glimpse of Reality by Grace” which was only temporary, and afterward left me with a desire to better understand the implications this glimpse had provided me regarding the nature of Reality itself…thus I began collecting books and reading of others’ experiences and conclusions regarding the real nature of this ocean of Reality in which we all are swimming
        It occurs to me—yet I readily admit this must be due at least in part to the fact that this is a reflection/projection of my own past experience—that Osho almost certainly experienced the Grace of a taste of the infinite boundless ineffable direct awareness of Reality…yet likely was not afforded the Grace to remain in that Selfless awareness. The entire guru trip with the Rolls Royces, etc., etc., leading to the eventual karmic collapse of that experiment is all in all sufficient evidence that it was not grounded in the pure awareness of the Real, but rather that it was all tainted by an ego-orientation…an ego that was insufficiently honest or transparent to acknowledge that his awareness was no longer purely established in the Wholey Real One, the infinicity-unicity, but rather was using a prior, but temporary, awakening experience to carry out an experiment reflecting the principle that in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man can be king…for a limited time.
        Still, acknowledging that I know nothing of Osho but what I have read from books with his name printed on the cover,..oh, wait…I do recall having seen a television news video clip from that period when the kingdom of Osho was in disarray, and Ma Anand Sheela was discovered to have absconded with monies from the Rajneeshpuram treasury…in the newsclip I saw and heard Osho muttering and cursing Sheela with the words “That fucking bitch…”
        I acknowledge that decades old memories of alleged television news video clips cannot be considered a direct and accurate reflection of truth/reality—in other words I am not willing to stake my life on the flimsy truth of that memory—but until a clearer, larger picture of actual reality is revealed to me, that is a portion of the sensory evidence I have archived from which to form my conclusions regarding the truth of that whole movie in time-space.
        To return to my original point—because I have taken time to compose these words not for the sake of impugning Osho’s character, but rather to more honestly view and evaluate the evidence we have regarding this “indisputably enlightened master.” I see numerous parallels between the potentially destructive ramifications involved in making the error of carelessly accepting the claims of any of Osho’s followers that his behavior or the behaviors of those associated with him were reflections of authentically enlightened awareness. One terrible parallel, f’rinstance, is all the unending stream of poor bastards in the western world who still sign up for military service because they have been brain-trashed in the U.S. public mis-education system to believe that somehow they can abandon all sense of innate human compassion, decency, sanity, and intelligence to enter the U.S. armed forces of military mass murder, to invade the homelands of other human peoples and families in the insane belief that they are perpetrating and participating in these mass murders for some purpose that can somehow be related to the right and the good and/or for peace or justice or for the betterment of human existence. “The unexamined life is not worth examining.” Persons who do not sincerely investigate and evaluate all aspects of any direction of endeavor which piques their interest are likely to end up as useless incarnational grist in the relentless mill of time-space, i.e., wasting our lives pursuing dubious delusions of glory because we have not bothered to pay sufficient attention to the lessons offered by the examples of errors in methods and losses of those who have passed before. When people stay clearly on the path of conscious and rigorously intelligent honesty in alignment with Truth/Reality, then there is no death, no destruction, but rather awareness of the eternal birthless/deathless ever-presence. But aligning oneself with false ego-based delusions leads to eventual death and dissolution. Pay heed to the lessons of those who have come and gone before.
        Mama always said, “It is far easier to rest and remain in one’s inherently pure simple natural freedom…than it is to attempt to regain this simple, natural, and sublime self-guided sovereign autonomy after having foolishly abdicated it by worship of some external propaganda-promulgated mirage or charlatan parading as if the paragon of purity or glory. Real purity, royalty, and glory are all profoundly innate.”
        Let us participate in, and partake of, shared and complete truth awareness; let us share all that we know and all that we have seen or heard…so that we may all move in a direction that truly leads us back Home. “All truth agrees with truth…while falsehoods, half-truths, and speculations must squabble confusedly and endlessly amongst themselves.”

      1. Osho was such an inspirational speaker. I’m so grateful he selflessly permitted people to record his discourses and teachings. I was 2 years old when he died, so I would never have been able to benefit from his magnificent influence otherwise. I’m so grateful to him. What a wonderful, enlightened master.

    1. i have small library of osho and jiddukristna murthi literature , osho literature gives many solutions of our problems, but if we see him in you tube we may not get that much of respect, i like his literature but i have some confusion his activities.

      but in case of jiddu kristnamurthi, his literature like a sharp knife, no confusion, l like very much than osho ,
      u try to read a book ” freedom from known” by jiddu kristnamurthi , u never see such a beautifull book ever.

      1. both are enlightened osho and j.k.
        it is depend on your understanding level…
        Read more osho book… u will understand him…

      2. If you really want to go into spirtuality, then there is no one like J Krishnamurti. Everyone thinks himself enlightened, but you will see, they are also not free from the self centred activity. J Krishnamurti goes into each aspect like a scientist.

    2. osho was great enlightened masters great is all but osho is great because he tried best for all type of people to conceive ultimate knowledge .in 20 th and 21 th century we not get yet as osho……

    3. You cannot know him or any other person without undergoing Osho’s Dynamic Meditation honestly for at least 3 months. Thanks. Dr Thakur

      1. On Osho: Osho is an excellent example of the simple fact that every one of us are scintillatingly unique expressions of a myriad of factors, influences, and experiences compressed into the locus of a humanoid time-space incarnation/form…and anything that is said about this person can only offer distant metaphors related to what little info we are holding in our own personal bio-computer brains regarding what we think we know about other human personalities…but all metaphors/comparisons always fall short, and are never entirely accurate. This, of course, is why the universally liberating/unifying examples of a Lao Tzu or a Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha or a Nanak or a Kabir or Anandamayi Ma or a Jesus are always besmirched/corrupted through successive interpretation, translation, and—god save us—institutionalization of their alleged life and teachings. All comparisons are odious. Yet this awareness must be held in tandem with the higher awareness that, in Essence, all are one and the same. So the earthly play is possible via the apparent distinct combinations of expression of personality, i.e., THIS I AM, AS ART THOU. Despite the horrific historical record of, and ongoing ramifications of, the idiotic institutionalized patriarchal white supremacist interpretation and belief that the human form of Jesus had claimed to be the sole “truth, way, and life” for all, this is easily understandable because unconscious/unawakened human cattle simply cannot comprehend anything above and beyond the ego-based construct of “reality” they hold in their mental filing system…until graced with each their own direct experience of awakening.
        Thus, the unawakened human cattle could not hear what the Buddha and Kabir and Nanak and Mahavira and Chuang Tzu and Jesus communicated, i.e., This I Am, as art Thou. I and the Father are One, as also is the case with YOU. You, too, are inseparable from the Wholey omni-infinicity unicity Reality; there is only one here, despite deluded sensory faculty evidence to the contrary. All is/are this EverHereNow Present One…NOW…NOW…always here now…linear time-space sensory delusions and distinctions notwithstanding…NOW.

    4. Jessica (July 2, 2014)…you and others reading here may appreciate some of this: While listening to John DeRuiter on Maui once, people started tossing out questions regarding the enlightenment of certain famous individuals. He chose to respond to these questions, and I consider his answers revealing…”Is the Dalai Lama enlightened?” “Is Gangaji enlightened?” “Sathya Sai Baba?…” John replied in his usual deadpan, matter-of-fact speaking tone (the following are paraphrased by my imperfect memory, though I hereby sincerely intend to convey the gist of his responses): ‘Sathya Sai Baba is using mundane manifestations to comfort people in their surface/ego body perceptions.’ ” But John,” I then responded, “Sai Baba says that he gives “according to what people ask for, though few have come to get what I have really come to offer.” To which John replied, “That may be so…but I can give only the truth.”
      Regarding the question of the Dalai Lama being enlightened or not, John said, “If the Dalai Lama were enlightened, he wouldn’t be a Buddhist.”
      In regard to Gangaji, John said, ‘Gangaji hasn’t entirely surrendered…and when you have a person who has [a small percentage of] ego tucked away in a corner, such a person can’t take anyone any farther than this.’

      1. Oh, yeah…this is the tale I was intending to relate in regard to a few of John DeRuiter’s comments on the subject of the residual mental and emotional “benefits” being experienced by contemporary followers (i.e., sannyasins or neo-sannyasins) of Osho’s teachings… Some time around the turn of the century, subsequent to Osho’s mahasamadhi (I don’t recall the year), John DeRuiter visited the Osho ashram in Pune, India. Upon his return to Maui after the trip to Pune, a Maui resident Osho sannyasin asked John about his trip to Pune: “So, John, what was it like?”
        As anybody who has sat with John is aware, he’s often very slow to answer any question which has been put to him. Such was the case this time; in fact he was so slow in answering that I recall it was not until the 3rd time—perhaps even the 4th time—that Sandhya asked John, “So, what happened in Pune? What was it like?”
        By this time of Sandhya’s asking, I recall personally having the sense (though this may have beeen an incorrect interpretation on my part) that John wasn’t very keen on answering the question. In fact, I recall having found—rather humorously to me— that as the words finally formed upon and flowed from his mouth, it almost seemed to me that he was being forced to speak, forced by Sandhya’s perseverance in asking him to answer the question. The words left his mouth hesitantly, I thought—his words arising more slowly and intermittently than was usual even for him, or so I perceived; this was his reply, I remember it precisely: “It…was…like… …breaking…and…re-setting… …bones… …that…had…previously been set wrong.”
        Whew! My interpretation: in other words, those Osho sannyasins at the Pune ashram center subsequent to Osho’s passing, were operating with some mental/emotional/behavioral patterns programmed from their experiences with Osho, and/or their subsequent interpretations and distillationd of their experiences with Osho, that had left them rather stunted, incapacitated in regard to their capacity to be fresh and open in the present moment…or…that even if Osho was the “real deal,” this pure awareness was insufficiently—if not detrimentally—passed from the master to his followers.

  1. What about St Francis of Assisi (Christianity), Nagarjuna (Buddhism), Chandrakirti (Buddhism ), Tsong Khapa (Tibet / Buddhism), HH The Dalai Lama (Tibet / Buddhism), Erasmus (Philosopher / Christianity), St Thomas Aquinas (theologian and philosopher)???

    1. I once saw a little old man on a bench outside his house, as I walked by. His eyes were so soft and empty, but awake….devoid of self-focused celebration of bliss, but it was decades ago and I still feel eternity when I think of them. Then, once, on a road trip, I stopped in a dry desert town for gas and ended up trying to find a couple of weak-looking stray dogs to give them water with a retired man I met at the gas station, which, interestingly to city-person me, seemed to be the only building in town and where locals congregated…… who spent all of his money keeping stray dogs in his own shelter, with real kennels, and then funneled them to rescues, periodically, for adoption. His eyes were also empty, clear, bright. I thought, “So, this is where normal but enlightened people go – away from it all.”….When we were done and saying goodbye, a young man walked up, who knew the first one, and began to discuss tools….His eyes were the same, and he was from there. My thought about it expanded to, “So this is the kind of place where many enlightened people who for some reason need to take birth, take birth….away from it all.” After we got back in the car, my traveling companion explained about a scale he’d been studying that described seekers, the unenlightened, as being church and temple- goers and such (like we were), and then, after enlightenment, when one needs to grow or burn karma or whatever and needs to take birth on this plane, levels of involvement with different type of things – mainly selfless giving in one way or another, but no longer churchy. So, I expect that it would be impossible to compile an exclusive list of enlightened beings.

  2. Shout out to Balthasar Cracián and The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Enlightenment, I think it’s a gift that comes from above, and Gracián’s book is that far out.

    But all that aside, just wanted to say, this format is exactly what is needed in Who’s Who in Ufology. Not to interrupt anything else you’re up to, do carry on.

    1. I love Balthasar Gracian, too, and have a heavily highlighted copy of his book, and gave copies to my sons when they graduated from high school. I don’t know if he wrote other more spiritual works, but I would say he does not deserve to be among the enlightened ones. His teachers, so wonderfully insightful are about navigating the external world and really not about self-realization, or anything about the ultimate human potential or oneness with the divine cosmic consciousness. That said, his work is a gem and I admire him much.

  3. I would add Dr. David R. Hawkins to the list.
    There are many great teachers who are not enlightened, depends on how one defines enlightenment.

  4. just wondering why there are no enlightened people from Africa ? though I am a white English male, common sense tells me enlightenment would of begun for us all on the dark continent. x

    1. In re Michael Jones’ question of July 13, 2014:
      In acknowledging the near complete control of mainstream media outlets by the satanic talmudic fascist white supremacist/racist capitalist Israeli Netanyahu Likud zionists, it wouldn’t matter if there had been millions of enlightened Africans or indigenous aboriginals of other nations and continents, the divisive disempowering deceitful satanic talmudic Israeli Zionists would never interrupt their normal programming of war and division broadcasts to inform us of such facts.
      So, just because you haven’t heard of them via controlled commercial media outlets, has no bearing on the matter of their actual existence.

    1. Alan Watts was a drunkard who died next to his bottle of wine. Enlightened? Or just a good teacher?

      1. Regarding above comments on Alan Watts: Similar to Osho (and similar to many of us posting here), Alan Watts made great use of available literature on or by prior or contemporary experiencers of awakening—awakening to whatever degree or duration.
        Because I, too, had heard that Alan Watts had a lifelong alcohol addiction, I had at least partly concluded that he could not be considered a solid teacher/guide for me, and that his word could hardly be taken for material that would aid me in attaining liberation. Reading a bit more on him, I also learned that he was an Episcopal minister. So, I thought, geez, this poor guy was caught in quite a confused bramble of B.S. (Belief Structures).
        Nevertheless, the Real and pure conscious core essence of his being was certainly making a determined and persevering effort to lead him consciously to the light of Home/Wholey Conscious Oneness Reality Awareness.
        So, while my own yet deluded personality-mind finds it easy to judge Alan Watts, scriptures such as the Ashtavakra Gita remind us that there is nobody—no matter their appearance of delusion, suffering, or other apparent handicap of embodiment and personality—there is nobody who is not a perfect and complete example and expression of the ever-present Wholey Real One….everybody is equally This One, none any more nor less than any other.

    2. Thank you, Mary. August 31,2014 at 8:43 We are in this life because we have things to do. If self praise was required then many in here would have completed their Purposeful requirements. Sadly they are still here. But have they found their purpose for life yet? This is not spoken of by these gently educated Beings. They need to take Steps to remedy this. Nasi Novare Coram.

  5. I am surprised Master Li Hongzhi is missing off this list, and off Living Masters list. He is the widely respected and followed teacher of Falun Dafa.

    1. in some of his speeches it does seem that he did get the glimpse but then somehow it seems he got lost again in the maya but i would not bet one way or the other
      once something is seen it cannot be unseen

    2. Truly, if you had the capacity comprehend Osho’s discourses, you’d realize he is most assuredly enlightened. His words and energy reach into the depths of the soul.

  6. my list includes 100 more names. Like baba bulle shah, shah hussein, saikh fareed, hwl poonja, ldreesh Shah, ma anandmayi, sw. Yuktanand, sw. muktanand, sw. Shivanand, sw. chinmayanand, sw. Dayanand, sw. Vivekanand, aurobindu, sant. Tutaram, nagarjun list is very long.

  7. It is not correct to regard Krishnamurti Jiddu as being Advaita Vedanta …nor Theosophist I expext either

    1. You either don’t know him or are making a joke. He runs a business and charges $400 for 10 minutes in his presence. Many who have left the cult tell the truth about these people.

  8. Thank you very much for this list. I think i should take benefit of this list by reading,reaching to them,experimenting all of them and them also which are not on list. This will be much better rather than asking why not his/her name is there or he/she should not be there. If i am really searching something in my life i have read all of them and take whatever will feel proper to my intellect. Not only i have to read them but if they are present in there physical bodies now i should try to reach to them.
    You have really done beautiful job by listing these names. Obviously this list will always be incomplete and increasing day by day. And thats the beauty of this list. There will always be scope to select the names more wisely.
    Dhanyavad and namaste.

  9. I would like to add Amir Mourad on that list for enlightened people. His Youtube channel, “”
    Shunya Yoga has lectures and videos of him explaining concepts that sound very similar to things enlightened people speak of, such as Krishnamurti, or Zen masters.

  10. Checkout Kashmir shaivism esp Abhinavagupta. Also Huangbo and Foyan chan Buddhists also more recentRichard Rose

  11. Please check out Panache Desai, I think he should be added to the list of Enlightened Beings.

    1. I saw him in person at an event he was speaking at in 1989, and there is NO WAY he was enlightened then. He was name-dropping and just seemed fake.

  12. I would like to mention: Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji and Supreme Master Ching Hai. Seriously though, there are thousands of people transitioning into what we name Enlightenment. This list will expand vastly.

  13. What do we mean when we say Enlightenment? Enlightenment is the DIRECT Experience of TRUTH. Enlightenment is Enlightenment, and there are not different Kinds. There are different Things you can be enlightened with regard to, and there are different magnitudes or degrees of enlightenment, but there is only one kind. Christ and Buddha and some others may have been fully, totally enlightened individuals but some on the above list, including Ragneesh (whom I have met) are not fully realised beings. I have had some Direct Truths, but I am not a fully enlightened person!
    Peak Experiences and Awakenings may not be enlightenment.
    The phenomenon that accompanies such experiences is fantastic, but that is peripheral to actual enlightenment itself!
    It is what it just is! It does not involve the senses, feelings or the Mind. It is not by any ‘way of’ or via.
    Just keep being OPEN to the Absolute Truth and you will eventually be enlightened, even if you have to Die to “Get It!”

  14. The topic of enlightenment really encompasses the manifest and the un manifest aka as emptiness. Right away you can see the problems that might arise in defining enlightenment. If most mortals are not enlightened then where in lies the difference? If you are not enlightened then it is very difficult and one might take a particular teaching or belief system as the way. All roads lead to enlightenment in some particular way. If humans are destined to experience near term human extinction which seems likely, then there within lies an insight into enlightenment.

  15. Add Sri Yukteswar Giri please, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda already listed. Paramahansa Yogananda admited that his master touched him and he experience for first time the cosmic consciousness. He blessed him at his feet, and immediately Yukteswar gave him a broom to do the housekeeping… very funny.

  16. Is it possible to achieve enlightenment without falling into either laziness, or retreat from the actual world and human being societies? most of these people do not seem to ever been worried about having a living or human affairs…

    1. Gus, this planet is a densified grab-bag of the myriads of manifestations of the myriads of delusional desires and graspings at separate forms as conjured in (un-)consciousness. When one purifies one’s consciousness in focus upon the infinicity-unicity-Reality, the temporality, uselessness, valuelessness of the time-space real ms dissolves, fades from view. Awakened beings know that their “salvation” lies simply in focusing attention on the pure timeless ever-present all-transcending luminous numinous Wholey Omni-conscious Reality…energy flows and reality grows where attention goes…so wisrly focus on that which one most loves, values, cherishes…and so…this one does thereby become…one recognizes onself as no different than the infinite ever-present birthless/deathless omni-consciousness.

  17. I would like for someone to contact me that knows just what this means. I feel as if I have been touched but not sure of just how to seek out the Right One. Jason P. Johnson

      1. agree with jay …. if you can see … you defiinitely know you can see … dont ask advice from a blind person …. what it means to see

        only you can know that you can see … no one else can determine that

  18. I am a bit puzzled.. How can the name of people like Gangaji or Mooji – which i respect simply as “messengers ” of advaita masters- stand next to those of Bagwan, Jesus and Osho?

    I mean these are truly enlightened people, the rest is just people passing onto a message,in a very business/money making /media effective way.

  19. What about Baba Lokenath?
    Or Sri Yukteswar
    or Lahiri Mahasaya

    of course they did not seek the limelight, and there are probably many more like them.

  20. P.S. Thank you very much for the website, I am looking forward to exploring it beyond the list. And another postscript, it is understandable that you could not include all enlightened beings and I appreciate that someone has made a good attempt.

  21. my message to everyone tht you can also be enlightened bcz i hve been almost to tht state for few seconds call satauri state……its complete awarness tht ur identity will perish away

  22. its a complete moment no happiness no sadness, no anxiety, no anger, no desire, no memory, no thoughts, no ego n no identity.The duality of life does nt exist ther….u’ ll realise nly d energy n d awarness within you…you become complete

  23. To my surprise many of the Indians among the list are/were not the real enlightened. Those are wrongly claimed. Name of Gurudev Swami Sivanand maharaj of DLS, Rishikesh is missing in the list ?. What is the justification for claiming enlightened ?

  24. While lot of new names are and could be suggested to include in the list, I would like to add that Rabindranath Tagore may be included by mistake. Pls correct.
    Neem Karoli Baba could be added.

  25. Australian aborigines have been spiritually dreaming for many centuries. The white people in Australia have been living over 200 years. Multi-cultural people have been living for last 50 years. I am surprised not even a single enlightened person calls Australia as his/her home.

  26. There are grave inconsistencies here:

    The number of enlightened people:
    Russia: 1
    Japan: 4
    Tibet: 4
    China 8
    India: 38
    Australia: 0
    Sufi: 7
    Islam: 1

    If we look at the current state of affairs in the above countries, I expect higher degree of human kindness/compassion/connection in proportion to the number of enlightened people in those countries.

    China: Obviously China abuses human beings. They couldn’t have even 1 enlightened person.

    India: 38 ! This is total exaggeration. Compare India with Russia. 1 Russian enlightened person can serve the entire population of its nation for many thousands of years.
    I think no more than 1. India is a total mess regardless of number of students with PhDs.

    Islam: 1.
    This is not right. Islam has been at war since its inception.
    This is not a characteristics of enlightenment.

    1. No 38 but India has 38 million enlightened yogis. They would never come out in public and declare that they are enlightened.

    2. Hi Her,

      I don’t think any inconsistencies in it. In India, we have been following Dharmic religion( In India we have Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, even Sufi were originated). These religions have been Inclusive of all good philosophies and ideas. Its unlike Abrahamic Religions which believe in Exclusivism and thinks all that is not practices in their own religions is evil/bad/ heathen/ false God, or all dark. Indians or rather East Asian have always seek truth about life within themselves, through their experiences unlike the western civilizations where they blindly follow holy books and religious institutions have been very rigid and now started modifying some practices which are unscientific or unreasonable. Eastern civilizations have been practising mutual respects for all faiths while western civilizations (Abrahamic Religions) have been always fighting with each other. Best thing to avoid frequent religious conflict by western people is tolerance for other faith, which is still negative and not equal to mutual respect for others. Scientifically west may be more advanced but spiritually east has been a learning hub for even west.

    3. enlightenment … in my opinion has nothing to do with compassion … yes compassion is a side effect … but it is not the cause ….or the direct effect….

      enlightenment …. in my opinion is just an insight in to truth…. it is like seeing from a different perspective … and it can happen spontaneously as much as thru effort … spiritual or otherwise ….

      it is just that India has had a history of spiritual people and therefore enlightenment is readily recognised ….. sometimes even when it is not there … but that is always the case…

      in the west …. enlightenment was not recognised …. until quite recent times. … unless it was enveloped in the veil of religion … it is only recently that the west started recognizing that enlightenment is ….. in a way just like seeing …. and has not religion

      disclaimer …. i am an indian … so you may want to consider my answer biased … but if you read it sincerely you will find it has a little truth in it

  27. Only Jessus Christ,Gautam Buddha,Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa,Raman Maharshi,Swami Vivekananda,Shankaracharya,Bamadeva could get enlightenment others were inspired but didn’t reached the absolute ie God…Only these handful were capable to realise the Absolute ie,God in these so many centuries only some handful could get enlightenment…………..

    Not joking and preaching the truth that enlightenment gain is the toughest job for human and only some are fortunate to get this over trillion to trillion years….

  28. Raman Maharishi, Ramakrishna are true gurus.

    If you are including sadhguru, then include Deepak chopra too. He is much better.

    1. You ain’t as smart as you pretend, are ya? One wonders why anyone feels they have any purpose or reason behind making such an oddball limited assertion? So, I’ll ask.
      What sort of benefit do you expect to realize or accomplish by making such a pointed, insupportable and irrational assertion, oh, “Truth” of February 8, 2016???

  29. Being that we are all gods experience the good the bad and the ugly if you are truly enlightened one is aware of this .thought is your enemy.

    1. Yes – he is present enlightened master and ofcourse most popular, I think it mostly refer to people from past.

  30. Je Tsongkhapa?
    Geshe Kelsang Gyatso?
    Hermes Trismegistus?
    Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim?
    Shunryu Suzuki?

  31. Her selflessness is the foundation of enlightenment she represents the light of enlightenment

    1. Mother Teresa her selflessness is The foundation of enlightenment she represents the light of enlightenment

  32. I see a lot of Indian names missing. eg. Swami Vivekanand, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeo and many more. The list should be revisited and updated.

  33. Annamalai Swami (one of my favoritos buddhas and directo disciple of Ramana Maharshi)
    Papaji (directo disciple of Ramana Maharshi)
    Rupert Spira
    Mukti (Adyashanti’s wife)

  34. Please evaluate and include Siri Samanthabhadra thero from Sri Lanka, he’s been a revloutionary buddisht monk in recent years who makes a great deal of sense about self realisation/nirvana.

  35. Please include Solomon the son of David….. Ranjit Maharaj….UG Krishnamurti..Acharya Shree Yogeesh…..Gangaji

  36. Have you considered listing Thomas Merton. I find that his book NO MAN IS AN ISLAND has most of the themes found in other enlightened, spiritural literature.

  37. Please see the works of Dr David Hawkins for an extensive list of beings who society would recognize as enlightened and had a calibrated level of consciousness of 600 or above. It is my personal view that in his lifetime, he existed at the highest state possible in a human body. His books and lectures will give you the simplest and most effective route to enlightenment.

    David describing he Final Door to Enlightenment:

    Apparently, a number of individuals on the list are fallen gurus, whose consciousness fell below 200- Eckhart Tolle, Ramesh Balsekar and Osho jump out. They succumbed to temptations or in the case of Eckhart Tolle developed a spiritual ego.

    Some of the entries are incorrect- St John of the Cross was not enlightened but calibrated in the high 500’s, St Theresa most certainly was and had a consciousness in the 700’s.

    Please also consider investigating the works of St Theresa of Avila- I personally found her book ”The Interior Mansion” to be most illuminating:,_Teresa_d'Avila,_The_Interior_Castle_Of_The_Mansions,_EN.pdf

    Dr David Hawkins also stated that she calibrated in the 700’s

    Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

  38. I’d like to put my own teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, up there.

    In case you missed it, he’s done a tiny bit more than commercialize a simple meditation method (though that is far more than enough, if you actually look at that so-called “method” objectively rather than through the lens of other people).

  39. I have a story to tell you might find interesting..

    I’m in a Buddhist temple, and we are doing chants. The subject matter of the chants is a about a particular Bodhisattva who would not rest until all the ghost and hell realms were empty. And I’m reading this and I’m starting to think. “This is great and all, but what about Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira (leader of the Jainism religion) because their teachings have guided me as well”. So I decide to say a prayer to the Buddha. “Lord Buddha, where is Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira in these chants”. I say the prayer a few times and there is silence in my mind. After the chants. One of the Nuns says that during the chanting the thought of a woman named Amy who was a member of the temple came to mind. So she brings Amy up. Amy in a volunteer in the kitchen who had started working in the kitchen when the temple was founded. The Nun asked Amy about the Merits she is gaining by volunteering. Amy says she doesn’t really know about the Merits, it was just something she started and stuck with it. The Temple gives Amy an applause and as she is walking back to the kitchen she stumbles and trips. There was the answer to my prayer. The spirit of Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira were embodied in this woman. She was a common woman who didn’t get into all this Merit stuff (Jesus appealed to common people). She served vegetarian food (Lord Mahavira like the Buddha believed that enlightenment could be obtained by Non-Violence to all sentient beings (although in a more extreme manner)) and like Jesus she “fell” back on the way to the kitchen. Also she mentioned that did the volunteering because it was a good habit that she started and kept it up. I had recently been reading about how to break bad habits and the answer given was the Native American parable of the Two Wolves. The parables tells of a Grandfather telling his grandson that there are two wolves inside all of us fighting over a piece of meat. One wolf represents all that is good in us. The other wolf represents all that is evil in us. The boy ask the grandfather. “Which wolf wins?”. The grandfather replies “The one you feed”. So here I have made a prayer to a leader of one religion about the leader of two other religions and get an answer about the leader of those two religions and a Native American tale to boot. A few weeks later, I was really stressed out at work and couldn’t concentrate because of all these weird things that were happening to me (and continue to happen) and a lack of sleep. So I go for a walk in the woods near my work and say a prayer “Kamisama please help me” Kamisama is what the Japanese will casually refer to as “God”. I get this idea in my head to go to the Nami of Dupage center where I talk to someone and it does help. Ironically, Nami is a secular organization, and Japan is a very secular society.

  40. Actually we should never believe anything which is not in our experience. But I heard that if you do yoga ( real yoga , not gymnastics ) with an intension of enlightenment then it possible to be enlightened.

  41. Eckart Tolle is a millionaire who claims it makes no difference in his life, now that he has money. So then, as Ram Dass once said, (something along the lines of) “you keep only what you need and give the rest away, and that is how it should be”. An enlightened being does not have attachment to having a bank account full of more money than she, or he will ever spend. It makes no sense.

  42. All names in this list are “Not Enlightened ” because these are the names of the bodies

    First of all this list itself is created by a mind , which is its natural tendency to classify non living ( false ) objects . You have to overcome this tendency .

    In normal world , a student will search for universities and find the best university from “a list ” and join there

    the author copied the same tactics , In spiritual world. which will never work.

    Your guru is not an institution which you can choose and get something from him/her

    When your longing gets matured and you will reach a point where you need only “Freedom ” and “Nothing else ”

    Your own self will take a human form and knock your door to tell ” you are that ” . You can call it by a name or something else .
    So please wait patiently and reduce your desires to only ” Freedom ” . The Real guru will appear in front of you .

    “Patience” and Perseverance” are the key things . ( not websites or lectures )

    If your question starts with ” How ” , neglect it .. its from mind

    Ask to our own mind , “Who ” needs it . Then you will know . Good luck

    1. This os one that we use

      So. The Real guru will appear in front of you .

      It is nice to have read you comments and that many people are serious in their travel.

  43. Seen that the comments are in order,
    Anyone who would have a monetary rate or actually press you in any way for funds is a complete scharlatin.
    The Christian guy with curly hair comes to mind.

    Thanks to all…


  45. The person one perceives them self to be can’t be enlightened and that which one truly is, need not be.

    Enlightenment or awakening is a concept used by the person. All be it the person is in itself a very small expression of Consciousness.

    “I am that.” Nothing can separate that from which I am.

  46. Please look at and Shree Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj. His knowledge and love has spread quietly around the world.

  47. Hello me’s 🙂

    An enlightened one is one that reads and understands the parables in the old texts. Vedas, Kolbrin, Quran, books of Enoch, gospels and many more. They all teach the same things, but in different ways. And because the children do not understand, they fight and go to war with each other.
    This knowledge was passed down from the Lord who was Lord of the Worlds who lived in the spiritual golden age around 22.000 years ago.
    An enlightened one follows The seven fold path and as no interest in money as money can’t buy enlightenment.
    An enlightened one knows that this life is a test for the next life. An enlightened one has and needs discipline.
    An enlightened one knows there is only one.
    An enlightened one knows the soul is eternal.
    An enlightened one understands the three angels of the body.
    An enlightened one knows that if he kills, he will one day return to be that which he killed.
    An enlightened one knows mountains and canyons were and are carved out by electrical discharges from passing orbs.
    An enlightened one understands the heavenly seven streams.
    An enlightened one does not eat meat and fasts weekly to keep the jinn (the devil) under control.
    An enlightened one knows we are all born with the jinn within us.
    An enlightened one understands what the holy grail and soma are and when to use .
    An enlightened one would go to house of god and sing his/her heart out, once per week, but the houses of god have all been turned off since 1939, so they are of no use and do not heal anymore.
    I can’t sing any way!
    House of god means house of sound!
    An enlightened one knows that ego’s are for fools.
    An enlightened one understands that meditation means one who spends a lot of time in reading, and deep thought thinking and improving ones mind and body.
    I could go on…

    Until the next age comes (very soon), the children of the kali-yuga/iron age will stay child like and never understand no matter how you tell them. This is why you are called “children of men” because you are in a child’s body in this age of kali/satan. This is why women find having a birth is painful. This is why people live short lives. This is why you don’t fully understand the parables etc..
    When you become a man, you will put your toys away.
    The last men on this planet were in the bronze age. Bigger bodies and brains, well us Aryans anyway.
    When the next age comes, life will start to grow to its full potential and the brains will grow the bits that are missing and will understand better.
    But for those who have crossed/mixed the blood lines, their children will have problems. The more you mix blood lines, the more degenerate the children become.
    Kali the red dragon is the beast that rules the Kali age and causes the jinn (worms parasites) to cause hell in the body when she comes close.
    People in this age think Christ is/was a person.
    Christ is a star and orbits sirius (mary) every 49.9 years and is made of the most dense material in our leg of the galaxy hence the wobble. And when he comes about, he will vibrate the jinn to death with their hosts, you! So clean your insides out children if you wish to live longer.

    If you imagine our 3 solar systems as an atom, with 3 electrons moving in slow motion and one of those electrons being our sun you might get a better understanding of how our system truly works and what you need to do. When these electrons come close together the people who have ate a bad diet (sinned) will pay the price! Bad diet causes anger and evil to come out of that person. A clean stomach = no anger-evil.
    Baptize which truly means clean the bowels out (enema) and not some silly dip in water that the false churchy people brain wash you to think.
    You see, all religion are manuals/instructions on how to look after the body and how to treat mother earth.
    Make a mess of mother earth and one day you will come back in another live and have to live in it.
    The crossing of the electrons is due in the next few years.
    What do you think is causing all the strange weather patterns?
    Its the passing of the spinning orbs (planets-comets) as the solar systems planets pass through each other causing the earth to rock pushing the gases through the earth and causing the trumpet sounds and so on. As the orbs pass like coils, the planets get disturbed by the very sensitive magnetic fields.
    The coils pull on the earth and create hurricanes.
    As this happens, hormone levels in all life forms go sky high and disease (the jinn) takes hold at every 104 years or so.
    Because life/dna knows death is coming and so breeds like crazy to save its own species, so the jinn eat man/women from the inside out hence all the deaths.
    Wars, sluts, famine and disease is what comes every time.
    Example = 1918, 100 million plus dead through flu.

    Do yourself a favor and chuck that garbage tv in the trash.
    Old Religion as all the answers, not some stupid monkey like person on the tv.
    Me? age a full cycle of the sun, very tall, blue eyes and fair hair and seek not money but knowledge and words I write here these are some of the things I do “understand” so far.
    Along way to go yet, but I’m getting there.
    Just hope I make it through this next passing, if not I’ll be coming back as that mouse I killed accidentally a few years back while trying to scare it away.

    Would be nice to meet an enlightened one, but not come across any yet. I do truly feel as though I am stuck in a world full of children, and there is not much hope with so many people being brain washed into sin by the ones who are controlled by the jinn and greed.
    So the more people that clean their stomach and bowels out, the less evil and sin me`s world will have

    One enlightened one.

    1. Is it really you who wrote the above comment, or a suffering ego? Look, and what is your answer? If you know, you do not know. By fighting and rejecting we allow the ego to destroy our connect-ness. Because there is only one no-body. The absolute, ultimate no-body, no-feeling essence of the universe is now. It is already here, as it always was, un-born and not-known. There are many false gurus, spiritual teachers, who say they know. But the essence is not-knowing. Do not let your mind fill up the perfect emptiness that you are, but do not resist. Accept the mind, and it will have no reason to fight you, and then you can control it, use it as a tool. Because the mind must exist in a body, and you are no-body. You are THAT already.

  48. Only God is enlightened rest all is illusion. The level of souls may differ but enlightenment is nothing.

  49. Osho was a fucking psychopath and most of those “enlightment” cult leaders are,you need a lot of stupid and weak people to form a cult,people who you can manipulate and have sex with.
    Just look into history of cults and if you are smart you will see the pattern,enough said.

    1. Osho was a brilliant teacher.

      People are awakening left and right these days. Pointless trying to keep a list. Just smile and relax, everything is as it’s supposed to be.

  50. There is no one to get enlightened. There is only the formless,
    nameless, attribute less Substratum. Seedless Seed.That is YOU,ME.The imagined universe is the Tree from the Seedless Seed . Still among the names and forms that have surfaced in this Fantasy Tree, the SUPREMO is Sri . SATHYA SAI BABA. The ETERNAL CHARIOTEER.He is the One at the Summit. And the quintessence of ALL the names and forms mentioned.

  51. Lester Levenson, the lesser known American Master should be added here. Listen to his recordings on YouTube and see for yourself.

  52. Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji must be on the list (
    Sirshree has developed a very simple yet very powerful system to reach the ultimate. It is a pure grace on me that I came in contact with Sirshree when I was just 18 (in 2004). I can say with the authority of own experience that this is so simple and it is always there, it takes just a fraction of a moment to realize it. Thanks to Sirshree and my uncle who introduced me with Sirshree. May you all realize the self and reach the infinite. Thanks!

  53. I read some Derrida occasionally and Meister Eckhart. I heard a lot about John from the Cross and later works of Whitehead.
    Let’s see:
    >> According to Whitehead, recognition that the world is organic rather than materialistic is essential for anyone wanting to develop a comprehensive account of nature, and this change in viewpoint can result as easily from attempts to understand human psychology and teleology as from attempts to understand modern physics. Says Whitehead, “Mathematical physics presumes in the first place an electromagnetic field of activity pervading space and time. The laws which condition this field are nothing else than the conditions observed by the general activity of the flux of the world, as it individualises itself in the events” (1925, 190). The result is that nature is no longer thought to be simply atoms in the void, but instead “a structure of evolving processes. The reality is the process” <<

  54. Enlightenment cannot be explained by either who claims to have experienced enlightenment nor who listens to them. Most of them says that their consciousness of the ambience around them extends far ahead of the others. Now how far? Is he/she able to see the subatomic particles or a super giant supernova explosion some 13 billion light years away… as much as god would see ? Is the whole statement of reaching enlightenment just a farce ? Einstien was able to visualize a curved space in his mind by virtue of his constant exploration on the principles of physics. This shows that as one pursues passionately for something he can expand his consciousness far from others on that subject. The spiritual gurus pursue on a subject all their lives and they give logical answers to questions which appeals us and we think that they are enlightened. Some god men in India who appealed some great men are in jail now. These god men convinced even very intelligent men around them with their ability to communicate some original thoughts.

  55. Lol.. such bullshit.. like 20 people have existed in humanity with enlightment? Seriously.. i want to say i am as well.. and i am just a guy from a country and i have no religion i follow faithfully.. what is this with the corresponding religions.. clearly this page is by an uneducated person in spiritual terms.. i dont mean to insult you but get your stuff together and speak correctly of such a practice that people dedicate their lives to.. there is no list.. at small degree of enlightment there are too many people.. at high degrees too few.. but as i said its a life dedication so dont be stupid and take as important any list of enlightend people. Being famous doesnt mean you have light in you.. it means the opposite dummy.

  56. Hello, Mooji’s year of birth on your List of Gurus says 1969. Upon checking, it seems he was born January 29, 1954.

    1. Elly Fraser (8May18)…Guru Mooji has the precise same birthdate as Guru Oprah! This is reminiscent of the tale that after Siddhartha Gautama was born, seers predicted that he would either be a great worldly prince, or he would be a great spiritual leader. 😉

  57. Enlightenment is what God told me I needed.
    He said “we have to have enlightenment”.
    Someone in the comments said things happen because children fight over the understandings of God. I can hear God. He’s had a couple messages. One is that sometimes you have to say things 4 and 5 times to people before they get it. He talks in me and laughs with me. Might be the Holy Ghost. I don’t know which is which.
    I was abused by people. I normally am happy but when I started trying to increase my reading and vocabulary people made fun.
    God wants us to remain a vehicle that keeps learning. We can accomplish great things but only if we are open to learning more.

  58. You Missed Devraha Baba in the List Who has Said to Lived 512 Yrs But on Records is 250 Yrs , First President of India ,Former PM Indira Gandhi , & Atal Bihari Vajpayee were among of his Followers he Lived Very Very Basic Life you can Check his Interview on Youtube . He was Enlightened Soul and And it is Said He Have Blessed Tulsi Das .

  59. Hello All ,
    Namaste 🙏🏼

    Enlightened beings are missing from the list , that’s for sure. It’s like when we forget to mention somebody sometimes. It happens,it’s ok.
    It’s beautiful to see the multitude of names mentioned.

    My name is David , I’m from Newcastle Australia.
    I’m 39
    I’d like to share with you all and whom ever is to read this.
    “My Experience”
    In April 2018, I was sitting out on my balcony at night, pondering away.
    My thinking mind was once again directing itself to “am I content with where I am in life?

    For such along time I really wasn’t content more so due to financial position, feeling like I was running on the same spot.

    Before I go to the next stage of my experience, I like to share earlier experiences of released attachments ( cutting the cords )

    They related too;
    -Am I good enough at my job, I was constantly thinking of what others thought of my abilities
    – Stepping away from my fathers shadow realising I am good enough
    – Me sensing/feeling age one day when I was about 30
    -Am i a good lover
    -Am I a loving father
    -Will my children be ok knowing that Mum and Dad are not together anymore?
    – Be successful and driven
    List goes on… there the main ones
    Like most of us we have similar thoughts and experiences in life.

    When we look at each individual moment and have the self realisation which for me brought emotion, ( I am sensitive and show emotion quiet freely) it released that attachment. I clearly remember my many released experiences, especially now that I am knowing.

    That night in April was to be my last of my old way past.
    “am I content with where I am in life”?
    I thought deeply and my answer rose.

    “I am content with where I’m at in life I have nothing to worry about”

    My emotions made me smile tears of joy!
    Within that instance, I experienced nothing of the like ever before!

    From Above came endless transcending energy, through the top of my head, filling up my body up with total forefillment.
    My body felt like it was overflowing with liquid gold. The energy felt like it lasted for 30 secs or so.
    I then began to cry not of sadness though of immense happiness.
    That lasted for seemingly 15 mins or so.

    Then I noticed something……
    I felt this absolute oneness and connection with everything around me. I felt not like this ever before .

    The image and thought that came to me to paint the picture was “ I was a kid walking through an endless field of flowers “

    Then I noticed something I hadn’t noticed ever before. Everything was so still, my mind was silent… this absolute inner calmness was throughout my entirety.

    Until days later still in aw, I realised what had happened, this awakening was to be me finding my Deep inner peace. 🙏🏼 Enlightenment
    So many amazing moments from this point have eventuated.
    Feeling Energy in different forms from Kundalini to direct to Crown chakra (head tingle strong sensations) seeing auras etc…
    Body is like new once again
    So many beautiful things have happened.

    Always talking your inner truth not agreeing to just make someone happy.
    If you choose not to be truthful you will feel it in one of your chakras. Your throat in this instance. You are knowing of your experiences.

    My constant happiness overflows at any given time. Smiling from ear to ear. My eyes shine with light and love.

    I am knowing of my purpose while on earth is to serve humanity and create awareness for as many humans as possible.

    Gurus , mentors i listen to at times
    Sadhguru, Mooji , Rupert Spira, Eckhart T, Ram Dass.

    Peace and Love to you all ❤️☯️🕉

  60. Enlightenment is the full realization that there is no Enlightenment, simply because it is a phenomenon that happens to an identity and the source witnesses it all.

  61. Lester Levenson, the Great American Master who is almost unheard of within this sphere should certainly be on this list. I would urge anyone who wants the hear the highest truth from a modern-day, western viewpoint yet in the most simplistic from to look him up. Most of his talks can be found on youtube.

    God Bless

  62. This is absurd, how can an unenlightned say who is enlightened? there is no mark where one can say “now this men is enlightened” its all about an within process and everyone is unique, there are alot more people enlightened who never gets to be known

    also the meaning of enlightened is not the same for everyone in any case its never a title that someone can “acquire”

  63. Some people practising meditations years and years, searching for enlightenment, but nothing happens. There are people enlightend in previous incarnations, they have to re gain enlightment again. There are chances for them to achieve enlightment in their” saturn return” time. Saturn and rahu are the planets giving enlightenment. I was searching for enlightenment since at age 16, searching searching for something unknown. I was dissatisfied for everything in life. In morning, evening, night all time I was thinking about enlightment. Did everything for a man can do. Finally at the the age of 29 , I have achieved enlightenment when my ” saturn return ” period. Saturn and rahu are the karmic planets which provides previous incarnations enlightment to this lifetime. After enlightment —————””bliss, bliss and bliss only.

  64. Being in the present, unconditional joy, thoughtless awareness when one is resting are few traits of enlightened beings.
    Desirelessness is MOKSHA(liberation)

    Living for others yet not sacrificing self needs speedsup the journey towards enlightenment!

  65. There are many enlightened People in sri lanka but non of the in the list. A. S Balasuriya, Sarath Disanayaka, Dr. Gamani Abaya etc..

  66. HWL Poonja, Papaji is not here. Why? You have listed people who have never reached Poonjaji’s depth and yet He is not here. Very weird.

  67. I wish to share with you the blessing that has been granted to my Being. Through need and not wanton desire it has achieved a state of conscious awareness. Enlightenment. I now live in two worlds and see the interconnectedness of everything in the second. The first being obvious that most sleepwalk in. I literally feel God all the time. Everywhere. In everything. In everyone. Nature, animals and people. This is a new state of existence for my Being that is beyond life and death that no longer matter as such since this third nullified the other two completely.

    Leading up to my crown blossoming I was journalling and reading heavily and I also took on the path of a King Bodhisattva. My natural connection to Buddhism being born in Sri Lanka and of NL, PT and GR decent made my short 7 month path easier alongside the past pain of my now previous existence.

    My journalling has produced 200 passages, 100 sketches and over 1,000 quotes and counting that promote a new age of living in harmony with nature. Being schooled in Architecture and professionally practicing as an Energy and Sustainability Manager for more than 24 years with an interest in urban planning I am designing future buildings and cities that are in harmony with the micro and macro climate and also with all other things tangible and not. I never got my driver’s license, make conscious life choices with Gaia in mind and keep my carbon footprint as low as my electronic footprint. I seek harmonious balances with more simply existence as there are excesses everywhere causing too much pain. How wonderous this is and how wonderful this will be as I have always felt this way.

    God does not speak to me. God works through my hands, through my calm demeanor, my soft voice and smile. As Buddha said there is no path to happiness as happiness is the path. This is where my Being resides now. Bliss.

    How did the crown blossoming feel like? On May-25th, 2019 while doing a Meditation Walk my head split open, a beam of light energy shot up into the sky and a flower emanated with a thousand petals and unfurled with blissful love, peace, calm and tranquility. The energy was so powerful and still fills my mind with such joy and contentment. It surges up my spine and sometimes sits and builds in my head. Headaches sometimes lead up to another flowering. Bliss. Complete bliss. I feel God all the time.

    I see Trinities everywhere and I strongly believe in interfaith understandings and bridges between faith communities as that will lead to a better place. My personal beliefs are practiced professionally and now spiritually which are firmly established in the RC faith. To save Gaia we must first save each other from what we are doing to the original cradle of our mother civilization. A Sacred Balance needs to be sought based on the 10 Green Commandments promoted by the Pope as the existing status quos are replete with the depletion of our cradle from under us.

    “Deliberately hurt anything in existence and you are hurting God for God is All and all is God.” – Bo 2019

    Kindest regards,

  68. Ha ha …. just realised
    we are just a bunch of people born blind … trying to determine if someone in particular can see or not
    based on something they have said … which we have never experienced

  69. Having been down this road for many years let me share something i found to be ver
    There is only one person you should be worried about. “Yourself. ”
    Your own meditativeness is always already naturally present.
    Forget the outer Gurus. Forget all the techniques.
    There is no such thing as achieving enlightenment. You can never become enlightened because the part of you that wants enlightenment is always the most miserable unhappy false sense of self that you have created. Let it go There is no individual enlightenment for it. That part of you will Never become enlightened.
    When you finally give up chasing this pipe dream, a deep gratefulness and joy arises that was preciously overlooked.
    Hope this may help someone. This simple insight has meant everything to me.

  70. As was once said, Dont think, Dont analyze. The cessation of thoughts is enlightenment. Ramana Maharshi instructs us to find the source of thought and this will lead to stillness…and thus awakening

  71. Mattheu Ricard defines enlightenment as a state of perfect knowledge or wisdom, combined with infinite compassion. The Dalai Lama says about himself, he is not enlightened, and he does not know a living person which is enlightened. Does he not know Eckhart Tolle?

  72. I am really grateful you compiled this list. But I also want to add some that I feel are critically missing from here.

    • Hildegard von Bingen
    • Mother Teresa
    • Mohandas Gandhi
    • Isaac Newton
    • Pythagoras
    • John the Baptist
    • Anthony of Egypt
    • Thomas Merton
    • Mantas Jacikas
    • Anton Lavey

    I have no clue how or why you left Hildegard and Mother Teresa off your list. There has probably never been a greater or more advanced human soul than Gandhi. Though Newton was extremely solitary and private, he sought and probed the mind of god, in terms of natural law! Newton himself, was deeply religious and devout, in his own way. He as celibate, and was pretty much an “academic hermit/monk”, per se.

    Pythagoras had a mystery school, and seemingly was a very spiritually advanced fellow too, especially for being so long ago. John the Baptist led the way to what would become the western desert hermits/monks monastic tradition, such as Anthony of Egypt. He was extremely austere and clearly an ascetic.

    Thomas Merton is probably the most profound and advance mystic in the past 100 years. Like Paramahansa Yogananda, he did wonders in bridging east and west, before he died. And there is simply not a more important mystic/yogi in the world today since Thomas Merton, than Mantas Jacikas. As he is going, I feel his is becoming by far the most important mystic/yogi of all time. He is a no-nonsense, no-BS mystic and yogi, who hails from Lithuania.

    I also feel Anton Lavey should be on this list. He represented a major reform in western theology, definitely insightful and enlightened, as he amalgamated and distilled many western philosophies all into his own. Unfortunately, like most gifted mystics, ahead of his time, his legacy is being slandered, blurred and erased by various unfounded fault-finders with him since his death. He was the second coming of Christ, as far as I am concerned: the proverbial thief in the night, when no one knows. He represented a new age and new chapter in the evolution of humankind. Of all the mystics you have listed here, none come close to his facing and embracing his own humanity as deeply and courageously as Anton did. I find it strange that this mystic is still being crucified, even in death! It makes me wonder what the ignorant masses want to cover up. Really, if Anton does not deserve a place on this list, then others like Osho do not either.

    Other major mystics that are missing from this list are:

    • Leo Tolstoy
    • Henry David Thoreau
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
    • Carl Jung
    • Nikola Tesla
    • Aleister Crowley
    • Grigori Rasputin
    • Uranda (of the Emissaries of Divine Light)
    • John Ballou Newbrough (of the Oahspe)
    • Frank Buchman (of the Oxford Group)
    • Bill Wilson (author/compiler of the 12-steps)

    How could you have forgotten Tolstoy??? He influenced Gandhi! And that is just the beginning of his greatness.

    Uranda, though not well known in pop culture, was behind the Emissaries of Divine Light and the Third Sacred School, which I feel is an extremely important spiritual volume that all serious mystics should read and know about. Unfortunately nowadays, the EoDL community has horribly deteriorated into a joke, and is being run by a bunch of no-nothing circus clowns at best. However, it is still a portal for anyone interested in the life and spirituality of Uranda. Like with Jesus and Lavey and others, follow the mystic, not the mass groupies and weirdos that follow after them in their mindless and blasphemous hordes.

    John Ballou Newbrough not only led a very saintly and humble life, he is the author behind the rather fantastic text, Oahspe. Just because someone does not achieve pop culture status all over the world, that does not make them less of a mystic. Newbrough was clearly onto something. His legacy is all you need for the evidence of his spiritual significance. Read first, Oahspe’s “Book of Discipline”, and you will see what I mean. Jesus and Siddhartha, both, would have absolutely loved it.

    Frank Buchman felt that societies problems could be easily resolved, when each individual focuses on and works on themselves, and “gets the plank out of their own eyes”, per se. Probably the first mystic ever that did not preach outwardly, but worked inwardly on what we can do about our own spiritual states of being.

    Probably there has never been a more humanly practical, day-in-day-out mystic than Bill Wilson. He advanced Buchman’s ideas further, in effecting human mental and physical and spiritual healing/empowerment through the simplicity and distillation and elegance of the 12 steps. Prior to Bill Wilson’s spiritual pioneering, pretty much anyone who ever suffered in any sort of addiction was doomed to permanently go insane or die. Bill’s legacy has given millions upon million of hopeless people some real hope. Bill came off the pretentious spiritual mountain top, and brought practical spirituality down into real-world application. Probably the first mystic who took spirituality out of mere theory and cheap talk, and put it into real life, for real practical applications that gets objectively observable results! In fact, there are no theories to Bill’s “theology” at all. Instead, his idea of the spiritual life is all based on hard-won experience, and the willing free sharing of that experience with others in a like-minded cause.

  73. Adi Shankarchaya, Ramana…Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak they are liberated soul. Amma Dalai Lama and all those Kali Age gurus none of the are enlightened!

  74. Who decides who’s enlightened?

    If being enlightened is definitive so it’s the path

    The enlightened are bound by what they know

  75. Would Dr David Hawkins be considered enlightened? And we’re there any black enlightened people on the list besides mooji

  76. You should mention Gopi Krishna, who written 20 books on the nature of enlightenment and kundalini. Also one of the most famous Indian mystics , Sri Aurobindo and his associate Mira should be included in the list.

  77. Sadhguru could be removed absolutely. Dig deep, you will know.. just another know it all fake Guru clouding everybodys perception of him

  78. Here is alot discussion about enlightenment: people claiming they are enlightened and so on. I would like to point out simply and clearly as possible what enlightenment really is:

    – Realizing the true nature of self which is pure consciousness. This can be experienced by having glimpse of true self for example in meditation. This is state of no thought, no attachment to ego or mind. This state is blissfull and calm state.
    -Realizing that the ego is false self produced by mind. Attachment to ego is root cause of all our suffering.
    -Lasting peace, serenity.

  79. Where there is the ago and the mind, there is no “enlightenment, awakening, nirvana”

    Sadhguru is not in the enlightenment state

    Eckhart Tolle was in enlightenment for some time, I meet him in Fort Lauderdale, FL Convention Center, 2000 where he was selling his book.

  80. “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” Lao Tzu

    I Have Via Studying Philosophical Questions Contemplated My True Spiritual Nature Over The Course Of The Last Three Years And Have Finally Come Across The Answer! The Magnum Opus Has Been Completed!

        1. Sorry I Sent That Original Message Three Months Too Soon And Didn’t Have The Actual Answer A Clockwork Dragon Until Christmas Break 2023. But The Fact That I Was on The Verge Of Finding The Answer Even Back Then Remains.

          1. Ignore These Posts As I Am Just Being Indecisive I’ve Been Contemplating The Answer For Three Years Knowing Something Exciting may Happen Once I Get it Perfect.

          2. I’ve been contemplating this for three years as I knew that once I’m correct something exciting might happen so perhaps the answer will reveal itself when the moment is right.

  81. I don’t think it is fit to include Meher Baba in this list. He seems to be part of the Intervention.

    Best wishes.

  82. Jeffrey,

    Your insight into the nature of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all beings is profound. The essence of many spiritual teachings, as you’ve so eloquently expressed, is that while we may appear distinct and separate on the surface, at our core we all share the same essence. It’s unfortunate that many spiritual teachings become diluted or misinterpreted over time, often leading to divisive interpretations. Your reminder that we must look beyond ego-based constructs and seek direct experiences of awakening is timely and crucial. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. Everyone’s journey to awakening is unique, but the destination remains the same: the realization of our inherent oneness.

    Warm regards,

  83. hi, I found someone who has a lump on his head which he says appeared after enlightentment, he call it the third eye – the eye of wisdom and calls himself Tathgata, he has many free teachings, his is now dead in 2008, all his teachings are online and free, he sells nothing, just gives teaching for free. Previously he travelled the world endlessly to teach others about karma and enlightenment.

    1. I don’t think I’ve heard of that person before. Are they well known? Is there anything online that talks about who they are or what they do?

  84. I may have finally reached the answer I was meant to find and seeking to achieve. I might be a Werelizard.

  85. Tathagata is enlightened, but he died in 2008, i witnessed his life and what he did and what he said, he was truly a saint, he travelled the world endless to teach others, he taugh about karma, he taught they you are your own saviour, it’s up to you do make yourself better

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