Marshall Vian Summers Quotes About The World

“Remember me and remember what I have given you. The Creator has given me the mission of preparing humanity for the Greater Community. Share this mission with me.”

“Part of preparing for the Greater Community is to become strong and the source of our strength is Knowledge. It is beyond our social conditioning and all that has intervened in our minds already.”

“We have to bring the New Message out into every country, wherever it is possible. Its both a race against the great waves, and a race against the intervention.”

“We are here for the world, not for our comfort only.”

“The Intervention and the growing chaos in the world will strengthen your commitment to Knowledge and your preparation. God has given the preparation. There is no other way to prepare.”

“Everyone needs the reality of Knowledge and to learn about the Greater Community and the Great Waves of Change whether this is their calling or not. The New Message is not only for the elect.”

“Humanity’s freedom and destiny is now on the line. That is why the New Message from God is here now. That is why you are here now.”

“The tragedy of the world and people’s blindness can be overwhelming and discouraging. Therefore, we turn to Knowledge for strength, purpose and direction. Knowledge has no illusions about the world, therefore it is free to serve.”

“If you are going to tell people about the truth in the world, you have to tell them about truth within themselves. Truth resonates with truth.”

“Time is of the essence, I must find the first adopters. Then the second and then the third will follow in time.”

“Extreme weather events in the US have increased five fold since 1980. Remind people of the reality of the Great Waves growing. Don’t assume that people really understand the gravity of the Great Waves.”

“Let us remember that the New Message from God is here to prepare you for living in a “new world” of environmental and economic change and for facing the Greater Community. It is here to teach you how to live with Grace and power for this purpose. Know the purpose and the need for the power and Grace becomes obvious.”

2 thoughts on “Marshall Vian Summers Quotes About The World”

  1. I still don’t understand. Do not enlightened people know “the world” and “humanity” and “weather” are all illusion? Are these not just thought forms? No more real than the thoughts that transit through our minds, at least for most, continuously?
    Im missing something here.

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