“If you are aware that you are a nobody and you act out your role, this is enlightenment.”

Is Sadhguru a businessman or a yogi? One can be forgiven for posing the question. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. We mean this in the best possible way. Successful businesspeople have a talent for getting things done in the world. Spiritual enlightenment is about contributing the gifts you came here to give. Lazy enlightened masters can learn a thing or two from this enterprising guru!

Sadhguru became enlightened at a very young age. With this came a distinct memory – an uncompleted task lingering in the deepest reaches of his mind. A promise to build a certain kind of temple had to be fulfilled. It was his master’s dream that it be so, many lifetimes ago. And so he did it. One of the many projects he’s put his name on. Perhaps the most impressive is Project Greenhands with nearly 18 million trees planted.

Greening the landscape is a gift that will bear fruit for generations, but this cannot compare with being a conduit of Spirit. Stirring the embers and keeping the fire of Spirit alive in the world is the greatest gift anyone could ever give. It brings everyone a little closer to Home. Consequently, the bulk of Sadhguru’s work focuses on spiritual matters.

Kriya yoga is Sadhguru’s chosen spiritual practice. His teachings are dispensed through the Inner Engineering program. He charges a great deal of money for it, too. Money is a useful tool for getting things done in the world, but it’s unfortunate that his core spiritual practice is only reserved for those who can afford it. Where would the world be if Buddha charged for his teachings? Humanity’s spiritual advancement is too important to do this.

Are you looking to purchase your very own guru? Sadhguru might be exactly what you are looking for. However, before you pull out your credit card please consider the following. A guru’s true role is to reorient you to the source of truth found within yourself. Spirit is the real master. Do you really need a guru? As Marshall Vian Summers says, a tree growing within the shade of another tree will never grow as tall.

There is no doubt that a spiritual practice is immensely helpful for the genuine spiritual seeker. The world owes Sadhguru a debt of gratitude for teaching kriya yoga. He’s also a wonderful demonstration of how contribution and enlightenment go hand in hand. We thank him for his gifts but regret that his spiritual practice has been turned into a business enterprise.

Enlightenment Story

One afternoon, I rode up Chamundi Hill in Mysore city and went to a particular rock – a huge rock which was my usual place – and sat there with my eyes open. After a few minutes, I didn’t know where I was. Till that moment, like most people, I always thought this is me and that is someone else. But for the first time I did not know what is me and what is not me. What was me was spread all over the place. I thought this madness lasted for 5 to 10 minutes but when I came back to my normal way of being, four-and-a-half hours had passed. I was sitting right there, fully conscious, eyes open. I sat there at around 3:00 in the afternoon. It was 7:30 in the evening when I came out of it. For the first time in my adult life, tears were flowing to a point where my shirt was completely wet… read Sadhguru’s enlightenment story.



Project Greenhands


Isha Foundation

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  1. I agree that spiritual masters should not charge for their basic, core spiritual teaching. Charging for extra stuff is not really a problem, is it? Money is a useful commodity. For instance, I know that Sadhguru sells various organic herbs for medicinal purposes. If that money is put to good use, while at the same time helping people who need these herbs, I think that’s good.

    I wish he didn’t charge for his yoga teaching though. Would it hurt to make the basic teaching freely available on the web? I do find it a bit greedy. If his ambition is to help humanity thrive spiritually, then first and foremost this should be free.

    1. It’s better to not comment on someone or something you haven’t experienced yourself. He charges different fees for different regions. If you want it for free, you can go to the rural India.. He gives it for free there. If he doesn’t charge, how can he run things? Who would fund him? How would he book a hall to conduct his programs? And also it’s not unaffordable. One doesn’t even need to be rich to be able to afford his programs. The charges are nominal when you take in consideration the cost of the hall, food and other stuff.

      If you really want to know what I’m saying, you enroll yourself for Inner Engineering. I can guarantee you that you will come back and delete your comment.

        AND EVEN 70% of our GURU’s work is in rural area and is free.
        People can invest LAKHS in the education their children for just physical survival and cannot pay a decent fee for the facilities provided during a life transforming program.

      2. 100% Agree. I felt the same until I realised he doesn’t use the money to enrich himself, but to help the less fortunate. Think of it as a donation to the less well off and it will sit better with you. I think Sadhguru is just far more practical than most spiritual teachers, for example the way he engages social media to spread a message of hope,

    2. There are no. of volunteers working in Isha centre and outside. He runs schools and many other things for the poor and the needy. They feel heaps of people everyday. All this require money, huge amount of money. You should watch some of his videos where he answers such questions on the need of charging money. This money is used for the well being of those who cant even afford the basic neccesseties of life.

  2. I have seen this man (on yourtube) claim that he can detect poison in water by the direction in which a rudraksha mala revolves when suspended above the water. He has also claimed that he can read and control minds.

    Sadhguru is not enlightened. He is a fraud and a charlatan.

    1. Buddy there is difference between siddhi and enlightenment .
      Lord Buddha went to forest then he got enlightened and this person sat on the stone and got enlightened. He may posses psychological power that does not mean he is enlightened and look at that the way he waste people money on racing track and riding helicopter.

      1. He went to forest as we.. Read his complete biography & you will know his experiences of forest. I don’t know whether he is enlightened or not but he is definitely something special.

    2. So who exactly is enlightened that is accessible to the general public… that one doesn’t have to live naked in a cave with ask in their body to show they know they are not important. As ovipositor you have a computer and live in a country where 2/3dsof your income doesn’t go to internet. So who exactly have you found that’s enlightened. Adyashanti, the guy who talks about reality being a blanket of threads that he can pick out individual threads and pull them and make mariculture happen or that spiritual power is easy and so etching you leave behind while selling books and excepting donations world wide, or how about e-card tolay, ha ha ha. Or how about ram das, maybe you think the people who started spirit rock are enlightened or wait you’ve never heard of that and now that you read it you think it is well they are making money and living in nice houses in marin county.

      All and all you really don’t have any idea what your talking about or what your looking for. It’s ok your still seeking but do t crap on others path. Becouse garinteed I or anyone with half a brain could crap in anyone if you put them under a microscope. Being enlightened has nothing to do with any kind of morality or perfection all of that kind of stuff Is completely imaginary and not reluctant in any way.

    3. He never claims that he can control minds of people. It is you who interpret that way. And detecting poison or any substance that is against the life has many wayts – rudraksh is just one of them – you come to me and I will teach you more.

    4. Even you can do that. If the rudraksh is genuine, it will move clockwise, anti-clockwise and to & fro according to the nature of the substance ut has been put above.
      He never said he can do it, he demonstrated one of the many uses of a Rudraksh mala.

    5. Please don’t bring your biased and unfounded claims here too. He never claimed that he can control minds, he definitely said that he can read (if he wants) (One famous historical example is Goraknath reading the mind of his fellow disciple to learn the whereabouts of his guru). And he also said that thoughts (to extent of whole philosophies) can be planted one’s mind, but never said he can control minds.

      If you have doubts about rudraksh mala’s behavior, you can experiment and see before barking foul. I have done it and it works as he claimed.

      Replies to comments by funded radicals or idiots will be of no consequence to them. This comment is for people who are interested in what it is, not for fanatics or idiots.

  3. Sadhguru is a successful businessman and a real yogi!
    His business is to make the wold a better place for us. Asking money and donation to reach your beautiful goals shows that you are a smart person. You pay a small amount for his teaching but what you receive you cannot buy with money. Besides he spends even more money for good goals than money he asks for his teachings.
    Please listen to his more than 200 free videos on youtube… listen carefully and then make comments!

  4. Come on guys lets be practical, we are not in the times where kings supported the spiritual master to offer his/her teachings to the world. Every single infrastructure needed to transmit this great science needs money and who will pay all this.
    Even there a is a free meditation Isha Kriya available free online.
    But to learn more it definitely requires money also,
    In today’s world people don’t value things for what it is, everything is valued only if they pay a price to it and hence there is no commitment from individual to use such transforming tool. Until this change happens in people there is no point offering such a transforming tool free.
    Best way to know his teaching is to experience his programs and do his practices at least for 2 months to see what it can do to us.

    1. Hi John,

      thank you for being a voice of reason in this group of haters that have never applied the wisdom – nor have applied for a scholarship to get the wisdom for free or a significant discount 🙂

      inner engineering changed my life… every person I meet who has actually completed the program says the same… no one is denied the education that can prove they want it and need the help to obtain it.

      the income created goes right back into helping millions of children and people and the planet….

      sadhguru is an incredible entrepreneur and yogi

      1. Indeed, fully agree. In one of his videos (I thnk he explained why he embraced social media), he said that in time of Buhhha you could reach a few hundred people. Now you can reach the entire planet, but that requires money! It’s just as simple as that. How can you be a spiritual master and spread a message if you can’t even pay for an internet connection!

  5. Also in todays world if you dont make it as an enterprise it doesnt reach out to many people. So many enlightened beings lived in this planet and left us unnoticed. It is not that they are anything less but when it comes to offer to masses and reach out to many people, they have to choose to make it a business enterprise, then we will make such comments and belittle whats been offered. So they didn’t choose to do….at the end who is the looser not them only us.
    In the world today there are more number of people who can afford to pay and take this program …and to reach out to them money is needed…becaz they need comfortable venue, internet, advertisement,…and so on….. If the proportion of affordable people increase, offering it to the poor will definitely happen. I have seen already he is offering free classes in rural parts of India.

  6. BTW- hats off to the admin of the site, list of enlightened ones seems pretty close if not accurate, am also a seeker so I can’t be sure of anything.

  7. SHO never said anything against enlightened ones, he in fact elaborated and explained to the seekers what the masters wanted to communicate. kabir, Paltu, Daria, Nanak, Krishna, Mahavir, adi shankaracharya, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Ashtavakra, Bosdhi dharma, Lautzu, Gurjief…….many more, I got to understand them all thru OSHO….guys u can only be deff n blind if u get deceived by these cheaters, rest is ur choice, my two cents, beloved, God bless you.

  8. Practices taught by Sadhguru in my experience have been the very powerful and life changing. I am truly grateful to Sadhguru for everything.

    Please do practices before concluding about such a beautiful guru who is with us in present times.

  9. Osho the guy with over 90 rolls royces known to invest money in material luxuries saying “he hoped everyone could experience luxury so then they would tire of it”… he didn’t ask he followers to invest in schools, education or anything else to help the poorest people. He instead took and invested in himself… anyone who understands the universe can explain the wisdom of the cosmos… but just because they can speak the words of the divine… they must also stand up and show with their actions… I used to love his wisdom, until I read his history….

    1. I think Osho has another purpose for doing that – to gain worldwide media attention so more people can be aware of his teaching and gain true wisdom (how do I know this – I stayed at the ashram and people who were close to him told me). Imagine if he’s telling the media that an Indian man is talking about meditation – who will be interested, who will care? I believe he’d rather been misunderstood than being ignored by the world. Don’t judge so quickly, there are often good reaons behind just the surface.

  10. He is real. I know from experience over many years. If you’re truly seeking no need to look a second further. You just hit the jackpot

  11. more than 70 % of his work is done in rural india . which is absolutely free . now to make it available free of charge to poors he charges rich . so that is good

  12. Sadhguru is definitely not enlightened. I watched loads of YouTube videos and in one he is clearly speaking from total ignorance on a fringe subject few would know about. Intelligent yes, enlightened, NO!

    1. You might be unknowingly enlightened. The intelligent humans know they are idiots, but idiots don’t know they are idiots. He who don’t know talks, he who knows don’t talk.

  13. Take a step back and simply forget about questioning one’s authenticity, if a person can really instill at least one good quality in you I believe that person has made a positive change to the world, I have been listening to Sadhguru for sometime, by just listening to him one can know that the man is wiser than most people you would ever come across in your life. There is something to learn from everyone , there is a lot to learn from him. He deserves respect for that.

  14. Sadhguru is a sad guru. Definitely a fraud and a liar. He clearly just regurgitates the wise words of real masters. His message often contradicts itself. He’s only in it for the money, women, and power. You want a real spiritual teacher? You are better off with someone who says they aren’t a guru and who doesn’t have much in the way of possessions. You ideally want someone like Jesus or a Buddha. Beware the sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    1. Only if you haven’t done a single program you can make a claim like that. This makes your statement irrelevant. Do the programs and get back to us.

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