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“There are no Masters living in the world, for Mastery is attained beyond the world. There are advanced students. There are students of great accomplishment. But there are no Masters living in the world. Perfection is not found here, only contribution. Whoever remains in the world remains to learn the lessons of the world. The lessons of the world must be learned not only in your individual life, but in a life of contribution as well.” — Steps to Knowledge

If mastery cannot be found within the world, then who are these top living masters? They are advanced students – skilled practitioners. They have surrendered to the source of Grace within themselves and become empty vessels from which Heaven can express itself.

They are not Gods, Avatars or perfect individuals. Understanding what enlightenment is allows us to see them for what they truly are: intermediaries between the state of physical separation and our inherent spiritual reality.  Such people have great gifts to give. Nonetheless, they remain human beings.

This list of top living masters will be controversial. How can one possibly judge and evaluate someone’s spiritual contributions? We certainly do not have the vantage point to pass such judgements. Besides, even the smallest gift or the simplest gesture can be a great spiritual teaching if it comes from Spirit. Nevertheless,  we wish to highlight these gracious individuals who have inspired us to reach deeper within.

Important Notice : Before giving your time, money and/or energy to a spiritual guru or teacher, be absolutely sure to review them using a guru rating service. You are a unique expression of God and are important. Protect yourself from spiritual fraudsters.

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers is the most important man alive today. This is a bold statement but given the magnitude of the times we live in, bold statements are entirely appropriate.

He is far more than an enlightened guru or spiritual master here to remind us of our spiritual origins. He is the Messenger. God has spoken again. In humanity’s great time of need, God has spoken again. It is nothing less than a new Revelation for humanity. As with Buddha, Jesus and the Muhammed, it continues the great series of transmissions from the Creator.

The most important part of this New Message is the Steps to Knowledge spiritual practice. It is a pathway for anyone who wants to reconnect with the inner source of truth within themselves. This is enlightenment. Preparation is needed to  experience true purpose and meaning in life.  Steps to Knowledge is a gift to all spiritual seekers – especially those that have not been able to fully give themselves to humanity’s existing spiritual traditions. To humanity’s great benefit, millions will practice it one day.


Sadhguru is a prime example of what can be accomplished in the world if one walks with Spirit. Enlightenment is about contribution. Everyone has a calling – everyone has a certain design that can be used to uplift the human race. A being working in tandem with Spirit – a veritable bridge between Heaven and Earth – gives with power and potency. Sadhguru’s life is a good demonstration of this.

Enlightened at a young age, he gave up his burgeoning public works construction business for the spiritual life. His bold industriousness could have made him a very wealthy man. It’s this incredible daring and energy that makes him such a potent force for giving in the world. Aligned with the greater spiritual forces within, his creativity and talent for getting things done are used to good effect.

A great example is Sadhguru’s Project Greenhands. This organization’s aim is to increase his native state of Tamil Nadu’s forest cover to 33%. What does this have to do with enlightenment and spiritual advancement? Everything! It’s all about giving the gifts you came here to give. What do you feel drawn to? Where can your talents be used?

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is without a doubt the most popular spiritual teacher of the modern age. His books are everywhere. He has brought spiritual practices like living in the moment and inner listening to a wide swath of people who normally would not give spiritual topics a second glance. Thank you Oprah! For this alone he deserves a mention on this list.

Spiritual advancement, enlightenment and the fulfilment of our spiritual purpose is a potential that rests within us all.  It is not a privilege reserved for the monastic or small groups of adept practitioners. Many more people need to step up and give the gifts they came here to give. The future of humanity depends on it. Eckhart Tolle has done a fantastic job of bringing spirituality to the masses. This can be a useful bridge to more serious and complete spiritual practices.


Adyashanti can articulate spiritual truths better than almost anyone. One can’t help but feel a sense of peace around this man’s gentle presence. This is a strength but can also be a weakness. The last thing the world needs is more spiritual seekers lulled into a sense of blissful complacency. That being said, his insights are a true contribution to humanity’s spiritual heritage.

Zen was his initial spiritual practice but he had to leave it to achieve true spiritual union. This irony should not be lost on the practitioner. At some point, even the most useful ideas lose their usefulness and must be dropped at the gate. Spirit can never be defined or limited by our ideas, even ones found within the richness of the Zen tradition.

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  1. Fantastic article. Thank you for the introductions to these four men. Who are the the top women masters living in the world today? Surely, not all enlightened spiritual masters are men! Mother Meera? Gangaji? Amma? Patricia Summers? Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche? Perhaps this would be a great article in its own right.

    1. Yes… Patricia Summers. It is time now for the wive’s of Messengers to be recognized for their own contribution, studenthood, spiritual advancement and gifts to the world. She is such a woman.

      1. Correct; why is it important if it is a man or woman. Getting caught up in those distinctions are egoic road blocks of self mastery, much like seeking the distinction of being proclaimed a master. Those that are finding self mastery would never claim themselves as someone others view as a master. This kind of distinction separates human beings from self realization and self mastery, because once it is recognized, it is seen that there is only you that can claim it, there is no one else.

        1. I am transgender….neither label is appropriate……please , trust only your own heart, let it guide your own mind, and be your motivation. birdy kisses xx

          1. transgender is not a category, it doesn’t even exist… egoic fetish identity… illusion.

          2. In truth every being is both Masculine and Feminine from the beginning and by design. That is why it matters little of what label one is attached to. Each phase of the universe is represented in a singular trinity, Masculine Feminine Child, These must be of one being one mind and whole in order to reach true enlightenment. Be Blessed Jj Just Jack


      2. because as a women I constantly ask myself how I can devote more of myself to god, when I have children, and husband, house and career to look after? I often think, what would jesus do, or budda, or alah – but then think. . . . well, they wouldn’t have the problem I have because they are men! !!
        wanting to know of a woman who has managed to attain near enlightenment while admit the adventure of mothering 🙂

        1. This fuels my desire and need to hear more about the mystic but yet real life, down to earth and meeting a need journey Patricia Summers has been taking. There needs to be more compiled on her. Wife to a messenger of God, mother, nurse, seer. A true seer.

        2. Hi!!! I like what you wrote 😄😄😄 I am an Enlightened person who is a single Mom. Your path with a husband is one I hope for one day. I feel that you would absolutely LOVE the householder path as described in the Shiviac Tradition. Paul Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga has a few episodes on Gaia Tv as well as a website, classes, and seminars. I have found his teachings and energy to be very consistently aligned with true Enlightenment…the Ultimate Reality and Oneness that is experienced as Peace and Joy Embodied. He can take you there through specific teachings and practices based on the Ancient Vedas. This will allow & create what you are seeking through the Grace of your homemaking and dedication to your loved ones.

        3. Dear Jess,just happend to open up this site and seen your question.i am a mother of four year old daughter and i went through the awakening moment 3 years back after suffering a prolonged abusive relation,pain and trauma. Prior to that i dint have any idea of spirituality .one friend of mine just said its your problem and that triggered me to look within. I started introspecting so keenly with all my energy and soul and after a month or two in the day of my 36th bday i had that awakening moment. Things suddenly looks different.
          Before i was carrying so much pain throughout my life maybe because of upbringing and abuse i never have that intimacy with my daughter and anyone around me.only thong was there a lot of dependency. But after this experience things changed so much .only i know i am completely a different person but from outside people don’t see the difference. Only i know a different door have opened a different dimension altogether but its just started. Feeling is the new journey have started but i am just novice in everyway. I live a lige so freely , play with my daughter a lot, i used to smoke before still i smoke 2,3 cig a day , i am living my life very intensely. Feeling gratitude and oneness with everything time to time which makes me cry a lot but with joy.another interesting have happened that i was a professional artist and my work was mostly outburst of my emotion which was mostly loaded with pain since that transformation happened i could nt work because i couldn’t draw the same picture , the software of my mind have got changed so much now it is so free and light it doesn’t match with the heavyness of previous self. So if i start someday to paint which I don’t know ,that would be very different for sure. I am simply not doing much thing as no goal or ambition is there . Just soaking myself into creativity into moments of joy into oneness thats all. I became spiritual afterwords and started reading books by masters and do meditate. Sometimes sitting in a place sometime while walking while traveling. The ego is still there , in smaller amount, sometimes surface but i could witness and watch the mind and it disappears Slowly.
          Looking into within with great intensity and stillness through meditation is the great way. Slowly connecting with one self deeper is the key towards spirituality.
          Love and peace

        4. Well, I’m not a woman, but I have been teaching a path to enlightenment for 25 years. In my experience women have the edge over men when it comes to success because they are more in touch with their feelings than men, gays also tend to have more success for the very same reason. You cannot awaken through thought alone, because one must navigate the inner world to find the treasure hidden within, and the inner world is navigated through feeling rather than thought. I have a guide to the journey called Awakening which describes the meditation which, once mastered, will successfully get you home, as well as a description of the obstacles you’re likely to encounter. Anyone can do this, it just requires commitment and perseverance. If you’re interested the book is available at Amazon, or on-line at At any rate, good luck on your journey. Anurag Shantam.

          1. You have a mis-conception that a gay man must be feminine in nature. Don’t you know that in the gay community there are masculine gay men and feminine ones? Also, when it come to lesbians, remember that there are also butch lesbians, who are by nature masculine. So these women too are in touch?

          2. You say gays are mor espiritual than straight men: do you mean masuline gay men of feminine ones. Remember that in the gay men community they have at least 5 types:
            1- Macho men
            2- effeminate men/sissies
            3- fem queens/transgenders
            4- transvestites

            The female ones also have about six:
            1) Butch
            2) fem,

        5. Forget the idea of God. Look after number one, and try to understand that death is a door. Apart from that, your spirit/yourself will guide you,

      3. Women make up more than 50% of the worlds people and women have a natural affinity for the religious and spiritual realm. However, women in most cultures around the world have been prevented from taking roles of leadership in all areas–but most especially in the religious and spiritual arenas. As humanity stands at the brink of environmental disaster and the decline of many of our life-giving necessities on our planet–isn’t it time that women be asked to step up to lead? As wars and disasters multiply, where are the voices of our religious leaders? Why are they not leading from their pulpits? I am calling to women to step up and I hope the men in power–who have had their chance–will join me in this calling. Know that we all benefit when strong people of integrity make way for others–whose time has come–to step forward.

      4. Exactly. Those that are enlightened have realized long ago that everyone is both Male and Female in different ratios. To not embrace both is foolish and will never allow balance to be achieved. I am seeking a master or guru as I am an very strong energy being whose calling has just fully struck the bell. I am giving up my business and worldly life to seek the ultimate level as my soul has demanded since I was a small child.

      5. in order to get inside the room you need to open the door.
        sometimes you press the handle and get in.
        sometimes you use a key to enter.

    2. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati, , both inducted into the Martin luther King Board of Preachers, Amma, Karunamayi, Ma Yoga Shakti , 13 indigenous Grandmothers, Grandmother Flordemayo ,Pema Chodran…to name some really great, but overlooked women, who are changing the World.

    3. I asked my yoga teacher the same question . His answer was that it was the culture and not to put a judgement on it because all of those “male masters” were spending most of the time on the feminine principles . His answer just made me go HMMM
      I was suggesting it was a problem ..I was only curious as to why 🙂

    4. The new kid on the block…Michael A. Singer who wrote ” The Untethered Soul” which hit #1 on the New York Times book report.

    5. I had the same thought after reading article. I would add Katie Byron to this list as she so beautifully teaches us to question our beliefs, look at ourselves and let go of fixed ideas….letting go…essential to the awakening process.

    6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post!!! I was seeking exactly that–a list of living women masters. Your short post was a pearl for me, found six years later.

      Bless you, Will!

    7. This article is certainly not clear enough. True enlightenment carries the experience of Advaita (those who have gone beyond their dual nature and can retain the experience.) For the clearest understanding of enlightenment and how to reach this state read my book “The Expanded View” by Laura A. Brusca. Then after reading this book, anyone would have the proper education to properly explore a true living enlightened master for themselves.

  2. I also hope to see many more enlightened women featured on this website. Our Higher Selves does not gender discriminate! Is Patricia Summers Marshall Vian Summer’s wife?

    1. trust only your own heart, let it guide your own mind, and be your motivation….thousand two….birdy kisses xx

    2. That is sexist. Those that seek enlightenment come to embrace that all are both Male and Female within. Gender is irrelevant. Just because there are Male and Female does not mean that everything has to be FORCED to have 50% of each. That is false balance and destructive. You will never gain peace thinking these ways.

  3. Women…there needs to be women to help bring about world peace. NOT saying they aren’t great but the need for women spiritual leaders is a must and I know they are out there!!!

    1. I agree
      Ram Dass has shown through his unique searching ,through a guru, mind altering experiences, and finally just ‘taking the carriculum’ and doing it as impeccably as grace would allow through him , that all our paths can be awake and vital in the moment at any moment
      A shining transparency on this plane
      Yolande Duran has an interview on YouTube that is also very changing and in the history of all enlightened individuals such as Ramana Maharshi and Suzanne Segal silence and searching within in that silence is her great wonderful gift

    1. I used to really respect DEEPAK, but when he started getting highly oppinionated, called donald trump retarded, Iost all interest in him. I dont care what his political view is but as a ”spirititual teacher ”, I think that he refrain from that type of nasty judgement. where is his belief in unity….maybe a pretense.

      1. DonNod… It is only natural for persons of inordinately high intelligence to view a person such as Donald Trump as retarded. ‘Retarded’ means, simply and literally, delayed in progression, or slowed down. Clearly, some elements of the Trumpery’s evolutional progress toward full and authentic humanness have been retarded. Deepak was merely stating an observable fact. In your own mind you may have interpreted such remark as a type of “nasty judgment.”
        However, since shared truth awareness opens the gate to our shared liberation/awakening, to my mind Deepak’s remark is plainly not rooted in any “nastiness,” but rather is another sharing of clear-sighted truth which is nothing less than a beneficent offering to all who have a rationally functioning intellect.
        The Trumpery is anything but a mature rational functioning intellect. Deepak was merely offering a bit of a boost in intellectual clarity for any who weren’t able to determine the nature of the trumpery’s character for themselves. Deepak was thereby intending to save many people much cumulative time and trouble in trying to figure out for themselves that which is painfully glaringly obvious to any sane, balanced, intelligent human being: the trumpery is a travesty—an evolutionary throwback parading as a statesperson—a blustering bluffing buffoon of a moron conceived, cultivated, and implanted in a position of false power by the global satanic zionists (talmudic/fake “jews”—let’s be honest: any people who so flagrantly, repeatedly, unreservedly, and arrogantly ignore and deny the primary principle commitment to ‘NOT KILL’ are plainly not real followers of the Commandments of the Righteous—such satanic genocidal blasphemers are actually satanic minions, not real “jews,” not real “christians,” not true followers of Islam), zionists who control not only the purse strings of the USA, but the minds/hands of the US Congress, and therefore control as well the funding and movements of the US military forces.
        As such, the USA (along with Great Britain, Germany, France, Australia, et al) is a vassal state of zionist Israel—once a person comes finally to understand this state of affairs, one is then well on their way to understanding the hows and whys of the deplorable state of global affairs. Right now, the trumpery is the head satanic moron stooge for the deplorably megalomaniac zionists literally hell-bent on global domination via successive invasion, takeover, and control of the finances and banking systems of every formerly free/autonomous republic.
        These contemporary satanic zionists are the ideological, if not cultural and even biological/genetic descendants of the very ones to whom Jesus admonished in the time of his human mission, “What profit ye, though ye gain ownership and control of the whole world, if thereby ye lose the peace/wholeyness/sanity of thy own eternal soul?!”
        And the single simple piece of intelligent human understanding that these lost souls needed to save themselves was this: Do unto others only as you would have done unto yourself; do not do unto others that which you would consider intolerable/reprehensible against yourself…For, as you do unto others, it shall be done unto you. Even more, as you have done unto the least of these—your sistren and brethren—so have you done unto Me. How can this be, but for this simple fact in timeless wholey ever-present Reality: All are One Whole; there is not two, there is no “other.”
        When your eyes and mind are finally opened to this awareness, this understanding, you see that you are none other than I, and no less than I…and I no more than, and none other than thee. Thus have you both reinforced and perpetuated your delusional separation and suffering by seeing Me as separate—as more than, or less than thee; I was merely showing you your own reflection in your true and wholey glory of omni-conscious awareness being.
        This is what I told you and showed you over and over again…but none of you got the picture right in your minds darkly oriented to the delusions of separateness, fear, and selfishness…none of you, that is, who were in positions of worldly status and power to duplicate and disseminate the teaching. Actually there always were, and are many who have lived in/of/by/for this truth of timelessly present wholey infinicity-unicity Reality…but these you have ever ignored, belittled, demeaned, denied—if not outright banished, tortured, burned, crucified, murdered/martyred—because these would not sell their souls, nor pay taxes to, nor lie in false worship of your false icons, false authorities, false loves, false religions, false nations of might and materialistic greed.
        For these had awakened to the simple unadorned unadulterated timeless/everherenow wholey purity, the paradise ever inherent, all-pervading, and instantly apparent to any who had ceased worship of the myriad false external masters evident to the physical sensory perceptions.
        Good news: YOU are the ONE…and you are not who you think you are, not who you were taught you are, and not beholden to any external nationalist, political, religious, philosophical, nor ideological sense of identity. You are the ever-free, ever pure, birthless/deathless, ever wholey Real One against which there is no
        second, no other. So you have neither battle, combat, nor war in which to engage…these are all the result of the dreams/nightmares/fantasies of ego-deranged/imbalanced/off-center minds. Ignore these; do not follow these, for assuredly these lead you only into the ditch, the sloughs, the swamps of the darkness of the ignorance of the ego-induced nightmare sense of separation from the Wholey Real One from which there is nary any possibility of separation except in the temporarily diseased imagination.
        You are the Wholey also Only Ever Real One that always was-is-ever will be. Any belief in death or dying is merely a case of mistaken identification with a limited name or form; release this sense of limited form-al identity and resume your rightful place in this wholey ineffable infinicity-unicity-Reality.

        1. Wow… If you had truly done your research before judging another so harshly, then perhaps your ‘article informed by mainstream indoctrination’ would warrant a thorough read through. Deepak made the same assumptions

    1. It would be wise to use great discernment when listening to Teal Scott. Although I am all for the recognition of women I feel their are forces of dissonance at work in her “teachings”.

    2. No….she is too young. Too New Agey….the make up….no. Check to see what level of truth she is coming from. Sorry, no disrespect but she is not a good example of a spiritual teacher. Elle Collier Re would be a great example as well as Gangaji or some of the other women mentioned on the left column.

    3. Contributing does not mean “being enlightened”. Deepak is a snart guy, buyt if far from beig enlightened.

    1. Enlightenment is not proportionate to the fame! Rather it is simplicity. Now you can imagine who in the world are enlightened. They don’t come out onto streets and announce their enlightenment. Dalailama.. Absolutely not. Enlightenment is the integration of the human and the divine!

    2. I just saw the Dalai Lama in Westminster, OC. His messages are powerful. Your right on for mentioning him!

  4. The Dalai Lama is definitely not enlightened. I remember watching a documentary where they were trying to find the reincarnation of a recently deceased master. He had to have an enlightened person next to him to make the call. He did not have the capacity. He is a wonderful person, a wise teacher, a significant political leader, but not enlightened.

  5. It may have been wiser to list them as “some of”, definitives in a non-definite reality unfortunately opens oneself to scrutiny. I also agree that there are many wonderful female masters , many of whom often thread this earth unheard of, yet are vessels for the Divine, emanating love and peace with every breath and giving birth to new creations of Divine beauty made manifest.

    1. A video that apparently showed Nithyananda engaging in sexual acts with women, allegedly Tamil film actress Ranjitha, was broadcast on the Tamil television channel Sun News on 2 March 2010. Responding to the media reports, Nithyananada said that he was in a “state of samadhi” (trance) when the video was made and that the tape had been “misinterpreted, morphed and manipulated” during an interview with Times Now on 13 March 2010. After release of the video, Bidadi police registered cases under Indian Penal Code sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 120B (criminal conspiracy), 506 (threat to life) and 420 (cheating). After evading summons for 49 days, Nithyananda was arrested on April 21, 2010 in Arki in Himachal Pradesh by Bangalore Police with the help of the police of Himachal.

      Arathi Rao, a former follower of Nithyananda, gave a detailed account of her five-year experience with the guru. She alleged that Nithyananda repeatedly raped her and threatened her with dire consequences if she revealed it to anybody. Arathi also claimed that it was she who had secretly filmed Nithyananda’s sex tapes with a Tamil actress.

      1. I think there’s no good or bad on earth, besides individual perception. There’s always golden opportunity lessons in demon, but unpleasant side of angel as well. Again, personal preferences in heading to positive or negative that matter. If I were the victim, I will have no hesitation to swallow every of my sorrows ‘IF’ ever that incident is real all because I see the great work of he’s doing to the world, far beyond compare to my so called tiny sacrifice, just peanut.

        This has no difference with the matter of Michael Jackson’s child molest issue, again, personal preferences, and again, if I were the kid’s parent, I’m willing to choose to forgive & forget, not because he deserves it or not, yet I realize, I deserve it in order to move on my life, regardless he’s doing good to the world or not? In fact, he did so much for the world, so what’s more? Can we?

        Lastly, my point is not encouraging anyone allows such kind of self abuse scenario, but my personal point of view that someone’s great contribution to the WHOLE that most matter. After all nobody is perfect, so what right each individual holds to place judgment when it doesn’t bother nobody???

        As my guru says, we don’t have to punish those who does bad & send them to hell, because they are already in hell by doing any harm to others, because if anyone who knows the truth that is before that harm cause to others, it actually touches that particular person who creates it, reason is because of it all came from themselves from inside before reaches others.

        I think if each one of us choose to see every reflection existence in front of us with Love, we’re living in heaven even if this is a hell… NOTHING else really matter including time, as long as we choose positive path to carry only Compassion Love towards outer world…

        Heartiest thanks for allowing my sharing…..
        Countless heartiest appreciations.
        Be Blissful…!!!

  6. There are many Living Masters how do not need a certificate from the internet source to prove them they are, many such Masters can be seen in our daily lives!

  7. Hey, I am surprised that Master Li Hongzhi, the teacher of Falun Dafa is not on here, or on the list of enlightened people either. He is both.

  8. Great list. Also, Thich Nhat Hanh.. one of the best teachers I’ve come across. The peaceful aura that surrounds him is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

  9. Hey, can’t leave out BOB DYLAN!!
    Gary Yourofski is also a very wise fellow.
    Righteous prophet, master of music and poetry.

  10. Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t get Eckhard Tolle? I appreciated the emphasis on being in the present moment discussed in “The Power of Now,” but the vibe of the book for me is “This is all intuitively obvious to the most casual observer because, well, I am awesome.”

      1. To each their own level of awareness and preferences regarding whom they consider an appropriate teacher or guide. You are not at all specific regarding what it is with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings or manner or “vibe” that you don’t resonate with.
        It’s obvious to me that Tolle’s perspective is uncommonly awakened, that his verbalized expressions arise from a tremendously beneficial perspective and intent, and that his “vibration,” too, is uncommonly liberated, laughtrous, light, and high.

  11. when money is requested, at first , or many weeks into “the enlightenment process,” I guarantee that that is the motive. anyone can say this stuff, and people will always follow out of genuine yearning for connection with that which has created us all, if I wear a funny hat, or move about in beautiful robes, bestowing blessings, and maintaining an air of grace, of course people will be drawn to it…the plan is the plan, an apple is an apple, its an illusion to believe you have altered your existence, if its happening to you, it is in the plan,if its not, then its not about your lack of affirmations, or whether you chant mantras….science has demonstrated predestination in physics,and that which exists is defined by predetermined frequencies of manifestation, this information is free to peruse online, no intermediary spiritual guru is required to see god at work…trust only your heart, let it guide your mind, and be your motivation.. CHLOE WINKWORTH XX birdy kisses.

    1. I would have to disagree with you. Even in India people who are considered masters have masters. It is very new agey to say we need no help…but I don’t think it’s true. When you are with an awakened person, who has to earn a living and/or be taken care, who doesn’t wear flowy robes or whatever, but is just awake to hearing GOD’s word; you know it and you also know…THIS IS WHAT HUMANITY IS MISSING. There is nothing like it….nothing. It is beyond physics or any understanding of the human mind. The human mind is not advanced enough to comprehend, at all, what this level of awareness is. Highly recommend learning from an awakened human being. There is nothing else like it.

      1. “As thou believeth, so is it “true” for thee.” “Whether or not thou believe it is so, thou art correct.”
        There are always persons who claim that everyone needs a guru. And always there are people who say that one does not need a guru, a teacher, an intermediary between oneself and the infinite ever-present Sublime omni-Self/I am.
        If everyone needs a guru, how did the first one arise? Divine Ever-present omni-conscious Unicity Reality IS GURU—life is the guru.
        And even if one is now comfortable with a guru/guide, the highest result of this interaction eventually will lead one to relinquishing the outer teacher for the inner presence.
        “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” (or, appears to appear, despite having always been here, even though not always apparent to the student.)
        And when the student is really ready, the external teacher disappears.

  12. just realised that this is an advertisement, so I apologise, by saying to trust only your own heart , let it guide your mind, and be your motivation , I have gone against the whole idea of the post, so I once again apologise, this will probably get censored, the religeons listed below are intolerant of transgender people, as are most people, so best birdy kisses, try to remember what I said, its how the plan is meant to work, trust your own heart, let it guide your mind, and be your motivation. yes I work for god, for free, never took a shekel…and my pineal gland is fine, but I get skin spots, when ido read auras…xx

  13. Oh great, all men. So you think Eckhart Tolle is somehow more enlightened than the Dalai Lama, who didn’t even make the list. Seriously?

    1. The Dalai Lama is not enlightened. He does not even say he is, and indeed he’s made it apparent that he is not. In a documentary about finding a reincarnated Tibetan master, the Dalai Lama had to have an enlightened person next to him to make the call. He’s a wonderful teacher, a great person, but certainly not enlightened.

    2. A very good point. A book that you might be
      interested in exploring, is by Isabel Hilton.
      –The Search For The Panchan Lama—-
      Isabel Hilton is an international print and
      broadcast journalist and a well known
      commentator on Chinese affairs. She has
      worked for a number of British publications
      including the Sunday Times and the independent. Hilton lives in London.
      Here is a brief commentary on her book—
      ” A fantastic adventure story and intrigue______
      If you want a crash course in Tibetan history and affairs in addition to a rattling good story, this is the book” ————Personally, I don’t think that I would refer to such a story
      of pain, suffering, death, and exile as a good story, not even a rattling good one. Yet , it is an interestingly instructive story, in the sense of the insight, that it
      offers, into the history and culture of Tibet. As well as the human condition in general. Some possibly important questions to consider in this respect, are the questions
      pertaining to the subjects of Truth, propaganda, analysis, slander, and cover stories. What are some of the obvious motivations? Self advantage, psychological and cultural blind spots, or just the every day
      run of the mill manipulations ? It obviously includes all of them and more, including some inevitable elements of the always hoped for human empathy. The book is an
      insightful reminder of the mixed bag human condition in which we find ourselves. A condition of which we are part of. If we look for Truth, it might be wise to look for it in a retreat from untruth, as we discover it , as we recognize it, as we step away in a backward motion of retreat, in an honest
      effort of not postulating ahead of time, just
      what the Truth is. We must start with even the smallest of things. We do not do this as an imitation of sainthood. Such a motive
      carries with it , a motivation of an entirely
      different characteristic. The retreat from untruth is a private journey of honest understanding, in the search for True Self Definition. I pass this your way, as a reminder
      of human failings, and encouragement against fallen heros. Remember, it is a private and individual journey , untill the resolution of it, in Truth. Unless, of course, one is satisfied with even the vicarious
      comforts, of our hero’s. This of course, is an
      all too understandable, trait, and characteristic, of human nature. Very understandable indeed. My apology, for my babblings. I originally only intended to share a book with you. Again my apology, I will not reply any further. Best wishes, Namaste,

    3. Again, Most famous spiritual personalities of the world are not enlightened. Enlightenment requires one to surrender their ego completely. This is impossible even for the most wisest person in the world. It’s not about being wise or being most famous. It’s about letting go of the past and inviting ones divinity into them!

      1. In my experience, in working with an awakened person, it is possible to be enlightened here. And yes, it is also possible to completely surrender one’s ego and has nothing to do with wisdom. You said it; it has to do with surrendering ones ego and inviting in the Divine, which allows you to let go of the past. Although, in my personal experience it’s enormously helpful to find a way or work with someone who can help you uncover your past wounds, your family’s trauma and any past life issues you still carry to move your closer, more easily to letting in the Divine; although it is not something that has to be done in that order.

    4. “If the Dalai Lama were enlightened, he wouldn’t be a Buddhist.” ~ John DeRuiter
      Of course, the Dalai Lama himself has said “I am just an ordinary monk.” He does not claim to be enlightened; he makes no such claim. So, it depends on whether or not you can believe the Dalai Lama’s own words.

      1. Yes osho is dead, and he said many times when I’m gone this is the end of all of this, and yet all those deluded people are still hanging onto it still afraid to stand on their own two feet without that emotional support, his teaching was in vain !

    1. Read “My Life in Orange”, about growing up in a family of Osho devotees. Not a very enlightened scene or teacher I think.

  14. Chloe,
    I can say unequivocally that being in the room with Marshall Vian Summers that the The New Message form God is not & has not ever been about him, or any other person, or other presumptions made. This is all made clear in the New Message itself, for it speaks for itself & is pure & unchanged by anyone.

    For me, in my experience, the New Message is what it says its about: reaching & preparing the Human Family for the, which includes emerging into the resource competitive Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe & developing the connection from Knowledge within to withstand this contact with other minds completely unlike our intellects.

    Have you received & experienced parts of the New Message? My experience: the NM is about me (the person openly responding to it) & my relationship with God and what God wants you to do for yourself and for the world ultimately. The intellect of course (beliefs/ideas/concepts) thinks its merely words on a screen/page. For me the New Message is really not just ideas/concepts to agree/disagree with superficially, it is experiential, real, & about relationship, with myself & life & what I am here to do on the planet at this time. I know I have to find who I am, why I am here, & whom I am here to meet. If I do not I have failed.

    What I found free years ago, is still there & its been added to, immensely, in particular has been a real revelation of what stillness & connection in relationship & the spiritual Presence really feels like.

    See you all in the Free School of the New Message for chat Sat. @ 9am. I know in my Knowledge, that the New Message is for me & that I have come to prepare in it, to find my contribution in the world & begin to live & contribute it today & everyday. I’ll see you in my 2 practices today. Nasi Novare Coram

  15. enlightend persons dont reveal that they enlightend . all u have to do is to enlight self to find them. one must be a seeker of enlightment and practice meditation.then incourse of time u some how meet an enlightend person.
    be a good student. a teacher will come in search of you.

  16. there is no competition in spirituality! All are equal! Some might just be more awakened then others. Trying to be No.1 Spiritual Master on Earth would be an Ego pursuit….. I am sure there is countless other Masters living humbly and unrecognized amongst us. From past experience I’d never choose a human as my gateway to the divine anyway. If one connects directly, there is no interference, and you cannot fall for potential false prophets…. It’s kinder on any spiritual teacher too! Their minds might be clear, but their physical bodies will have limits, so do not ask them to channel good in and bad out for you – just do it yourself…..

  17. All his is just marketing. None of these people are any different from you. When we have problems, we pray you God, and these people look within… but it is the same thing: we are both weak and look somewhere for strength and guidance, whether it is with-in, to God, or to a friend.

    1. Enlightenment is the cessation of thoughts….then your true state may be revealed, which has always existed . you never”get there” , it has always been there waiting for you to be still so that it may be experienced as such.

  18. Finding (an enlightened) master is like hitting gold. Its like finding the specialist doctor to your disease. Those who believe they don’t need a master should realize very few can cure themselves without the doctor. However the path is laden with fakes of all kinds. Just like you need money or skills to make money, you need good karma to tread the path of (creating and sustaining) good karma by way of a master. One saying goes “the master appears when the student is ready”. Dont seek master for miracles, seek the master for his methods that you can adopt. Perhaps the most fortunate thing that can happen in your life is connecting to the master that matters meaningfully who can take you through the storms of life without creating liabilities or baggage. Godspeed!

  19. Raam Raam, Sat Naam to all,
    Excellent, well said Shrinivasan.
    Alex you are very wise but there are Sat Gurus (not Sadgurus) who lives on this plane, but do function from a higher plane simultaneously. I do not wish to add names but true seekers will find Living Masters amongst us
    In the grand scheme of things, all humans are just trying to get home (from this experience) to Sat Lok (Sach Khand) the soul’s true home.

  20. First the word or concept of enlightenment was coined during the 18th century by scientists using reason as a way to pull away from the religious dogma of the church. Budha never used it. He used awakening to express that awareness.
    “Everyone knows that the drop is in the ocean, but few know the ocean is within the drop” Saint Kabir
    Living masters can show how to turn within and experience that ocean. Talk is cheap. The infinite lies within the finite.
    If a teacher can show that practical experience then they are a true teacher. If not then it’s just spiritual dogma. I learned from Prem Rawat also known as Maharaji. You can see him on you tube. And learn for free how to go within. Simple.

  21. Re; male/female: It’s traditionally been easier for a male than a female to step out from ordinary existence and adopt an unusual lifestyle. Women have always been expected to marry, bear children (no, not little bears), and take care of house and husband. Only a rare few have been able to break out of that mold. Things are getting a bit more balanced in modern times in some regions. But even today, it would be very rare for a young woman to leave society and go live in a secluded cave on her own for months. Of course, that’s not the only way to attain spiritual enlightenment, but it’s worked very well for men like Milarepa.

  22. If you are rating spiritual masters on the basis of their spiritual power or height. .and they are recently incarnated. .from personal experiences Sri Chinmoy was the top…had very powerful experience also with Ammachi. …when I met Ibrahim Jaffe years ago there was a powerful energy about him. However to be honest. .. Ms Hicks who alleges to channel Abraham
    .well there was nothing there…just an actress. However there are many powerful disincarnate beings and forces.But I guess one needs to discover the Supreme outside and also inside.

    1. Sorry forgot to mention there are many charismatic, articulate Authors and teachers ..but aren’t they just as lost as so many others…and really primarily concerned about their careers???The late wayne dyer ,Dr Chopra, Toll…etc. I mean many have experienced the infinite at certain times of th e or life. I did….but it doesn’t mean it is in my destiny to write a book and publicize my realization and develop teachings as a businessman would. One thing I cannot stress enough is all have individual destinies/what your soul chooses..and anyone who teaches we willingly can create our destiny through the human ego..etc…Are lying or do not have a clue…even if they have gobs of money and are wildly successful lol

    2. Michael, I believe it’s a matter of what dimension you can reach and work from. Abraham is a general energy group about the 4th dimension. I would never go so far as to say one person is IT. Just doesn’t work that.

  23. There was so many enlightened masters ; one of theme who is alive today avadhoot shivanand ji , who also known as father of indian healing …

  24. Hi

    I know it is impossible to cover thousands more living masters of this generation. However, you need to ensure there are powerful masters like Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Sakthipath Sri Ramanananda Maharshi etc who with their enormous energy serving the mankind and protecting planet earth from destruction


  25. Hmm… good point to discuss…. what is enlightened… a relation with god?? can hear from God??… spiritual knowledge??… or implementation in life..?? hmm… what the World needs more ..?? every religion has the greatest masters and enlightened people who changed human life style… The Holy Bible… The Holy..Bhagavath Geetha… The Holy Quran… still people need other peoples to live like enlightened and … still want guideline??/ hmm… but they do not??? enlightenment, is might not happens with years of practice… it may takes place with fraction of second, like the exact time taken by our soul to leave the body???… have anybody know the time for soul entering the body…???the upper mentioned Holy books from enlightened people and their lifestyles… their knowledge and their guidance from creator … then whats yours?? position (the inner, often used word)hmm… when you know how (the emotions)you made of ,, the strengths and weaknesses.. you may found how to eliminate weaknesses and strengthen the strength .. then you know why you created or born here??? ask with yourself, ask with the nature(universe as our village) ask with the creator… ” please read the world as a book, but not in the book…. and read the book in the world, in the life..

  26. Intelligent article.
    How can one judge a master/spiritual guru, unless he himself is an enlightened soul ?

    1. You cannot.
      And once you are enlightened you won’t do it anyway.
      All enlightened ones have the same reality, they may have different techniques and ways but fundamentally all are same.

    2. Good point. For me, I knew when I met them. It was that simple. I did not look for anyone. They simply appeared in my life. Perhaps I was the one who was ready. They had always been awake. You are not judging anyone. You also may have one teacher for awhile and the another later on.

      I wouldn’t think the enlightened soul would attract a teacher; there would be no need.

  27. Thank you all for your contribution. This is a wonderful source! I work on an intercultural and interfaith project about enlightened women and men from all over the world—people who experienced eternity (Daoism), Samadhi (Hinduism, Sikhism), Satori (Zen), Bodhi (Buddhism), Tauhīd (Islam), union with god (Christianity, Judaism)… I don’t care if these people are famous. Money making people make me distrusting. I want to meet truly enlightened women and men—real masters. I want to avoid the esoteric and spiritual supermarket. So far, I am able to name these people:

    Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
    Pema Chodron
    Ram Dass
    Grandmother Flordemayo
    Thích Nhất Hạnh
    Li Hongzhi
    Thomas Hübl
    The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
    Swami Isa
    Ibrahim Jaffe
    Williges Jäger
    Amma Sri Karunamayi
    Wayne Liquorman
    Mutter Meers
    Christian Meyer
    Karl Renz
    Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche
    Ma Yoga Shakti
    Michael A. Singer
    Avdhoot Baba Shivanand
    Marshall Vian Summers
    Patricia Summers
    Eckhart Tolle
    Stephen Wolinsky

    Please let me know if you have any more tips. I am very interested in persons who do not make a public appearance. Please feel free to send a private message to:

    1. very Important one you did not include.
      Your self.
      You are also enlightened but you just ignored it.
      Look into your own nature, Buddha is in you.


    2. Thomas Hubl is not. Tolle is not. How are you deciding who is enlightened and who is not? They might be spiritual teachers because they are not as ensconced in the human mind but they are not reaching to a much higher level.

      Since so many humans are still stuck at lower dimensions I guess they seem to have reached something. A spiritual teacher is not necessarily an enlightened person.

    3. Yolande Duran …
      Susanne Segal has left this plane but on reading about both their experiences and hearing them talk about the sudden loss of thought and the profound silence they live in , I found them to cause my own perception to shift

  28. You are missing Bikram Choudhury…the current king of Yogis

    Also, Isha Judd. Been to her retreat and she is 120% enlightened.

  29. Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. After seven years of attending (free) meditation classes and events at Science of Spirituality, I finally opened to the possibility that he was a legit spiritual master. My initial resistance made my recent experiences of and through him that much more incredible.

  30. Sash guru jaggy a is a total fraud

    Enlightened masters to learn from :
    1. OSHO
    2. Eckhart Tolle
    3. Krishnamurti.

  31. There are too many varied descriptions and definitions to come up with a consensus for what enlightenment even means. Therefore, how can we say who is “really” enlightened?

    Use them as a crutch if you must, but eventually you may just come to realize that labels such as “enlightenment”, and arguments about who is and who isn’t, are pointless anyway. This might be difficult to accept for most, though.

    1. no there really aren’t too many varied descriptions and definitions. It is obvious when you meet an awakened human, which is very different from people like Tolle. They are teachers who are teaching from maybe 5th dimension. Awakened people have something very different about them. I’ve only ever met one. And it’s been amazing.

  32. With that said, I find these living “teachers” refreshing to read on occasion;

    *Eckhart for his clarity and ability to bring the sacred into everyday life.
    *Mooji for his utter simplicity and humor.
    *Matt Kahn for turning the spiritual game on it’s head (especially for the advaitists)
    *Bentinho Massaro for his passion and ability to flow through “levels” of consciousness.
    *Catherine Ingram for bringing heart and a woman’s touch into the spiritual arena.
    *Lisa Transcendence Brown for seeming “way out there”, while being firmly anchored inside.

    There are so many more, but these people come to mind.

    1. Your openness is admirable, i.e., your open-mindedness to varying personalities through whom varying flavors of truth may be expressed. All are of the One, pointing to the infinite ineffable ever-present One. “Beware the person of one book.” ~ Latin proverb

  33. As is the case in any sphere of knowledge we can assess a person only upto our level of knowledge. So to understand a realised self, one should reach at least near his state.
    I had the good fortune to be in contact with a spiritual master from 1981 when I was 16 years of age. He was averse to name and fame. He attained Samadhi in 1996. In those times the few followers around him did not realize his true greatness. But as we all evolve spiritually every one of his followers now realize what a spiritual giant he was and how much a low profile he kept himself. He started a small ashram and would tell that the sole purpose was for spiritual seekers to come together, discuss, do Sadhanas etc. Even now his devoties are keeping the ashram vibrant with regular discourses, Bhajans, Archanas, purana recitals and such spiritual activities. It is in Thirumala, Thiruvanantha puram. His Samadhi is situated in the Ashram premises. He used to often stress that an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. Spiritually I am still in the initial steps. I am sure about my path and progressing very slowly, but surely. I used to love to spend time sitting like a child at his feet. Due to this long association I can now more or less distinguish a true master from a not so one. And I find a lot of people with just some theoretical knowledge very eager to teach others and assume the position of a Master. If we dont have the capacity to distinguish, the best way is to pray to the almighty intensely that he will send the true master to you or some how you will come in contact with your true Guru.
    I am sure there must be such great souls in different parts of India.

    1. This is what happened to you. It does not mean it will be for everyone. I never looked for anyone to teach me. It just happened. This meditating intensely thing is not necessary. Why tell people this?

      One has to remember there are many roads to Nirvana…not just mine or yours. AND the way of the old disciplines, like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc are not necessarily the ways of today. We have moved past all the dogma; thankfully.

      The person I study with has been hearing GOD’S voice since she is 7. She is now 72. She teaches from that voice, only. You know when you meet this person. You know when you meet the person who will help you awaken, which, to me, means like someone said above; you let go of your ego and let the Divine take over. It’s amazing, not difficult, not arduous, not complicated, not heavy. In fact, it is so incredibly easy…..that it is hard.

  34. Hello,
    Thank you very much for making such a detailed and wonderful website.I know another Enlightened Master Whom I know since 6 years now..Master Yasima , she is based in New York. And have been talking to people online. She is wonderful. I am Sharing here her links so that you can also add her in this list..
    I will email you on the address provided above..thank you very much.

  35. Dear Members,

    i would like to know if you can mention ARAHANT WAJIRABUDDHI’s name as another enlightened person living in Sri lanka. Please go through the below website and you can download the PDF of his discourses. He has clearly preached the path to Nibbana(which was preached by Gautham Buddha). He made a big change in Buddhism in Sri lanka.

    Best Regards

  36. My own personal list of spiritual gurus
    1-bhagwan nityanand ( of ganeshluri)
    2-paramhans yogananda
    3-om swami(living)
    4-sri m (living)
    5-swami rama of Himalaya
    6-paramhans muktananda swami
    7-swami vishudhananda saraswati

  37. This enlightened stuff has me so confused. I have been watching Mooji Satsangs now for about a week with open mind and the man has intelligent stuff to offer. What I can’t wrap my head around is how his “deciples” look at him like he is God and everyword is sacred. It’s a bit scary to watch. The biggest thing that bothers me is at the base of his teachings is to discard the identity and ego , yet when these people kiss his feet and look at him like he is the All , he allows it and enjoys it. That is Ego if you look it up in Websters. I don’t understand the tears and the complete loss of mental facilities when in his “presence”?

  38. Present living masters are big bluffs,their main hidden intension to make money also have sex create haven for themselves and make people fools and most importantly do self advertising of their spiritual courses and discourses. In real reality highly spiritual concised masters talk less, don’t do any advertising they are not behind money nor roam in big cars neither show-off ,they are down to earth to themselves and speak little with in-depth meaning.

    1. I’m always extremely surprised that Barry Long is rarely, if ever, mentioned in these sort of lists. He was a great western master, emanating a powerful energy, who had the priceless ability to communicate Truth and Reality in practical terms relevant to people’s actual circumstances (including work, sex, family life and death, for example) with utter clarity and a true Aussie’s absence of bullshit. Not that he lacked in communicating the esoterics, as, for instance, demonstrated in his ‘Origins of Man and The Universe’ masterpiece.

  39. I am amused and pained to see one person putting Om Swami in this list of revereds. You just have to do a google search and should see a video clip where people beat him and his artificial baba hair vig comes out. And see Big Boss where he is cought secretly urinating in a beaverage and offering that to his mates.

  40. Glad to see that Eckhart Tolle is on the list even though you have missed Dalai Lama!
    Besides him, I would probably add:
    1) Mathieu Richard,
    2) Thich Nhat Hanh and
    3) Jon Kabat-Zinn
    from my knowledge base here.

  41. ILove Echart Tolle, Emmet Fox, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Melanie Beatty, Wayne Dyer, Ken Keyes Jr, David MacArthur, Jim Carey, and most of all the Divine I see in the faces of all people I meet. who reflect back all that I Am. To all the Space that is created for each of us to express our Holy Perspective of the One, I am Grateful.
    River Rhodes-Crow.

  42. After spending some very gud money on cources cds practises of the so called masters in india today iam actually fed up while they ask followers not to run behind material things they prioritise u on passes u can buy fr their progammes vvip vip or general the higher the donation u gv or u help them collect the more closer u to them

    I want to meet or be in the presence of one enlightened master who is beyond this money game in india

    Cn anyone help pls

    1. Hello Roopa,

      Michael Singer is the real deal. Not in India but does that really matter? He exists to feed u. His story is amazing. U can learn about him through his books. “The surrender experiment” (his life Of awakening). And “the untethered soul” kind of a how to book.
      You can also chk him out on you tube. He gives several talks u can listen to and judge for yourself.
      He has a temple in Alachua Fla, USA. Open to the public, he invites u to yoga practices during the week. Open for meditation etc. no charge. He holds Sunday services and gives about an hour long talk. No charge. He doesn’t take names and collect followers. Totally giving guy!! I am amazed. I Drove 4.5 hrs to go to the Sunday service twice and will do it again. The man asks nothing of u. He just GIVES!!

  43. Dear Roopa..
    I wont suggest u any specific master’s name in particular,but i sure hv smthg important to share wid u ..i hv been on this journey for the last 30years.
    Read books by all great masters that hv been…
    Self introspection after reading is vry important..
    See wat resonates with ur heart..
    Take the best of everyone..observe,introspect,travel,
    Then finally accept wat touches your SPIRIT..
    bcoz no one master can give you all the answers..everyone has their own journey n their own syllabus..
    If youreally Wish to discover your tru self.,then remember this…LEARN FROM EVERYONE BUT FOLLOW NO ONE ..
    wish you all the best
    Ludhiana (punjab)

  44. Included to this list should be “mooji”. He is a phenomenal living spiritual sage of our times. How can he not be included???

  45. A blind msn can not see. How do you kniw they are spiritual? Forget Master- all of them are philosophers with extremely low spirittal development. Master? Ram Das can be one!!

    1. To James of 3APR2018…Ummm…have you grown up, yet? Who fucked up whose own head/life?…and then vainly attempted to pin the blame on another?!

    1. To William of 3APR18: Hereby heartily NOT recommending anybody be a soldier for name or form or ideology or any other thing! Why in hell would you wish such an ignorant useless wasted limited identity/purpose/existence on anybody???!!!

  46. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath – he is the only one I know who can give you the experience of breathing through your breath.

    1. Don’t be fooled Maximillian. “Siddhanath” is a complete fraud who has made up the majority of his background and has developed a classic case of narcisstic personality disorder. His motives are money, fame and power, and he abuses and takes advantage of his students regularly.

      It’s only because he has dozens of people around him who would bury anything and try to scrub the internet that he has not yet been held accountable, but, karma is real.

      Save yourself many years of fruitless searching and ground yourself in the true teachings of India, which have nothing to do with the criminal Shitole family.

  47. There are no Masters living in the world as mastery is obtained beyond the world. However, there are truly wise teachers living amongst us. People like Marshall vian Summers and Sadhguru.

    Marshall vian Summers and the New Message from God that he received has realy changed my life. I am forever grateful to Marshall for his service to bring the New Message to our world in need and for his teachings.

    Nasi Novare Coram

  48. Masters tells us not to read books for awakening nor believe their satsang for enlightenment. Love of the Master compels us to go within, be in and abide in – for they tell us its there (inner) that we experience the truth, and know the truth, our true selves. True masters (satguru) said if the outside (books, cds, satsangs) reveals your true inner self – then you didnt discover your SELF, you were again given a self. It’s the overwhelming love (found within us) of the satguru (not the satguru but the love found in satguru) that brings us in to our True-Self, which is that true Master, known only within and no where “OUT” in the world.

  49. Amusing list, in my evaluation the “great” ones on the list are just average 3D souls like Adyashanti who’s just a well-read guy, while some considered “average” like Mooji are truly high.
    Obviously the list author is totally in parallel with spirituality of any kind … 🙂

  50. And what make you of Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God?

    1. Regarding Neal Donal Walsh, I too was moved by his book Conversations with God. I found a lot of it resonated with me and truly opened my mind. It’s still one of my favorites. The problem is I saw him last year in Arizona. And I was so let down. For being such an advanced teacher he was arrogant and had quite a bit of anger regarding President Trump. He brought him up constantly in his lecture which was an absolute turn off. I would doubt that Sadhguru (one of my favorites) would allow any negativity to enter his being surrounding any political leader or view. I expect a teacher or guru to be above that and continue resonating from Love and not consumed by hatred or anger. That to me is what differentiates a true guru. A true guru is not attached. That’s just my opinion.

      1. Patty of 16OCT2018…My experience and sense of N D Walsch does not match yours. But I’ll just havta guess, you may be a follower of one of those red-necked evangelical so-called “christian” repugnicans who worship the likes of Donald Trump. That explains it all. I figure that—barring a lightning-stroke of Grace from the infinite ineffable One—you’ll be needing at least a few more incarnations before your cerebral frontal cortex has developed to the point sufficient for rational functioning to understand why a shamelessly amoral narcissistic overgrown juvenile delinquent scrotum-brained misogynist white supremacist charlatan con-man such as the trumpery should NOT be given any position as a public servant in the USA…let alone the top cock on the dungheap.

  51. Neale Donald Waslch is the real modern day spiritual messenger! No one has spoken the message of Life in these times like him. I don’t feel a high vibration of energy in your messenger’s (Marshall Vian Summer) words or “message”. As for the spiritual masters (i.e. enlightened people) in your list, I resonate with them. Masters like Osho, Mooji, and many others but not all of them. The key is vibration. And some of them have a low vibration. Knowledge is not everything. Love is everything. And it has the highest vibration in the universe. A person may have knowledge but without love, he is not really a true spiritual master.

    1. Ntsikelelo of 17JUL2018: Would you please care to include some substantial potatoes, turnips, tofu, carrots, celery, and beets with your watery broth you call “love”? In other words, since we all know that everybody has each their experience/interpretation/understanding/definition for the word-symbol ‘love’ (and all other words), what, pray tell, is your personal intended working definition for that four-letter L-word? How do I know you’re not just another parrot passing on something you heard in a pop song, or read on a bumper-sticker or t-shirt?…and why hasn’t that four-letter L-word (that you and millions of others worship so loudly and proudly) saved humanity, yet? I repeat…which definition are you using?!

  52. If you are searching on Internet you will not find. Pray to God then he will set your destiny to meet true living master.

  53. Regarding Neal Donal Walsh, I too was moved by his book Conversations with God. I found a lot of it to resonate with me and truly opened my mind. The problem is I saw him last year in Arizona. And I was so let down. For being such an advanced teacher he was arrogant and had quite a bit of anger regarding President Trump. He brought him up constantly in his lecture which was an absolute turn off. I would doubt that Sadhguru (one of my favorites) would allow any negativity to enter his being surrounding any political leader or view. I expect a teacher or guru to be above that and continue resonating from Love and not consumed by hatred or anger. That to me is what differentiates a true guru. A true guru is not attached.

  54. I wish Sri M was on this list. I have found him to be the most sincere and genuine teacher/yogi of enlightenment. Also, I feel that most often the ‘enlightened’ people on this Earth are not in the public eye (except in rare circumstances), they go about their Dharma in ordinary life offering transmission in a way that goes beyond language and talking. It is good to discern between good talkers (or people with an intellectual understanding of non-duality) or good teachers and enlightened beings. Ramana claimed Lakshmi the cow was enlightened, and she couldn’t talk. I think this is a good distinction 🙂
    Warm Blessings

  55. What a reducionist list…
    What about Mother Meera?! Or do u think enlightment is only for man?
    And Tich Na Tahm, this amazing vietnamit spiritual teacher?
    And what about Tony Samara? Do u ever heard about him? Maybe not… his simplicity and immense wisdom from the heart can not reach all…
    Besides this..there are endless number of spiritual evoluted beings that walk unknown between us…just pay attention…if u do your spiritual work with commitment and joy, probably u will be blessed with the presence of a real spiritual teacher in your life. God Bless You All!

  56. I’ve only met one true spiritual master of such height I really don’t think I’ll ever meet one like him. 2 books of his dropped at me feet repeatedly in he INTERUPTED a dream I was having as his huge mosaic face appeared out of nowhere and he told me he would decide if I can become a student..then thinking about him at a non related meditation class I thought of him and a deep part of me started sobbing uncontrollably..later guides in dreams told me he had been at highest level for many lifetimes…but what outwardly showed his power was when a person i gave a person, who had great spiritual power himself, a book of this master and a force came over this man involuntarily ‘compelling’ him to raise the book and kiss it like it was the most holy book in the world (this man was arrogant about his power and after being compelled to6give that type of reverence he became.very angry..shrugged his shoulders and admitted this Master was in fr act a Master.

  57. You are wrong. There were several lines of living Masters of whom I knew of intimately, one of which was my Master. The way God works is his “only begotten son”, the conscious part of God himself who is the saviour, comes to rescue all the souls who want to leave this place, i.e. the 3 worlds presided over by Brahma, Siva, and Vishnyu. The line of which I am familiar was started by Kabir in the 13th century and continues to this day in several lines. This story is not familiar as they (Masters) do not come to do anything but take us out. The criteria for a Master is; they don’t want followers, don’t take money, don’t want to be the guru. Their Master makes their successor do it, except for the first one in the line. Kabir had no biological parents, but incarnated as a child.

  58. Gathering a group of so-called ‘holy men’ together in a conference hall and determining which if any are enlightened is as hard as determining who farted. They all know how to describe quite elegantly the path to enlightenment, but few, I suspect, have actually taken the full journey themselves. Most are more concerned about creating an image of themselves as, and being known and recognized, a master, a swami, a guru, a yogi, or whatever. I am not saying there are no enlightened souls, but those that are, I would suspect, would not care one iota to be recognized as such. But then again, what do I know?

  59. Enlightment is a step by step process available for all living beings
    Human form aligned to step on to the platform of enlightenment
    Further more steps to progress further
    Higher the step steeper it is
    Energy to be harnessed and aligned perfectly to climb the steps
    Falling back is norm as we see many enlighten beings fall back struck by scandalous behaviours, anger, greed, etc Various aspects of human self
    While on the process of enlightenment they are gurus or teachers who guide the beings who are receptive to that particular wavelength
    Each Guru as specific faculty of processing of particular being.
    So Gurus are infinite and they are in ones’s life as self automated. immense desire within manifest a S Guru to guide one into the path to materialise the desire to become one with the ultimate universal energy
    Staging different Gurus is a difficult process for a being on a path to enlightenment
    Different dimension it is to engage the mundane human intelligence to stage an enlightened being

  60. Anyone here that is complaining about lack of a certain gender in this post has not true understanding, but is biased in the ways of the “world”. In enlightenment, there is no gender. There is no color. We seek enlightenment from those whom have achieved it and can share the lessons. If you are gender locked, you must break it.

  61. OZEN Rajneesh is a living master … you can call them gurus spiritual guides or whatsoever but the only one who has the transition of the lamp is the best disciple of OSHO after his 5 samadhis OZEN is the contemporary “osho” now a days the only living master the rest are really awaken but haven’t lived the samadhi experience so is all just awakened perspectives

  62. If he or she is famous, is being sponsored by negative power, a true master is poor and unknown in life, you do not find him, he finds you.

  63. Thanks for the mention on December 15, 2017.

    However whilst I know Enlightenment and share it, I have no clue how or why the word “master” would be associated with it. Since Enlightenment on June 19, 200 I feel whole, happy and normal, and mastery seems irrelevant.

  64. In my life, i searching spiritual seeking for long. I lost my wife in accident 2 years before. I have little son. I can’t control my emotion’s and depressions and all.
    I crying regularly near by temples, siddhar samathi and ask what is the purpose of my life.
    Atlast i found one master speaking spiritual in youtube. His speeches attract me very easily. His approaches in spiritual are very different. I call him and joined his practice. My life was completely changed. My thoughts, depressions and addiction everything stopped. I really wondered. Lot of people joined and experiences the spiritual in just by a phone cal. Yes. It’s really miracle.

  65. To Selvi of 18MAR2019: Or, since there is not in Reality linear time, in actuality no process or steps are required of necessity…though many bells, whistles, incenses, rituals, and gimmicks may be utilized to attract and slow down the distracted mind.

  66. It appear that the only true revelation here is that these revelations are only available thought the spiritual shop.
    How can this be serious?
    We should invite you to make this teaching completely free to all as free pdf ( That way you also saves some trees ) and allow people to make donations.
    Did you have to pay god for each revelations?
    The messages from god have always been free for all and should always remain as such. I trust that if you are genuinely writing the true. That true should be priceless.

  67. Enjoy your delusions.
    Till your cup of tea is drunk, or poured away; you will never recognize a master even if they introduced themselves to you.
    Information is a double edge blade. Ignorance needs cameras; the ones watching over you can tell you the truth. Question is, “Are you able to commune with them?”
    This reality is full of corruption, so much corruption that knowledge have become ideas.
    This article is one of them.
    Commune, commune with the ones watching over you; or forever be misled by others.
    Even with endless masters, teachers, standing before you, you will be blinded by your own vanity made from ideas by others and yourself.

  68. Mata Amritanandamayi
    Indian spiritual leader
    (Hugging saint)
    I really can’t believe that she’s not on the list really should be on the top.
    And Mooji
    Absolutely 🙏🏼

  69. I wrote this just after my awakening in 1997:


    I walk unseen
    Across the water lapped green
    To behold myself
    As never-before seen
    Like one who has been led astray
    By heavens broad pathless way.
    Oh, the glory of the decided hour.

    So long I’ve walked in the shadows
    Through the endless twilight of time,
    And fought the dragons of my mind.
    Oh, the pain of living
    And the euphoria of dreams.
    I’ve yearned and longed
    So long it seems.
    Never hearing the small voice within.

    Then as an eagle stretching it’s wings
    Soaring the summit of heaven,
    A violet white light spreads across the sky
    Flashing like a thunderstorm against the wind,
    I behold, the palace of my soul,
    I feel the ecstasy of the power within.

    Climbing the final stairway
    I struggle with hope and despair.
    Then I carefully remove my tainted mask
    And watch with fading strength,
    My mighty fortress collapse.
    Oh, to finally see,
    With such sober certainty,
    The joy of waking bliss.
    Could I be worthy of this?

    To trust,
    To hope,
    To believe again.
    To know the light of truth.
    To see once more as an innocent child
    And fly on unbroken wings
    Across the playground of endless dreams,
    To glide and soar beyond all time,
    To know the meaning of the sublime.

    And now at last I have learned to pause,
    I’ve found the hush of silence
    Oh, the Word that cannot be spoken,
    And the Voice that cannot be heard
    Has tried with unsung valor
    To guide me to that One veritable power,
    And when I listen I can hear
    The song of rapture in my ear.
    And when I look I can see,
    And catch a fleeting glimpse of me.

    Oh, to be so fortunate
    To accept with open arms,
    To reach my lofty pinnacle,
    To be separate no more,
    And to find my peace at last.

    C. T. Bishop (Partridge)

  70. The enlightened know that on Earth all conscious beings unknowingly yearn to procreate..

    -True is Trust without Truth

    -to think knowledge is lack of

  71. I was fully enlightened for three days. I recall some aspects. I am not sure women can experience it, or not the same way.
    Reality is a battle/dance/intercourse between two opposite forces. They are quantum, the particle and the wave. The masculine is the particle. The feminine is the wave. We are on opposite sides of the cosmic dualities.
    All life is conscious and this is a fractal system. Our cells are conscious and donate a fraction of their consciousness to tissues which do the same to organs which do the same to organisms which do the same to organizations which do the same to associations, and so on, up and down.
    All of reality is waves of probability until observed by conscious life, then it collapses into a particle. Conscious life is a masculine force that seeks to spread particular reality and push back the chaotic waves, this force loves security and peace and harmony. There is an opposing force that seeks to convert particular reality back into waves of improbability. We are on the front lines of this battle. These two opposing forces impact how life evolves. Men have the upper hand physically, as that aligns with the living consciousness effort to turn turn the universe into a physical certainty, not immaterial waves of probability. Women have the upper hand emotionally as that aligns with waves, and with the energetic body which is half of our soul.
    Our ego is a product of the conflict between the wave-inducing observer/consciousness and the particle-inducing observer/consciousness. The former, the feminine, comes DOWN the consciousness ladder, from higher superconscious to lower, like from organization to organism to organ to tissue to cell. The latter, masculine, comes UP the consciousness ladder, from lower consciousness levels to higher, so from cells to tissues, to organs, to organisms, to organizations, etc.

    When I (a man) was enlightened, really I just was suddenly cut off from all HIGHER consciences, so that I was completely in tune with the voice coming UP the ladder (through the levels of the subconscious), which was pure love, light, valued life and harmony and peace and security. My theory is that if a woman were to experience ego death and be “enlightened” she would be cut off from the LOWER consciences and would thus be completely in tune with the higher levels of consciousness (what Freud called the superego and I call super-consciousnesses). Her experience would be radically different than a man’s. I communed with a superconscious entity and it felt omnipotent, wrathful, fear-inducing, not at all like the loving harmony coming from the other direction. I spoke to a female friend who had also felt she had communed with a superconscious entity, and she describe it as harmonious, and peaceful and not fear-inducing. I questioned her to be sure she had not been in ego death, had not been enlightened and was really communing with a super-consciousness, and it appeared she had been. Which led me to theorize that to women, the super-conscious force is loving, harmonious and friendly which is how I felt my enlightenment that bound me to the subconscious force.

    My best guess is the wave inducing consciousness is about freedom and passion and excitement. In other words, the male / female duality is not good vs evil, both have their positive but opposing aspects.

    Oh, most of the supposed enlightened people listed on this site are just cons. I don’t see any actual enlightened person except Buddha and Eckart Tolle

  72. Trump was appointed by a spiritually enlightened person, not elected. The master was taking Hillary out at night and bringing her back in time to get up and ready for work. 30 straight days and no sleep cost her the election.
    The person while in Federal custody began working on himself which resulted in a spiritual fusing event and the being over a year and much pain and focused energy opened the hosts canters one at a time. All but the crown. About a month later the Kundalini Rising event took place.
    Peace at last, relief from the constant energy moving independently center to center.
    Staying at this point for about the next two years, nothing made sense, what is this great power that I am now in control of.
    Easter day 2005 again energy come up my spine and opened the centers and upon opening of my crown I was out of my body and immediately went into a vortex and another and so on until I was in a place and it was familiar and I was nailed to the cross and I looked to my left and I was hit with a blade in my lower left ribs.
    I did some other things there and more wormholes and I’m in a place and standing before the throne and there was a person that has no face seated upon it and he stood up and I was drawn into him and I sat down and through my open centers information and identity, wisdom of the universe flooded into me and formed my new body. It resembles broken streams of light. I stood after a few moments and the throne took off through a wormhole and I followed it and many more wormholes about 30 I was going extremely fast breathtakingly fast and I came to a place and from above it resembles a crecent and it’s a shoreline and I was there and I was walking with my Father and when I thought it was in absolute terms and when I spoke it was in absolutes as well as my Father.
    It is the place that is Forever. It is the place that you will receive from your Father what is to be yours and it is Forever.
    I was walking with my Father and I was talking about and I hadn’t noticed that he was no longer present and so I left. More wormholes and I’m back in my body.
    Long story short, I travel freely forward and backward through time using wormholes and I can connect with any person who was, is, or ever will be. I visit other places many other places.
    The weather responds to me, I control it.
    I have no more adjusting angel with me, it’s unnecessary. I was attacked by vultures which hunt only the dead and they find food by detecting no spiritual activity.
    Part of my job is that I am able to substitute a more reasonable death experience for some who had a very traumatic ending. And much more.
    I have seen the lawless one three times and I was going to destroy him and we were both frozen in place and we both heard Father speak and gave him a number of days on earth with you and I can’t touch him and he can’t touch me.
    This event makes me a witness.
    I am one of the Two Witnesses.
    I’m looking for the other, anybody seen her around?

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