Steps to Knowledge

Steps to Knowledge

“In the study of Steps to Knowledge, there is a process of building a bridge from your thinking mind—from your intellect—which has been so formulated through social conditioning and past experience, to the deeper mind of Knowledge that God has created, that is beyond the reach of social conditioning, that cannot be manipulated or altered by any worldly or other-worldly force.” — The Great Waves of Change

Steps to Knowledge is a spiritual practice that helps you reclaim the most fundamental relationship of your life: your relationship with Spirit. Ending Separation within yourself and reconnecting with your Divine nature allows you to become the potent force of contribution you were meant to be. This is the true religion.

Across the ages and even across the universe, all true spiritual practices have aimed the individual to the greater source of truth within. This is the pearl at the core of humanity’s religious traditions. It is not a system of belief or ideas. It is a practice that takes you somewhere new.

Humanity is blessed with a rich spiritual heritage though it can be difficult to discern the true way. Religious and spiritual practices have been altered, corrupted, misunderstood or simply forgotten over our troubled history. The practices that have escaped this fate cannot adequately prepare us to face the world we live in. A new way was needed.

The Steps to Knowledge spiritual practice was received in a state of Revelation by Marshall Vian Summers in 1989. Over a few days and nights, the words flowed out of him and were recorded on 11 audio cassettes. The spiritual practice was first published in book form and is now freely available on the internet as a PDF and by website.

“Become dedicated to finding Knowledge and you will find Knowledge. And you will find those relationships that are based upon Knowledge.” — Living the Way of Knowledge

The Steps practice consists of 365 steps meant to be taken daily and in sequence. Each step takes you closer to Knowledge – your true nature. They gradually break down the barriers that you have built up against who you truly are. Cultivating inner stillness and the rightful use of the mind are emphasized throughout the practice.

The way of Knowledge is simple and clear, though it is not always easy. We have been lost in Separation for a very long time. This is not just a new set of spiritual ideas to think about. Steps to Knowledge, like all true spiritual practices, will fundamentally change you. It is the return to God. There is no greater journey.

The world is rapidly changing. You will perhaps feel it if you sit still for a moment. Knowledge can help us navigate these uncertain shores as it is the mind within you that Knows. It cannot be corrupted or influenced by any force. The man or woman of Knowledge will be in the best possible position to contribute in the difficult times ahead. You are not here by accident. Knowledge knows what gifts you came to give.

If you have not found your way in any of the world’s existing spiritual practices, then it is likely that Steps to Knowledge is for you. The world needs your contribution. It needs this deeper strength that lies within you, waiting to be activated. Begin your journey today.

10 thoughts on “Steps to Knowledge”

  1. I have been a Steps to Knowledge student for over 3 years. I have seen the changes it’s brought about to my life. The steps are straight forward but they are extremely powerful. I have a long ways to go, but already they have brought relationships of purpose into my life. I don’t know what my calling will be, but I sense that Steps is taking me somewhere… one small step at a time.

  2. Truly An Amazing Book. I have been a student of Knowledge for three years now..I finally feel whole, integrated and free within. It is exactly what I sought all my Life. It is our Inner Guidance System. To develop a relationship with it is to experience your true self. . Your Source. Here Knowledge will guide you and Protect you through every situation. I am so grateful I stumbled upon this Book. It saved my life in many ways.

  3. This book changed my life.

    If I was going to die and had one thing to say to a loved one, I would say the following: “Take the Steps to Knowledge.”

  4. I am currently over half way through my second year of Steps. Steps has changed, and continues to change, my whole awareness of life and the greater forces at work in the world. I second what David has said above; Steps is the greatest gift to give or receive that I can think of.

  5. I have been reading meditation stillness though dictation from Neale Donald Walsh conformation with God like to gain knowledge on a larger scale on where I go from here. Please send me any material that could be helpful .. Thank y

  6. The Steps to Knowledge is a book that spans the eons of time. And now it has been made available to the world through Marshall Vian Summers. I have been practicing the Steps to Knowledge for four years now and have reached a new plateau in my understanding of myself, my relationships, the world around me and my service in this world. There is a growing community of people around the world practicing these Steps and reaping the benefits, not only for themselves but for humanity as a whole.

  7. I have been practicing Steps to Knowledge for 8 years, and it changed my life both internally and externally and brought me to the right people and place for the greater purpose that is being revealed over time. For those who are seeking for greater meaning and life purpose and direction, I strongly recommend you to explore this. It is free online for everyone.

    1. Why am I seeing posts from people saying they have been using this”technique” for multiple years? I have not read the book or looked into the “steps” but I do believe that above in this post it says there are 365 of them. I also believe it says that they are to be done daily, I am assuming it means one a day and not 365 steps everyday; therefore this should be completed in a year if my math is right. I was spoken to by God or “spirit” directly (on a side note if you actually hear from God, which every human has the capability to, then there are a lot of things that you will ask and the answers that are “receive” from him will most likely not be to your liking (it will be the truth though) and I believe it has been long enough for people to know that Christ incarnate is walking the earth right now.

  8. I have transformed myself through the inner energy arts, alchemy. fetal breathing is apparently a master level attainment. I have studied the high wisdom, 32 to be exact as a pathworker,

    I have experienced monad consciousness multiple times, and have a working relationship with the local hierarchies of spirits.

    allow me to show you.

  9. Steps to knowledge is the most amazing and the most important book of our time. I came across it in the year 2016, from then until now I have been taking the steps to knowledge. Guess what? It has changed my whole understanding of self and transform my view of life in the world. It is the most revolutionary of all books.

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