How To Become Enlightened

“Do not hold enlightenment as the goal of your life, for the person you are seeking to enlighten is the one who is standing in your way. It is your undoing that enlightens you.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

Now that you’ve read about what is enlightenment, the question surely arises: “How do I become enlightened?” Only Spirit can take you to Spirit. You cannot become enlightened through sheer force of will.  Yes, you can set the stage. Of course you can prepare.  However, this can never take you the whole way.

Enlightenment is about reclaiming your most fundamental relationship and becoming a vehicle for its expression in the world. It is all about relationship. It cannot be done alone. When the time is right your Spirit will move you to undertake a spiritual practice. If it is a true practice and one that is right for you, it will take you to new places. It will prepare you for living the sacred life.

Still think you can do it alone? Have you crafted your own special spiritual practice out of a hodge podge of ideas from various traditions? Be careful here. If you go it alone and do as you feel is best, you’ll stay exactly where you are. Take a chance. Feel your Spirit out. Which practice is closest to your heart?

Humanity has a rich spiritual tradition. There are many genuine spiritual practices to choose from. We are strong advocates for the Steps to Knowledge spiritual practice because it has been especially crafted for the modern individual. It will prepare you for the turbulent times ahead by taking you close to Spirit. Without the burden of religious dogma and the corrupting influence of human history, Steps to Knowledge is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale spiritual landscape.

Applying yourself to your practice in a consistent manner will increase your desire and capacity for Spirit. It will create a space within yourself for something new to emerge. Strength and self-honesty is an absolute must here. You must be willing to correct or let go of any behavior standing in your way.  As your Spirit takes you to greater heights it will be natural for you to let such things go, but this can take a very long time.

Like a gardener preparing the grounds for planting season, you are setting the stage for something special to happen. When the conditions within you are right and the world calls out for your gifts, your Spirit will activate you. Like a seed bursting with life, it will begin a great process of inner growth and transformation. You are not in control here. You can only watch in awe and make sure the conditions on the ground stay favorable. An ancient part of you is emerging.

An enlightened person becomes a translator between Heaven and Earth. The world needs your contribution. You are a small but vital part of a very great plan. Enlightenment can no longer be a special state reserved for certain adept individuals. You are reading this because a part of you knows this. A part of you yearns for a greater life. If you seek a happy life of spiritual intoxication, you will merely be strengthening  one more of the mind’s many ambitions. Become a contributor and you will transcend your humanity to help uplift the human race. The choice is clear. Nasi novare coram.

18 thoughts on “How To Become Enlightened”

  1. ciao i would like to ask u how it’s posssible that osho rajneesh the real one it’s not part of this web site??? camon man how this is possible? i like your web site but this is strange to me, just wanted to tell u good luck ap

    1. apurva, just check again; Rajneesh is there just above Ramna Maharshi.
      in light love forgive clear gratitude

    2. Dear Pay close attention his name is right at the beginning. May you find your path through the enlightenment. Regards

  2. Hi, I don’t know if I have posted anything here before…I have wordpress account of some writings. I have tried to avoid using the word enlightenment simply because it might mean different things to different people. If I said I was fully illuminated, which I am, it describes a state where I am fully connected to the light…quoting Carlos Castenada…he saw the light body fully within the physical one…light the movie 2001, A Space Odessy…”it’s full of light…” As you see, I have had to go and use metaphors in literature and writings to best describe what I have become…have I followed any steps or teachings…have I followed my own inclinations…you can probably say yes…do I share similar states of beings with spiritual masters from the East…I do not know…I have not met anyone who shares similar experiences…this is an entirely a new world we are inhabiting…it seems to me that previous masters have just help set the stage so we who are presently incarnated can help those who follow along these similar pathways…each totally unique and individual…I applaud you efforts…for we are all we have…we are all one …blessings and peace my friend…

    1. I am so struck by the great respect people commenting here have for each other and for what is presented here. Our world seems so divided and contentious right now but within this little microcosm I feel the possibility of union for humanity. I is lovely to visit this site and I am grateful for what is presented here.

  3. I am as well troubled to understand the difference between Enlightened and Illuminant beings. Can one who is conversant with these terms shade more light.

  4. This site has met my curiosity, I am a trained Computer Technolgist who later found himself becoming a Prophet in a local
    church in Nigeria, in November 1999, something spectacular happened when at bout 11 o’clock in the night while laying on a sofer near my church waiting foe night vilgil service, a sudden radiating sunshine overwhelmed me rendering me unconscious, next was a roaring and thunderous voice of EEELLLLLLAAA! I was in this unconscious state for many hours.
    Ever since then i started noticing changes in my perceptions, making me to start questioning some weird religions doctrine and practice, due to this l left mainstream religiosity and became a Teacher of Life and Holistic Healer which have open me to some astounding revelations on truths of Life, which are limited by religious heresies.
    People are astounded by my teachings that are practical and life changing. Can l call this a path of enlightenment, people even now call LORD ELA – The Enlightened one! Should accept this tag!Meanwhile i am still learing from LIFE! and still seeking more knowledge, and willing to link up with some living Masters that can enhance my calling.

  5. Hi I have read a few comments on enlightenment a lot of it seems to be some kind of mystical journey. My enlightenment was done to me by the other side and is nothing like most of the ones I have read. When the other side enlightened me it happened instantly I then was able to understood the teachings and parables of Jesus Christ even though I am not into religion.l believe this is the true enlightenment. Also l can only assume I would understand the teachings of Buddha but have not tested it. I believe I can help others to become enlightened by using triggers. Remember you were born enlightened but lost it to corruption, it states in the bible that you are born into corruption, if this was not true then everyone would be enlightened and they are not. I do not have a bible as the other side told me I did not need one. To give you some context of how this happened, I have had 8 vision, the first one I did not believe and I had the second one straight after, this one proved to me there was life after death, over the next 5 to 6 years I had 5 visions which meant nothing to me, but now I believe it has something to do with the return of Jesus Christ, that is up for debate. I then had my 8th vision that was when the other side enlightened me. So if you’re interested in being enlightened let me know.

    Thanks Tre

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