Jesus Christ (4 BCE-33)

“It is the state that Jesus acquired that you most earnestly desire. You must not then make a hero of him, or you will lose what he has accomplished. Regarding the religion that has been established around him, it has little to do with him, we assure you. It offers the promise of his accomplishment, though it does not establish the means.” — Secrets of Heaven

Does Christianity have anything to do with the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ? It’s a question worth asking. True religion and spirituality are alive in the world when Spirit is being expressed. This religious essence cannot be written down. It can only be experienced. Jesus Christ can only be known by experiencing the Christ Consciousness as he did – the timeless aspect of ourselves that has not left God.

“Did Jesus really say ‘No one comes to the Father except through me’?  The Holy Spirit spoke this through Jesus and that changes everything. The great pronouncements attributed to Jesus, those that actually happened, represent the Voice of Revelation speaking through their Prophet for that time. Jesus, the man, could not do this. Words of Revelation do not come from an individual. They are too great.” — Marshall Vian Summers

One can argue that this misunderstood passage has done more harm than any other part of the Bible. Throughout the ages it has been used by many Christians to repudiate other religious paths.

His enlightenment was so complete that Spirit overtook him. Jesus the human being never spoke these words. It was the Christ Consciousness expressing itself through the intermediary of Jesus the man. Throughout human history, enlightened masters have all said the same thing. The path back to God is found within. Jesus was no different in that respect.

“The teaching of compassion, forgiveness, and devotion and the example of Jesus all serve to unite people across these great and difficult gaps of separation. Jesus’ accomplishment, then, was to help usher in the age of civilization.” — Who Is Jesus?

Was Jesus just another enlightened being expressing Spirit? No, his role was far greater than this. He was a Messenger. Jesus delivered a new message for humanity that helped usher in a new era: the age of civilization.

It is common to argue that Christianity has done more harm than good. We forget what the world was like two thousand years ago. Humanity was separated into disparate warring tribes, each with their own religious idols and institutions. Only a radical new message, a Greater religion, could unite these different peoples.

Christianity was open to absolutely everyone – a shocking notion for that time and place. People in every part of the world today share the same practices, the same rituals and the same values. To humanity’s great benefit, the Messenger Jesus Christ helped bring this about.

His life was short. He pointed the way but failed to establish the means of redemption. Christianity is devoid of any clear spiritual practice. Jesus is a beautiful and inspirational demonstration of a life overtaken by Spirit, but the truth is that we can all be vessels for a greater expression in life. Christianity does not emphasize this.

Who Really Is Jesus?

Jesus represents a major figure in the evolution of the world, an initiator—one of the principle initiators of a great period that is now coming to a close in the world. Let us talk about Jesus within the context of the evolution of the world, for this will give you a greater understanding of his role and of the great results that have been demonstrated by his life and by the translation of Knowledge that he helped generate… Read more about the incredible story of Jesus the Christ.

The True History of Religions in the World

Most of human history in the world has been one of tribal existence, where very small groups of people lived in isolation with minimal contact between cultures. This system was able to work for a long time. However, with the development of greater intellectual abilities and the development of agriculture and social organization, local human communities grew in size and began to compete with each other increasingly… Read about the evolution of religion in this world.

The Real Jesus?

Can this be the true face of Jesus Christ? This portrait was done by Akiane when she was only 9 years old. At the age of 3 she had visions of God. She claims it was inspired by God.

Interestingly, the movie Heaven is for Real details the story of Colton – another unusual boy. He had a near-death experience and claims to have met Jesus. His skeptical father showed him numerous images and paintings of Jesus to try and dissuade his son from this peculiar notion. None of them had any impact on Colton until he saw Akiane’s painting. This is the man he saw during his near-death experience.

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  1. Before I Read Your Article I First Said To Myself This Jesus Portrait Looks Like The Revelation I Had In The Midnight Like 16Years Ago. Actually, I Have Been Praying For It! This Confirms It.

  2. I can not say that I completely agree on this. What many need to understand is the body and mind are connected, but the heart is separate from both. I find that in terms of Christianity the religion does emphasis a greater expression than most religions. I don’t even need to speak about life and or living. I am talking about what happens after a person’s death. The after life is the most unknown life to our conscious. When we die our conscious dies as well. What Jesus emphasis is the greatest thing of all, the after life of Heaven. Jesus emphasis that we all have eternal life or an eternal heart or what Christian’s call the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is immortally perfect. It’s what all humans and life are indeed born with, and will still have after death. Now the issue for human’s sake is the mind. The mind is part of body meaning that our mind controls our body. There is a certain defiance when the mind can control the mind (or the conscious). However consciousness is determined is by your subconscious. Subconsciously you will- in a sense, empower your subconscious from the moment of conception. The subconscious is large and vast and interrelated to all human minds and life. As we begin the world, we feel, wonder, observe, question, taste, and think subconsciously. Once you become conscious you are “aware”. You are aware of your behavior, you are aware of others, you are aware of life. It is at that moment that you reach a moderate level of happiness, euphoria and self purpose. But that is a slight summary of my principles of the mind. What goes deeper than our consciousness is our Holy Spirit. What Jesus wants from us is to be conscious of your sacred heart. Be aware of what you have, along with all humans and life. Jesus was aware of his Holy Spirit, because Jesus had complete trust that God choose him to save the negatives, bad karma’s, or what Christian’s call sins. Our sins our when we go against the ways of purity, but sins do not mean you are “impure”. This is the logic that Jesus implies to human life, that “No one can sin the most, because I took them all”. Jesus had complete trust in his will, which lead him to have the miracle performing abilities he had. Jesus understands immortality because he understands completely and trust completely in God. That is why Jesus is considered the “Son of God”, because no other human understands and trusted God as much as Jesus did. God is in all of us, God is love, God is good. We all have the Holy Spirit within us, we all have love and goodness within our spirit and heart. We commonly get too involved with mind and body. We forgot that Christianity is founded upon faith, or “complete trust”. In order to truly understand Christianity, you must understand faith. And there is more to faith than just a definition. Once you understand faith, you will understand Jesus. I hope this maybe could give you some insight. Please feel free to email me back for any questions on my self-enlightened principles. I try to describe in the best way I can. Speaking is easier. Thank you.

    1. The holy spirit will not live with in you until you ask christ into you life. For Christ said the holy Spirit has always been with you but one day will live with in you. When you ask christ into you life then the Holy spirit lives with in you.

  3. Some good points but I disagree with a few. The Christian church has lost it’s way a bit, but it has faithfully kept the message over time. Within the New testamenent is Jesus’s roadmap for us…

    Forgiveness, all day, everyday
    Ask “The father consciousness” for all and do not rely on our human urges and desires
    Try to love your enemies rather than hate (a life’s work in itself!!!!)
    It’s all there in The lord’s prayer…

    Everytime I practice forgiveness my vibration flies up.

  4. Jesus was not a Christian: he was a Jew. Paul invented Christianity, and Paul’s beliefs directly contradicted the teachings of Jesus, which are the same as the teachings of the Buddha. Paul hated the Jews, so to say that the religion he invented was open to Jews is utterly false. Paul set the Jewish race up for centuries of persecution by slandering them as god-killers, and European antisemitism based on Paul’s slander culminated in the holocaust.

    1. @Diana…If Jesus is not a Christian but a Jew then who is “Jesus”? Our CHRIST. We believers of Him are called Christians and His Followers… even Jewish people are called Christians to some in this world because they preach the word of God and His Son Jesus Christ…so you said Jesus is not Christian but a Jew…then who the Jewish people is preaching they said His the son of God? again “CHRIST”…so if they preach Christ then they are also the followers of Christ right? so Jews are also “Christians”…like i said if you said Jews arent Christians, can you tell us who they are then?

      Also Paul He was an Apostle Yes it says in the Bible 2 Corinthians 12 that God knew him with his heart, Paul was always against the Jews when he was Saul but when he was annointed then he come Paul and he loves everyone cos he is a follower of Jesus a Christianity.

  5. I find your observation intriguing.

    However, I say all of the following with love.
    Paul himself was a Jew, and one that was very proud about his heritage at that, as evidenced in his writing (and in accounts referencing him).

    Though Paul had formerly been an individual that boasted the Jewish law, it is true that he began to see a different, deeper way of living, which he felt was represented in Christ.
    He knew that Jesus spoke of the heart and the way life should be lived through it– Paul simply elected to expand upon the heart issues (hatred) that Jesus taught can be healed and transformed (to love) through His example.
    It would appear that they expounded upon different aspects of the same teaching, with Jesus teaching about the “root of being” and Paul addressing the more “surface level” questions arising from learning this different way of being.

  6. After Jesus who got enlightened & what did he say to his experience of enlightenment to his followers, if any of them had any.

  7. Well Jesus is the greatest Man to have lived in history and that says a lot about Who He is. He wasn’t just man but God in the flesh. “I and My Father are One”.

  8. It’s 2024 February. I had a visitation on November 24 in 2023. And I saw Jesus. After that moment. I went on Google to find a pic closest to what I saw. I got scared that someone also had seen this same image. This is the closest image of the person I saw, only major difference really is the color. The person I saw was olive, very Middle eastern. Otherwise everything else on point. I am 44, and only now I saw his face and one thing that I still can’t get over, the love he gives off. Wow, I didn’t want to stare, felt unworthy to, but he let me and made me know how much he loves me, and even with that, his love can’t be comprehended … It’s overwhelming.

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