“You cannot run away to God, for you were sent into the world to serve a world in need. That is why the Presence is not a form of intoxication. It is not a grand escape. It is not ascending far beyond, never to return. Why would God call you back to Heaven when great effort was made to bring you into the world?” — God’s Power and Presence in the World

The story of Rajneesh is one of a disciple’s love for his master. It is the inexplicable tale of a devotee. Rajneesh’s master Osho was as brilliant as he was controversial. Few people reach such heights. What does this mean for Rajneesh? Is he forever doomed to live under the shadow of the tall oak tree that was Osho?

Spirit is creative. It is the very source and wellspring of all true creativity. Enlightenment means that one can follow and become an expression of Spirit. Therefore, there is no danger of Rajneesh becoming a pale copy of Osho so long as he represents his inner source of truth. Freshness and creativity are then assured.

Rajneesh is a traditional guru that’s updated his style to better fit a modern age. His focus on dancing  to raise the vibrations of his disciples is well received by the younger generation that makes up the bulk of his followers. Osho’s dynamic meditation method also utilized free-form movement as a precursor to stillness. It is an homage to his roots.

His new project is the creation of a large commune on Indian soil. He envisions a community of seekers working and living together for the sake of attainment. Wasn’t this tried by Osho in the 1960s and 70s to often disastrous results? One wonders if Rajneesh could avoid the many pitfalls that befell these earlier communities.

Is this what the world needs? A commune of seekers centralized around an enlightened guru? Perhaps some people need this. There are different paths for different people. However, for change to flower on a mass scale, many more of us will have to seek and reconnect with our inner source of peace. We can’t all live on communes.

Our true work is out here in the world. Enlightenment is about purpose and contribution – about giving the gifts you came here to give. Can this really be done within the sheltered enclaves of a spiritual commune? Rajneesh’s vision is beautiful though highly limited. The world has passed it by. We must all become masters now.

Enlightenment Story

it all started with this seven days ultimatum
my body started to get very very hot…i was getting high fever
and continuously sweating…moaning in high fever in my sleep
the next day the body started to get ice cold
to shiver and shiver…my teeth chattering
it was all strange…

Read Rajneesh’s enlightenment story.


A few videos of Rajneesh. What do you think?


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  1. Get to know this man via his books and teachings He WAS truly the clearest enlightened communicator there has been. Really relevant to the modern world. Cheeky as hell and spot on…….

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