Hazrat Babajan

“Despite millions of learned pundits and thousands of wise men, Only God understands, His own way of working!”

She sat silently. Day in and day out. Always under that same tree, near the road. Nothing at all remarkable about her. Unless you had the eyes and heart to see, that is. She was a silent sufi mystic. One of humanity’s great teachers. Her quiet demonstration and the  spiritual presence that overflowed from her were her only teaching tools. It’s all she needed. Far more powerful than reading a book.

She called Afghanistan her home until her wedding day on her 18th birthday. Born in a family of power and influence, she was expected to marry the groom especially chosen for her. Babajan had different ideas. She escaped to a different life.

It must have come as no surprise to people who had grown up with her. Even as a child she had always been a little different. Unlike other girls her age, she spent much time in meditation and prayerful solitude. A portent of great things to come.

Babajan, following a mysterious calling, made her way to the city of Peshawar near the Khyber Pass. It was there that she met a Self-realized Hindu guru. This meeting altered the course of her life. Following his advice, she secluded herself into the mountains and
undertook a severe form of spiritual training and practiced many austerities. This lasted seventeen months.

Thereafter, Babajan lived the difficult though beautiful life of a sādhvī. It wasn’t until the age of 37 that she finally met the person that would put an end to her struggle. Through a mysterious shaktipat transfusion of Spirit, a Muslim Saint helped her realize her  true nature. Babajan was never the same after that. She was far more.

After many travels and adventures, now an old woman, she finally settled in the Indian city of Pune. Sleeping outdoors, living as a silent mystic, she could have easily been mistaken for a beggar. In reality she was so rich, rich with the presence of Spirit, that she gave more than she ever took. Crowds gathered and pilgrims would even make their way just to sit silently with her. Thirsty seekers were quenched by the Spiritual essence that overflowed from her Being.

She is perhaps most remembered for her spiritual initiation of Meher Baba. From her perch beneath the tree, Babajan watched this young man walk by her countless times. He was just a regular kid on his way to school. She must have known he was different, must have seen his potential.

Meher Baba began spending time with her. True to her nature, she said nothing. They mostly sat silently next to each other. On an average day in May of 1913, everything changed. She kissed him on the forehead. A kiss so powerful it knocked him out. She gave to him what was once given to her. Intoxicated with God, Meher Baba was nearly comatose for the next 9 months.

Hazrat Babajan kept the fire of Spirit aglow in the world. She continued the ancient transmission of Knowledge that has helped humanity survive and thrive. Like her, we can all become vessels for Spirit. One person at a time, the Light nourishes us all.

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