Marshall Vian Summers Quotes About Stillness And Preparation

The word “Knowledge” is here used in a different way. It is the immortal aspect of yourself that has not left God. It is your Spirit – what some might call Higher Self, Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature.

“If you yourself can prepare a way will be made for you.”

“We wait for Knowledge to guide us. Knowledge waits for us to be willing to act.”

“If you are going to build a tall mast, you need a deep keel. The work goes on both above and below the surface.”

“You have to receive the Message and carry it in your heart. When you do that, it constantly speaks to you.”

“You must be able to practice your own faith in your own household.”

“Practice will make you strong. Teaching others will make you stronger.”

“To clarify about the mind: In three years you can train the mind to become a real and reliable servant of Knowledge, but if you stop directing it in this way, it will revert back to its old ways.”

“Become focused as a student. Being focused means you are pushing yourself in the direction you need to go.”

“Too much adversity, not good. Not enough adversity, not good. We need a certain amount of stress and outer resistance to maintain our physical and mental strength. Knowledge can then move more freely within you if you have this strength.”

“Pyschic ability can be developed with or without Knowledge. Without Knowledge it can be taken over by a dark force.”

“Obstacles arise when you take you mind off of the goal.
Look for opportunities and listen for the time and place to speak or act.”

“In the meantime we do all the little things we see to do. And we watch for the opportunities. We are all in training in this respect.”

“This is the Journey of ten thousand steps.”

“Rahn connects us with the power and movement in the universe and with those individuals and assemblies of individuals who have attained a high state.”

“Part of us is weak, part of us is strong. The weak must follow the strong within us. The mind must follow Knowledge. Think of it like this.”

“You take the journey and sometimes you know what you are doing and sometimes you don’t.”

“If you stop taking the Steps, you don’t get up the mountain.”

“Within you is both the great and the small. The small should follow the great for the great will never follow the small.”

“Only the part of us that is not separate can clearly see the origin and the cause of separation. The mind can only serve the separation or the return. The soul must decide.”

“In any situation where you can’t practice stillness, practice looking at others and the world without judgement. That is stillness in action.”

“We have the Great Practices—stillness, inner listening, looking without judgement, feeling the Presence. waiting for Knowledge to respond in difficult situations, praying for others— etc, which can be practiced in all situations. You have to be still to do any of these things.”

“Inner listening is often easier than stillness and can lead to the same end. Out in the world I practice listening inside and out at the same time.”

“Practice looking passively at anything one ear to the outside, one ear to theinside. Do this is quiet places at first. Jet engines come later.”

“Listen a lot. It beats talking a lot. We practice listening not to get things but to develop the skills and the sensivity. Like the deer in the field or the hawk in the air, always watching and listening.”

“Say, sing or whisper ‘God is with me now.’ Do this out in the world. Even if you have weak intention sing/chant ‘God is with me now.'”

“The mind is like a child who must follow the loving care and movement of Spirit.”

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