Marshall Vian Summers Quotes About Giving And Purpose

The word “Knowledge” is here used in a different way. It is the immortal aspect of yourself that has not left God. It is your Spirit – what some might call Higher Self, Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature.

“God responds to what you give and why you give, not what you believe.”

“Knowledge is trying to take us somewhere, to move somewhere we have to be impacted. And we will impact others through the movement of our lives.”

“We have come to give our gifts no matter what the outcome. In this we are free to give the greater gift.”

“When engaging with someone about God. Always practice inner listening to see if or when you should speak. With some people, remain silent.”

“You are being called. Can you feel this?”

“Heaven will ask things of you at some point, perhaps small things at first. You must be ready.”

“Knowledge is not just here to give you what you want or to help you when you are in trouble, it is trying to take you somewhere.”

“When the mission becomes clear, there is no turning back. Then you must let wisdom guide your actions so you can navigate the turns, weather the adversity and seize upon the opportunities, which will naturally arise.”

“May Knowledge reshape your lives so that your greater destiny may come into view.”

“One less fully separate person in the world. This is powerful. Knowledge will move that person.”

“Knowledge cannot stall within you, it must move through you to others.”

“In the end, it is all about what you serve, who you serve and why you serve. You can only use spirituality to serve yourself for so long. In the end it is all about service.”

“In time, Knowledge will literally have you speak to certain people in certain situations. The communication will pass right through you. And you will be as amazed as the person receiving it.”

“Heaven smiles upon those who share its gifts.”

“Your purpose is to discover your Knowledge, follow knowledge and let Knowledge shape and redirect your life. Your Calling is what Knowledge asks you specifically to do once you are ready to move in a specific direction. It is here that your relationships must become connected to your calling, and not just to your purpose.”

“To everyone, continue to be focused on giving as the “Gift” is working through you. Doors will open if you are willing to pass through.”

“Let each of us allow Knowledge to guide us in our lives and in the sharing of this gift which is meant not only for us, but for the whole world. I will be with you, as you are with me.”

“God gives you something important to do and that is what takes you out of misery and separation. God has given you the power to do this in Knowledge.”

2 thoughts on “Marshall Vian Summers Quotes About Giving And Purpose”

  1. I’ve been blessed with a gift and Our God won’t let me stop thinking about it. I am gripped by forever’s kiss in a forever motion of bliss.

  2. Oh what troubles does the Truth stir up! But it’s worth it. Feeling blessed to be living in a time of Revelation, and to have been initiated by the voice of the Messenger.

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