George Gurdjieff

Quotes By George Gurdjieff About God, Religion and Life

“Practice love on animals first; they react better and more sensitively.”

“Two things in life are infinite; the stupidity of man and the mercy of God.”

“The greatest untold story is the evolution of God.”

“The only type of sexual relations possible are those with someone who is as advanced and capable as oneself.”

“Love without knowledge is demonic.”

“If you want to lose your faith, make friends with a priest.”

“Meat is necessary when there is hard physical work to be done, or in a very cold climate, or when edible plants cannot be found…Animal flesh provides all the substances we need, both for the intensive working of our organism and for maintaining a normal temperature in cold climates.”

“Laughter relieves us of superfluous energy, which, if it remained unused, might become negative, that is, poison. Laughter is the antidote.”

“Religion is doing; a man does not merely think his religion or feel it, he lives his religion as much as he is able, otherwise it is not religion but fantasy or philosophy.”

“A ‘sin’ is something which is not necessary.”

“Judge others by yourself and you will rarely be mistaken.”

“Consider what people think of you—not what they say.”

“Here there are neither Russians nor English, Jews nor Christians, but only those who pursue one aim—to be able to be.”

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