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Jiddu Krishnamurti Enlightenment Story

This is an excerpt from Krishnamurti: The Years of Awakening by Mary Luytens.

Ever since I left Australia I have been thinking and deliberating about the message which the Master K. H. gave me while I was there. I naturally wanted to achieve those orders as soon as I could, and I was to a certain extent uncertain as to the best method of attaining the ideals which were put before me.

I do not think a day passed without spending some thought over it, but I am ashamed to say all this was done most casually and rather carelessly. But at the back of my mind the message of the Master ever dwelt.

Well, since August 3rd, I meditated regularly for about thirty minutes every morning. I could, to my astonishment, concentrate with considerable ease, and within a few days I began to see clearly where I had failed and where I was failing. Immediately I set about, consciously, to annihilate the wrong accumulations of the past years. With the same deliberation I set about to find out ways and means to achieve my aim.

First I realized that I had to harmonize all my other bodies with the Buddhic plane (the highest plane of consciousness) and to bring about this happy combination I had to find out what my ego wanted on the Buddhic plane. To harmonize the various bodies I had to keep them vibrating at the same rate as the Buddhic, and to do this I had to find out what was the vital interest of the Buddhic.

With ease which rather astonished me I found the main interest on that high plane was to serve the Lord Maitreya and the Masters. With that idea clear in my physical mind I had to direct and control the other bodies to act and to think the same as one the noble and spiritual plane. During that period of less than three weeks, I concentrated to keep in mind the image of the Lord Maitreya throughout the entire day, and I found no difficulty in doing this. I found that I was getting calmer and more serene. My whole outlook on life was changed.

Then, on the 17th of August, I felt acute pain at the nape of my neck and I had to cut down my meditation to fifteen minutes. The pain instead of getting better as I had hoped grew worse. The climax was reached on the 19th. I could not think, nor was I able to do anything, and I was forced by friends here to retire to bed. Then I became almost unconscious, though I was well aware of what was happening around me.

I came to myself at about noon each day. On the first day while I was in that state and more conscious of the things around me, I had the first most extraordinary experience. There was a man mending the road; that man was myself; the pickaxe he had was myself; the very stone which he was breaking up was a part of me; the tender blade of grass was my very being, and the three beside the man was myself. I almost could feel and think like the roadmender, and I could feel the wind passing through the tree, and the little ant on the blade of grass I could feel. The birds, the dust, and the very noise were a part of me. Just then there was a car passing by at some distance; I was the driver, the engine, and the tires; as the car went further away from me, I was going away from myself. I was in everything, or rather everything was in me, inanimate and animate, the mountain, the worm, and all breathing things.

All day long I remained in this happy condition. I could not eat anything, and again at about six I began to lose my physical body, and naturally the physical elemental did what it liked; I was semi-conscious.

The morning of the next day (the 20th) was almost the same as the previous day, and I could not tolerate too many people in the room. I could feel them in rather a curious way and their vibrations got on my nerves. That evening at about the same hour of six I felt worse than ever. I wanted nobody near me nor anybody to touch me. I was feeling extremely tire and weak. I think I was weeping from mere exhaustion and lack of physical control. My head was pretty bad and the top part felt as though many needles were being driven in. While I was in this state I felt that the bed in which I was lying, the same one as on the previous day, was dirty and filthy beyond imagination and I could not lie in it.

Suddenly I found myself sitting on the floor and Nitya and Rosalind asking me to get into bed. I asked them not to touch me and cried out that the bed was not clean. I went on like this for some time till eventually I wandered out on the verandah and sat a few moments exhausted and slightly calmer. I began to come to myself and finally Mr. Warrington asked me to go under the pepper tree which is near the house.

There I sat crosslegged in the meditation posture. When I had sat thus for some time, I felt myself going out of my body, I saw myself sitting down with the delicate tender leaves of the tree over me. I was facing the east. In front of me was my body and over my head I saw the Star, bright and clear.

Then I could feel the vibrations of the Lord Buddha; I beheld Lord Maitreya and Master K. H. I was so happy, calm and at peace. I could still see my body and I was hovering near it. There was such profound calmness both in the air and within myself, the calmness of the bottom of a deep unfathomable lake. Like the lake, I felt my physical body, with its mind and emotions, could be ruffled on the surface but nothing, nay nothing, could disturb the calmness of my soul.

The presence of the mighty Beings was with me for some time and then They were gone. I was supremely happy, for I had seen. Nothing could ever be the same. I have drunk at the clear and pure waters at the source of the fountain of life and my thirst was appeased. Never more could I be thirsty, never more could I be in utter darkness. I have seen the Light. I have touched compassion which heals all sorrow and suffering; it is not for myself, but for the world. I have stood on the mountain top and gazed at the mighty Beings. Never can I be in utter darkness; I have seen the glorious and healing light.The fountain of Truth has been revealed to me and the darkness has been dispersed. Love in all its glory has intoxicated my heart; my heart can never be closed. I have drunk at the fountain of joy and eternal Beauty. I am God-intoxicated.

7 thoughts on “Jiddu Krishnamurti Enlightenment Story”

  1. Its so strange what happened in that period of his life, not well conveyed in words..

    .. yet now 30 years from his death, i am not sure if anybody has deeply understood him. I’ve spoken with so many people these days and almost all seem to perceive him as a messiah.. which is not the case with K.. Krishnamurti is not important.. the message (not his message) is of immense significance!

    1. I am impressed that jk sees the Holy Spirit within us and nonconceptual, and to encounter our true self we need only be with ourself without interference of spiritual method. The joy of this encounter enables us to love in the true sense, spontaneously and completely. All effort results in self and a vicious cycle. Alan watts proscribes a meditation of listening to your own thoughts as if the were sound and though it is effectively a method, I find it to be pure.

    2. Jorge Kapa, all this things about “enlightenment,” “holy spirit,” “universal consciousness,” “messiah” are all no sense. And you are correct when you wrote, “i am not sure if anybody has deeply understood him.” Because nobody, really understood what he was talking about. If people had understood what Jiddu was talking about, they would not be using terms like the ones I have written above but would rather change their way of living to the actual form of existence at the precise moment of realization in themselves of what Jiddu was referring to without entering into the action of linking any kind of ideology with his words.

  2. JK’s Enlightenment appears akin to Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev’s attainment of Universal Consciousness he had in Chamundi Hills of Mysore while leaning against a rock. He experienced himself in everything around him & that he was everywhere. What a stateless state it must have been !

  3. What do you mean by the use of the word “enlightenment”?
    Do you mean the understanding that the human being is a crazy being, which Jiddu refers to as “CRISIS IN CONSCIENCE”?

    The modification or destruction of the natural environment, the false relationship between humans expressed in the very competitive way of life, in the very aggressive way of life, in the division by nationality, by social status, by religions, in the daily propaganda bombing and everything else that we know as a “social life” it is the reflection of that madness that is taking place in the brain of the human being, making the human being a living misery inventing all kinds of things like the ones I’ve read here.

  4. Jmmv.what are thoughts if you inspect closely…they are images and voices in your mind….to become aware of this is enlightenment…the journey begins then to be aware of the awareness itself….its a tricky journey because you became aware of thoughts and thoughts dont want you to be aware of awareness…the moment you are in that state of aware of awareness you are liberated in the sense you dont merge with anything but the mind which was a veil will dissolve…from there you have absolute perception to bend reality as you want….

  5. His story aligns with the Vedas: there is one in everything and everything is in one. The same state was experienced by Swami Vivekananda.

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