What Is Enlightenment

“If it were your purpose to discover the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within you, and to follow that Knowledge and to be a vehicle for its expression in the world, if that were your definition of enlightenment, then enlightenment would be completely appropriate. But enlightenment, in the minds of many people, is something very different. It is a kind of personal exultation. It is an escape from life. It is a retreat from the world. It is a great ambition.” — The New Message from God

In many spiritual traditions, enlightenment is presented as the pinnacle of human existence. Its promises of untold bliss, peace, happiness and fulfilment have filled the minds of thirsty seekers for generations. As the mind tires of the world it seeks new pleasures to strive for. Spiritual enlightenment becomes the new ambition.

Enlightenment is not about you. It is surrendering to your true Spiritual nature and becoming a vehicle for its expression in the world. It is an opportunity to make a unique contribution to your race based on your own individual design and calling. The world needs what we have within us to give.

Re-uniting with our spiritual nature is the most effective way to be in the world. The Knowing mind within you cannot be influenced. It cannot be corrupted. Men and women that walk with Spirit effectively navigate the world. They are potent contributors.

Enlightenment is the reclamation of our relationship with the immortal aspects of ourselves – the part of us that is still with God. The mind and body become empty vessels from which Spirit can express itself.

Enlightenment is real but it has been grossly misunderstood. It is not about feeling good. It is all about giving. What gifts have you brought with you? Undertaking a spiritual practice that you did not invent for yourself is the best means of living a sacred life of contribution.

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