List of Enlightened People

“God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here. God is not asking you to leave the world and to become mesmerized with God. God is saying, “You have important things to do. You came here to do them. I know it and you know it, so do what you know.” You cannot return to your Ancient Home now. You have work in the world.” — How God Participates In The World

God is everything and everywhere, but the active Spiritual presence is like a fire that must continuously be kept aglow. Countless inspired beings have contributed to this effort. Many of their names have been lost to eternity. This is but a short list of enlightened people and beings who have given gifts to the world by surrendering to the truth within.

Important Notice : Before giving your time, money and/or energy to a spiritual guru or teacher, be absolutely sure to review them using a guru rating service. You are a unique expression of God and are important. Protect yourself from spiritual fraudsters.

NameYearCountrySpiritual Tradition
Adi Shankara788-820IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Adyashanti1962-PresentUnited StatesZen
Baal Shem Tov1704-1772PolandJudaism
Bahá'u'lláh1817-1892IranBahá'í Faith
Bayazid Bastami804-874IranSufi
Bernadette Roberts1931-PresentUnited StatesChristianity
Bodhidharma5th Century CEIndiaZen
Buddha483-400 BCENepalBuddhism; Messenger
Chuang Tzu369-286 BCEChinaTaoism
Dadu Dayal1544-1603IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Eckhart Tolle1948-PresentGermanyEclectic
Franklin Merrell-Wolff1887-1985United StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Gangaji1942-PresentUnited StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Gendun Gyatso Palzangpo1492-1552TibetBuddhism
George Gurdjieff1866-1949RussiaFourth Way
Gopi Krishna1903-1984IndiaYoga
Hakim Sanai1131-1141AfghanistanSufi
Heraclitus535-475 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Ibn Arabi1165-1240SyriaSufi
Jean Klein1912-1998FranceAdvaita Vedanta
Jesus Christ4 BC - 33 CEIsraelChristianity; Messenger
Jiddu Krishnamurti1895-1986IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Joshu Jushin778-897ChinaZen
Lao Tzu5th Century BCChinaTaoism
Mahakashyapa5th Century BCIndiaBuddhism
Mahavira540-468 BCIndiaJainism
Mansur Al-Hallaj858-922IranSufi
Marpa Lotsawa1012-1097IndiaBuddhism
Marshall Vian Summers1949-PresentUnited StatesNew Message from God; Messenger
Meher Baba1894-1969IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Meister Eckhart1260-1327GermanyChristianity
Mooji1969-PresentJamaicaAdvaita Vedanta
Moses1393-1273 BCEEgyptJudaism
Mother Meera1960-PresentIndiaBhakti
Muhammad570-632Saudi ArabiaIslam; Messenger
Nansen Fugan749-835ChinaZen
Nicholas of Cusa1404-1461GermanChristianity
Nisargadatta1897-1981IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Omar Khayyam1048-1131IranSufi
Paramahansa Yogananda1893-1952IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Philo Judaeus20-50 BCEEgyptJudaism
Pythagoras570-495 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Rabindranath Tagore1861-1941IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Ramana Maharshi1879-1950IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Ramesh Balsekar1917-2009IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
RinzaiUnknown - 866 ChinaZen
Robert Adams1928-1997United StatesAdvaita Vedanta
Sant Rasila Ram ji1921-2011IndiaRadha Swami
Shankara788-820IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Socrates470-399 BCEGreecePhilosopher
Sri Ramakrishna1836-1886IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
St. Catherine of Siena1347-1380ItalyChristianity
St. John of the Cross1542-1591SpainChristianity
Subhuti5th Century BCEIndiaBuddhism
Swami Ramdas1884-1963IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Swami Rama Tirtha1873-1906IndiaAdvaita Vedanta
Thomas a Kempis1380-1471GermanyChristianity
Tsong Khapa1357-1419TibetBuddhism
Yeshe Tsogyal757-817TibetBuddhism
Zeno of Citium334-262 BCEGreecePhilosopher

172 thoughts on “List of Enlightened People”

      1. Absolutely NO FOR E. Tolle,
        Absolutely far from light or enlightenment ;
        Just re-writing the wisdom of others does not qualify him to enlightenment

        1. I think you’re incorrect but I did share your opinion when i first read about him but after some research found him to be authentic.

    1. In the words of Suzuki Roshi an awakened Zen master
      “There are no enlightened people, but there is enlightenment. ”
      At the moment when the truth of being is seen, the little self disappears, leaving no one to be enlightened.
      The beginning of this page says “God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here”, which is a totally dualistic statement. At enlightenment, it is seen (not by any “one”) that there is no separate God or individuals. It’s all consciousness at play with Itself…

      1. “God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here.” — This is a totally dualistic statement only if you miss its meaning. The point to life is to reclaim our relationship with Spirit and become vessels for expressing that Godly force in this world, at this time. Enlightened people are mere conduits. They are bridges between Heaven and Earth. They are not God. They are expressions of the Divine in a place that has forgotten the divine.

      2. Yes, and yet…..people who are supposedly enlightened, at least who publicly admit it, often do charitable works, full time…..such as teaching. The idea that such a statement is totally dualistic presupposes a totally dualistic point of view. In a holistic view, there is room for variety. The term “enlightenment” is used differently at different times, even by the same person, so one has to make a study of it in order to understand both how the speaker means it (and if they are aware of their own tendency to blur different meanings of the word), and how one’s own understanding of the speaker might be tainted by a lack of clarity about the term’s various uses. There are terms for different kinds of samadhi, and the Tibetans see enlightenment as a verb, in some ways – as progress along a continuum from liberation from the sense of separate selfhood to full enlightenment, which is when the vasanas and samskaras have all dissolved and only cosmic truth is expressed through the vessel of the individual. There is one image, which I associate with Ramana Maharshi, but I’m not sure if it came from him, of a ceiling fan being turned off, yet the blades continue to spin until their momentum dies. One can be enlightened in that the misperception that powered the development of the egoistic separateness is gone, but the personality still remains and only changes over time, perhaps much time. So, until that final stage, a liberated being progresses along the path of evolution into a finer and finer “entity”. Also, consider an idea related to a Hindu description of levels of existence, with, I think, the “causal” being one of the last before total annihilation…..not to mention the entire school of “qualified non duality”, which, to my mind, is the most elegant, and helps to explain why mysticism is the only way to navigate such subtlety as we find when we consider life from a liberated point of view, which is not black and white. It’s not this; it’s not that (“Neti neti”), and it’s not black and white.

        1. To put it better: “Neti neti” indicates that one cannot intellectually grasp it. To try to do so, or doing so, is to be incorrect. Labels are out. 🙂 So, although it might certainly be true that a fully enlightened being would not do a certain socially objectionable thing, it also might not necessarily be true. More to the point, though: as seekers, wearing our seeker hats, not as members of a jury, we need not bother ourselves with discerning the level of enlightenment of others. If we feel drawn to a teacher, then we have something to learn from that experience. Whether or not that person can spoon-feed us enlightenment is not the issue (although such a short cut would be welcome!). Discernment in the spiritual path is one of the most important skills to develop; but it grows from within, and results in correct intuitive perception and even clear thinking, if luck is with us, but not blind adherence to moral expectations or anything else dictated to us from outside. When someone would ask Shakyamuni Buddha a question about anything other than something that would lead to enlightenment, his answer would be “That line of enquiry does not lead to edification.”. Minding one’s p’s and q’s regarding our task, as seekers, is a discipline that’s not often addressed. But being able to discern to some degree that there is a distinction and watch how we navigate around it within ourselves is key to staying on task and avoiding becoming spiritual dilettantes.

        2. Parmahansa Nithyananda is enlightened. He has many discourses on you-tube that are very easy to understand and apply in daily life. While enlightened people often can teach us, Nithyananda can gift supernatural powers to his disciples. Please do go to you tube and search for “Lifebliss foundation”

          Best wishes to all,

      3. Seems like a person goes to meet the light and dissolves into the light, and that light is the enlightenment that is at the core of us as well as at the core of everything that makes everything “one”, so one no longer senses separation from anything but lives as “oneness ” with all.

    2. I do not think that Mother Teresa was enlightened. She helped the poor and did many things but she did not have that any qualities of an enlightened being. In fact she was promoting poverty and using poverty to convert people to Christianity not to mention the millions of dollars of donations which were hidden in banks and never used for the poor. The mother did not show or speak about the inner being of man nor did she help anyone towards knowing themselves. She may have been a Christian but did not manifest Christ Consciousness in speech or actions.

    3. Did you raise any question when you did not find most of them, in the list, NOT winning Nobel prize for peace. She did a job which is measurable. But these guyz are speaking about something that is not measurable in science. Its about ENLIGHTENMENT (I think someone who claims to be enlightened is not really enlightened; as he still claims) and I have no idea what that is. I heard about UNOBTAINIUM and makes good sense to me BUT no idea how to get that and or even if it exists
      I am seeing lot of GOD and his messenger in list, preaching good things but how many human being have stopped doing wrong things. They ask for forgiveness after doing wrong. I believe when u die u will die secretly or with everyone, it depends what u did for others
      I like to think about “Don’t wait and expect something from GOD as you never know HE might be waiting and expecting from you”

      1. Yes he crucifies her. Good riddance. Some “altruists” are in fact unconsciously creating more harm than good. She was one.

    4. Shri Ranjit Maharaj is not on the list. He has published several books.
      Ranjit and Shri Nisargadatta Maharajs had the same teacher, Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj, who had 4 students and all of them became enlightened.

    5. Mother Teresa was clearly not enlightened. Osho, an enlightened one (who is on this list), once said Mother Teresa needs to jump into a lake. Mother Teresa had a lot of things backward, even though she appeared like the altruist. Her teachings were far below the teachings of a true enlightened master.

    6. Sadguru is far from enlightenment and is a hoax and he killed his wife and got away with it and boy does he love material things and keeps his devotees like slaves around his temple to work 12 hour days.

    7. she wasn’t enlightened. compare her qualities and characteristics with those of enlightened beings.

    8. the person who serve not necessary he is enlightened..and most of times enlightened person not seems serving to humanity from outside but he is.. mother Teresa was not but she has seen little glimpse of unknowable should not be argue

    9. She was a missionary not an enlightened one. I am glad that how come Swami Vivekananda isn’t on the list, one of the most enlighten being. Please read on him if u have interest and time

    10. Mother Theresa was a wicked old woman who worshiped suffering. She was a hypocrite too. When she was ill she went to a fancy Western hospital instead of being treated at her own ghastly facilities

    1. John DeRuiter may have had an enlightenment experience at some point, but he’s definitely not an enlightened person today. What kind of enlightened being sleeps with the two sisters of his wife? I’m not saying everything he says is wrong. I just wouldn’t put much stock in this man.

      1. do the laws of morality apply, once you have seen the absolute truth. i am not defending him, i do not know who you are talking about.
        i am just generalising

      2. Well, yuck, yes. But, enlightenment can’t be kept in a box. It’s tempting to try to decide who is and isn’t enlightened by examining their behavior….But, by whose standard are we to judge? If one reads enough and attends a variety of satsangs, ponders and searches enough, one encounters enough shards of truth, here and there, to begin to see how magnificently varied and subtle life is. Until one’s being is completely illuminated, which might be different from being simply free of the basic delusion of the sense of separate selfhood, one’s behavior is going to be dictated by one’s personality (the same one one had beforehand, created by genetics and experience – nature/nuture), not just cosmic inspiration. Understanding this, I think, would be a great help to seekers, who often spin their wheels in “shoulds” and “should nots” in an attempt to “fake it till they make it” their way into enlightenment….As if behaving as one “should” would set one free of all limits…See? The ego, as the conduit between cosmic consciousness and individual experiences, must stay. It is the identification with the ego which dissolves. That said, if one is put off by something enough, just steer around it. There is no need to endure something one finds horrible or threatening; Life will provide answers to the seeker.

      1. Mooji never claimed to be anything. How can he be a fake without having any claims. I guess he doesn’t fit into a neat enlightenment box for you to label

      1. It is doubtful too, what he said highly intellectual person can say , he was great in logic and worldy knowlege. A enlightened person need not to study as much as osho did, no doubt he went much deep in meditation but he found himself in meditation and shaw there what enlighted person see is doubtful

      1. Osho was such an inspirational speaker. I’m so grateful he selflessly permitted people to record his discourses and teachings. I was 2 years old when he died, so I would never have been able to benefit from his magnificent influence otherwise. I’m so grateful to him. What a wonderful, enlightened master.

    1. i have small library of osho and jiddukristna murthi literature , osho literature gives many solutions of our problems, but if we see him in you tube we may not get that much of respect, i like his literature but i have some confusion his activities.

      but in case of jiddu kristnamurthi, his literature like a sharp knife, no confusion, l like very much than osho ,
      u try to read a book ” freedom from known” by jiddu kristnamurthi , u never see such a beautifull book ever.

      1. both are enlightened osho and j.k.
        it is depend on your understanding level…
        Read more osho book… u will understand him…

      2. If you really want to go into spirtuality, then there is no one like J Krishnamurti. Everyone thinks himself enlightened, but you will see, they are also not free from the self centred activity. J Krishnamurti goes into each aspect like a scientist.

    2. osho was great enlightened masters great is all but osho is great because he tried best for all type of people to conceive ultimate knowledge .in 20 th and 21 th century we not get yet as osho……

    3. You cannot know him or any other person without undergoing Osho’s Dynamic Meditation honestly for at least 3 months. Thanks. Dr Thakur

  1. What about St Francis of Assisi (Christianity), Nagarjuna (Buddhism), Chandrakirti (Buddhism ), Tsong Khapa (Tibet / Buddhism), HH The Dalai Lama (Tibet / Buddhism), Erasmus (Philosopher / Christianity), St Thomas Aquinas (theologian and philosopher)???

    1. I once saw a little old man on a bench outside his house, as I walked by. His eyes were so soft and empty, but awake….devoid of self-focused celebration of bliss, but it was decades ago and I still feel eternity when I think of them. Then, once, on a road trip, I stopped in a dry desert town for gas and ended up trying to find a couple of weak-looking stray dogs to give them water with a retired man I met at the gas station, which, interestingly to city-person me, seemed to be the only building in town and where locals congregated…… who spent all of his money keeping stray dogs in his own shelter, with real kennels, and then funneled them to rescues, periodically, for adoption. His eyes were also empty, clear, bright. I thought, “So, this is where normal but enlightened people go – away from it all.”….When we were done and saying goodbye, a young man walked up, who knew the first one, and began to discuss tools….His eyes were the same, and he was from there. My thought about it expanded to, “So this is the kind of place where many enlightened people who for some reason need to take birth, take birth….away from it all.” After we got back in the car, my traveling companion explained about a scale he’d been studying that described seekers, the unenlightened, as being church and temple- goers and such (like we were), and then, after enlightenment, when one needs to grow or burn karma or whatever and needs to take birth on this plane, levels of involvement with different type of things – mainly selfless giving in one way or another, but no longer churchy. So, I expect that it would be impossible to compile an exclusive list of enlightened beings.

  2. Shout out to Balthasar Cracián and The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Enlightenment, I think it’s a gift that comes from above, and Gracián’s book is that far out.

    But all that aside, just wanted to say, this format is exactly what is needed in Who’s Who in Ufology. Not to interrupt anything else you’re up to, do carry on.

    1. I love Balthasar Gracian, too, and have a heavily highlighted copy of his book, and gave copies to my sons when they graduated from high school. I don’t know if he wrote other more spiritual works, but I would say he does not deserve to be among the enlightened ones. His teachers, so wonderfully insightful are about navigating the external world and really not about self-realization, or anything about the ultimate human potential or oneness with the divine cosmic consciousness. That said, his work is a gem and I admire him much.

  3. I would add Dr. David R. Hawkins to the list.
    There are many great teachers who are not enlightened, depends on how one defines enlightenment.

  4. just wondering why there are no enlightened people from Africa ? though I am a white English male, common sense tells me enlightenment would of begun for us all on the dark continent. x

    1. Alan Watts was a drunkard who died next to his bottle of wine. Enlightened? Or just a good teacher?

  5. I am surprised Master Li Hongzhi is missing off this list, and off Living Masters list. He is the widely respected and followed teacher of Falun Dafa.

    1. in some of his speeches it does seem that he did get the glimpse but then somehow it seems he got lost again in the maya but i would not bet one way or the other
      once something is seen it cannot be unseen

    2. Truly, if you had the capacity comprehend Osho’s discourses, you’d realize he is most assuredly enlightened. His words and energy reach into the depths of the soul.

  6. my list includes 100 more names. Like baba bulle shah, shah hussein, saikh fareed, hwl poonja, ldreesh Shah, ma anandmayi, sw. Yuktanand, sw. muktanand, sw. Shivanand, sw. chinmayanand, sw. Dayanand, sw. Vivekanand, aurobindu, sant. Tutaram, nagarjun list is very long.

    1. You either don’t know him or are making a joke. He runs a business and charges $400 for 10 minutes in his presence. Many who have left the cult tell the truth about these people.

  7. Thank you very much for this list. I think i should take benefit of this list by reading,reaching to them,experimenting all of them and them also which are not on list. This will be much better rather than asking why not his/her name is there or he/she should not be there. If i am really searching something in my life i have read all of them and take whatever will feel proper to my intellect. Not only i have to read them but if they are present in there physical bodies now i should try to reach to them.
    You have really done beautiful job by listing these names. Obviously this list will always be incomplete and increasing day by day. And thats the beauty of this list. There will always be scope to select the names more wisely.
    Dhanyavad and namaste.

  8. I would like to add Amir Mourad on that list for enlightened people. His Youtube channel, “”
    Shunya Yoga has lectures and videos of him explaining concepts that sound very similar to things enlightened people speak of, such as Krishnamurti, or Zen masters.

  9. I would like to mention: Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji and Supreme Master Ching Hai. Seriously though, there are thousands of people transitioning into what we name Enlightenment. This list will expand vastly.

  10. What do we mean when we say Enlightenment? Enlightenment is the DIRECT Experience of TRUTH. Enlightenment is Enlightenment, and there are not different Kinds. There are different Things you can be enlightened with regard to, and there are different magnitudes or degrees of enlightenment, but there is only one kind. Christ and Buddha and some others may have been fully, totally enlightened individuals but some on the above list, including Ragneesh (whom I have met) are not fully realised beings. I have had some Direct Truths, but I am not a fully enlightened person!
    Peak Experiences and Awakenings may not be enlightenment.
    The phenomenon that accompanies such experiences is fantastic, but that is peripheral to actual enlightenment itself!
    It is what it just is! It does not involve the senses, feelings or the Mind. It is not by any ‘way of’ or via.
    Just keep being OPEN to the Absolute Truth and you will eventually be enlightened, even if you have to Die to “Get It!”

  11. The topic of enlightenment really encompasses the manifest and the un manifest aka as emptiness. Right away you can see the problems that might arise in defining enlightenment. If most mortals are not enlightened then where in lies the difference? If you are not enlightened then it is very difficult and one might take a particular teaching or belief system as the way. All roads lead to enlightenment in some particular way. If humans are destined to experience near term human extinction which seems likely, then there within lies an insight into enlightenment.

  12. Add Sri Yukteswar Giri please, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda already listed. Paramahansa Yogananda admited that his master touched him and he experience for first time the cosmic consciousness. He blessed him at his feet, and immediately Yukteswar gave him a broom to do the housekeeping… very funny.

  13. Is it possible to achieve enlightenment without falling into either laziness, or retreat from the actual world and human being societies? most of these people do not seem to ever been worried about having a living or human affairs…

  14. I would like for someone to contact me that knows just what this means. I feel as if I have been touched but not sure of just how to seek out the Right One. Jason P. Johnson

  15. I am a bit puzzled.. How can the name of people like Gangaji or Mooji – which i respect simply as “messengers ” of advaita masters- stand next to those of Bagwan, Jesus and Osho?

    I mean these are truly enlightened people, the rest is just people passing onto a message,in a very business/money making /media effective way.

  16. What about Baba Lokenath?
    Or Sri Yukteswar
    or Lahiri Mahasaya

    of course they did not seek the limelight, and there are probably many more like them.

  17. P.S. Thank you very much for the website, I am looking forward to exploring it beyond the list. And another postscript, it is understandable that you could not include all enlightened beings and I appreciate that someone has made a good attempt.

  18. my message to everyone tht you can also be enlightened bcz i hve been almost to tht state for few seconds call satauri state……its complete awarness tht ur identity will perish away

  19. its a complete moment no happiness no sadness, no anxiety, no anger, no desire, no memory, no thoughts, no ego n no identity.The duality of life does nt exist ther….u’ ll realise nly d energy n d awarness within you…you become complete

  20. To my surprise many of the Indians among the list are/were not the real enlightened. Those are wrongly claimed. Name of Gurudev Swami Sivanand maharaj of DLS, Rishikesh is missing in the list ?. What is the justification for claiming enlightened ?

  21. While lot of new names are and could be suggested to include in the list, I would like to add that Rabindranath Tagore may be included by mistake. Pls correct.
    Neem Karoli Baba could be added.

  22. Australian aborigines have been spiritually dreaming for many centuries. The white people in Australia have been living over 200 years. Multi-cultural people have been living for last 50 years. I am surprised not even a single enlightened person calls Australia as his/her home.

  23. There are grave inconsistencies here:

    The number of enlightened people:
    Russia: 1
    Japan: 4
    Tibet: 4
    China 8
    India: 38
    Australia: 0
    Sufi: 7
    Islam: 1

    If we look at the current state of affairs in the above countries, I expect higher degree of human kindness/compassion/connection in proportion to the number of enlightened people in those countries.

    China: Obviously China abuses human beings. They couldn’t have even 1 enlightened person.

    India: 38 ! This is total exaggeration. Compare India with Russia. 1 Russian enlightened person can serve the entire population of its nation for many thousands of years.
    I think no more than 1. India is a total mess regardless of number of students with PhDs.

    Islam: 1.
    This is not right. Islam has been at war since its inception.
    This is not a characteristics of enlightenment.

    1. No 38 but India has 38 million enlightened yogis. They would never come out in public and declare that they are enlightened.

  24. Only Jessus Christ,Gautam Buddha,Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa,Raman Maharshi,Swami Vivekananda,Shankaracharya,Bamadeva could get enlightenment others were inspired but didn’t reached the absolute ie God…Only these handful were capable to realise the Absolute ie,God in these so many centuries only some handful could get enlightenment…………..

    Not joking and preaching the truth that enlightenment gain is the toughest job for human and only some are fortunate to get this over trillion to trillion years….

  25. Raman Maharishi, Ramakrishna are true gurus.

    If you are including sadhguru, then include Deepak chopra too. He is much better.

  26. Being that we are all gods experience the good the bad and the ugly if you are truly enlightened one is aware of this .thought is your enemy.

  27. Je Tsongkhapa?
    Geshe Kelsang Gyatso?
    Hermes Trismegistus?
    Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim?
    Shunryu Suzuki?

    1. Mother Teresa her selflessness is The foundation of enlightenment she represents the light of enlightenment

  28. I see a lot of Indian names missing. eg. Swami Vivekanand, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeo and many more. The list should be revisited and updated.

  29. Annamalai Swami (one of my favoritos buddhas and directo disciple of Ramana Maharshi)
    Papaji (directo disciple of Ramana Maharshi)
    Rupert Spira
    Mukti (Adyashanti’s wife)

  30. Please evaluate and include Siri Samanthabhadra thero from Sri Lanka, he’s been a revloutionary buddisht monk in recent years who makes a great deal of sense about self realisation/nirvana.

  31. Please include Solomon the son of David….. Ranjit Maharaj….UG Krishnamurti..Acharya Shree Yogeesh…..Gangaji

  32. Have you considered listing Thomas Merton. I find that his book NO MAN IS AN ISLAND has most of the themes found in other enlightened, spiritural literature.

  33. Please see the works of Dr David Hawkins for an extensive list of beings who society would recognize as enlightened and had a calibrated level of consciousness of 600 or above. It is my personal view that in his lifetime, he existed at the highest state possible in a human body. His books and lectures will give you the simplest and most effective route to enlightenment.

    David describing he Final Door to Enlightenment:

    Apparently, a number of individuals on the list are fallen gurus, whose consciousness fell below 200- Eckhart Tolle, Ramesh Balsekar and Osho jump out. They succumbed to temptations or in the case of Eckhart Tolle developed a spiritual ego.

    Some of the entries are incorrect- St John of the Cross was not enlightened but calibrated in the high 500’s, St Theresa most certainly was and had a consciousness in the 700’s.

    Please also consider investigating the works of St Theresa of Avila- I personally found her book ”The Interior Mansion” to be most illuminating:,_Teresa_d'Avila,_The_Interior_Castle_Of_The_Mansions,_EN.pdf

    Dr David Hawkins also stated that she calibrated in the 700’s

    Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

  34. I’d like to put my own teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, up there.

    In case you missed it, he’s done a tiny bit more than commercialize a simple meditation method (though that is far more than enough, if you actually look at that so-called “method” objectively rather than through the lens of other people).

  35. I have a story to tell you might find interesting..

    I’m in a Buddhist temple, and we are doing chants. The subject matter of the chants is a about a particular Bodhisattva who would not rest until all the ghost and hell realms were empty. And I’m reading this and I’m starting to think. “This is great and all, but what about Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira (leader of the Jainism religion) because their teachings have guided me as well”. So I decide to say a prayer to the Buddha. “Lord Buddha, where is Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira in these chants”. I say the prayer a few times and there is silence in my mind. After the chants. One of the Nuns says that during the chanting the thought of a woman named Amy who was a member of the temple came to mind. So she brings Amy up. Amy in a volunteer in the kitchen who had started working in the kitchen when the temple was founded. The Nun asked Amy about the Merits she is gaining by volunteering. Amy says she doesn’t really know about the Merits, it was just something she started and stuck with it. The Temple gives Amy an applause and as she is walking back to the kitchen she stumbles and trips. There was the answer to my prayer. The spirit of Jesus Christ and Lord Mahavira were embodied in this woman. She was a common woman who didn’t get into all this Merit stuff (Jesus appealed to common people). She served vegetarian food (Lord Mahavira like the Buddha believed that enlightenment could be obtained by Non-Violence to all sentient beings (although in a more extreme manner)) and like Jesus she “fell” back on the way to the kitchen. Also she mentioned that did the volunteering because it was a good habit that she started and kept it up. I had recently been reading about how to break bad habits and the answer given was the Native American parable of the Two Wolves. The parables tells of a Grandfather telling his grandson that there are two wolves inside all of us fighting over a piece of meat. One wolf represents all that is good in us. The other wolf represents all that is evil in us. The boy ask the grandfather. “Which wolf wins?”. The grandfather replies “The one you feed”. So here I have made a prayer to a leader of one religion about the leader of two other religions and get an answer about the leader of those two religions and a Native American tale to boot. A few weeks later, I was really stressed out at work and couldn’t concentrate because of all these weird things that were happening to me (and continue to happen) and a lack of sleep. So I go for a walk in the woods near my work and say a prayer “Kamisama please help me” Kamisama is what the Japanese will casually refer to as “God”. I get this idea in my head to go to the Nami of Dupage center where I talk to someone and it does help. Ironically, Nami is a secular organization, and Japan is a very secular society.

  36. Actually we should never believe anything which is not in our experience. But I heard that if you do yoga ( real yoga , not gymnastics ) with an intension of enlightenment then it possible to be enlightened.

  37. Eckart Tolle is a millionaire who claims it makes no difference in his life, now that he has money. So then, as Ram Dass once said, (something along the lines of) “you keep only what you need and give the rest away, and that is how it should be”. An enlightened being does not have attachment to having a bank account full of more money than she, or he will ever spend. It makes no sense.

  38. All names in this list are “Not Enlightened ” because these are the names of the bodies

    First of all this list itself is created by a mind , which is its natural tendency to classify non living ( false ) objects . You have to overcome this tendency .

    In normal world , a student will search for universities and find the best university from “a list ” and join there

    the author copied the same tactics , In spiritual world. which will never work.

    Your guru is not an institution which you can choose and get something from him/her

    When your longing gets matured and you will reach a point where you need only “Freedom ” and “Nothing else ”

    Your own self will take a human form and knock your door to tell ” you are that ” . You can call it by a name or something else .
    So please wait patiently and reduce your desires to only ” Freedom ” . The Real guru will appear in front of you .

    “Patience” and Perseverance” are the key things . ( not websites or lectures )

    If your question starts with ” How ” , neglect it .. its from mind

    Ask to our own mind , “Who ” needs it . Then you will know . Good luck

    1. This os one that we use

      So. The Real guru will appear in front of you .

      It is nice to have read you comments and that many people are serious in their travel.

  39. Seen that the comments are in order,
    Anyone who would have a monetary rate or actually press you in any way for funds is a complete scharlatin.
    The Christian guy with curly hair comes to mind.

    Thanks to all…


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