Buddha (483-400 BCE)

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  1. Can you help me anyone ? How can I find Buddha Scriptures written in Sanskrit ? I want to Know What buddha said in his own words. yes I fond many many books written on the Buddhism, but I cant find real words of Buddha. So if you have an information or link or real books then please suggest me.

    with regards.

    1. The Buddha used to speak in “pali” not in Sanskrit. In Gautama Buddha’s time the language spoken was “pali”. All the Tripitaka are Buddha’s teaching. Tripiṭaka, also called Tipiṭaka (Pali), means Three Baskets. and pitaka (पिटक) or pita (पिट) meaning “basket or box made from bamboo or wood” and “collection of writings”, according to Monier-Williams.[6] These terms are also spelled without diacritics as Tripitaka and Tipitaka in scholarly literature.[1] https://www.britannica.com/topic/Tipitaka

  2. Hi

    You can contact nearby Buddhist monastery for Pitak, the Holy Book of Buddhism. Please be careful before reading: Buddha’s teachings require “learn, practice and realise” method on what he has said, just by reading like a novel does not give much insights. You can always talk to gurus about your understanding and experience and put a question mark on what Buddha has said.
    Buddha says “you are a fool if you believe me without your personal experience and realisation.”

    It is important to note that the Pitak or Tripitaka as there are three Pitaks in real, was never written when Buddha was in his life as it is said Buddha never let his teachings write because he says the real truth of life cannot be expressed in words but realise/feel it.

    Good Luck

    1. Pali was a spoken but was never a written language. After Buddhas death, the monks recalled all his discourses and stored in memory for 500 years until it was first written into barmhi script by Emperor Ashoka which we can now understand in Pali Roman text which is made up of 37 consonants and 8 vowels.. Yes according to the discourses he aways said experience , don’t take my word for it 😀

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