Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Only in the Silence can the SELF be known as It is, and this is not “knowing” in the subject-object sense.  — Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Few people have successfully bridged the gap between philosophy and mysticism. A philosopher’s reasoning is governed by such logical rigidity that it can cement the mind against greater possibilities. Franklin Merrell-Wolff is a beautiful exception to the rule.

Franklin’s father was a church minister. He was exposed to transcendental topics by virtue of living within that inspired though puritanical environment. In his teenage years his rigorous mind grappled with what he saw as inconsistencies in the official doctrines. Unsatisfied with his pastor’s response, his rebellion led him on a search for truth that remained with him for the rest of his life.

His search initially led him to an academic career in mathematics and philosophy. When he was introduced to Theosophy he began considering the possibility that there was a more introspective and intuitive mean of attaining truth. His exposure to the Hindu Vedanta philosophy solidified his approach and ultimately opened a door to his true guru, the 9th century Indian Sage Shankara.

It was while reading and thinking about a Shankara discourse that he first experienced a taste of truth. His experiences continued over the span of a few weeks until he completely dissolved reclaimed his relationship with Spirit or Knowledge. Forever the academic, he took judicious notes and was able to relay his experiences with tremendous clarity. He spent the rest of his life teaching and lecturing.

Enlightenment Story

Presently I felt the Ambrosia-quality in the breath with the purifying benediction that it casts over the whole personality, even included the physical body. I found myself above the universe, not in the sense of leaving the physical body and being taken out in space, but in the sense of being above space, time, and causality. My karma seemed to drop away from me as an individual responsibility. I felt intangibly, yet wonderfully, free. I sustained this universe and was not bound by it. Desires and ambitions grew perceptibly more and more shadowy. Read the rest of Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s enlightenment story.


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